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The cylinder is likely full of raw fuel mix. Remove the plug and pull the engine through vigorously several times to expel the liquid fuel. Reinstall the plug and attempt start. If it works this time, but reoccurs later, then the carburetor is leaking fuel into the engine. This will require checking the diaphragm and needle control valve in the lower chamber–the diaphragm must be flexible with no holes or cracks, and the needle valve tip must be perfectly formed. Go to: for a 12 page article on Walbro brand carburetor theory and troubleshooting. This material applies to other carburetor brands as well. Hope this helps!

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A chainsaw`s carburetor mixes air and fuel to start the internal combustion engine. If fuel has been left in the engine for too long, it can become sticky and clog the carburetor, preventing it from starting. If the clog is minor, clean out the carburetor.
1. Dull chain and or improper lubrication to the bar and chain, sharpen and or clean the bars oil holes. 2. Air filter and fuel filter for restrictions and contamination, clean or replace as needed.
Many people wonder if a flooded chainsaw will fix itself? The answer is yes, but not always. By letting the chainsaw sit for about 20 minutes it will allow some of the fuel inside the engine to evaporate.
Remove the spark plug, dry it, crank over the engine a few times to dry the cylinder. Now refit the plug and try again. Set the switch to “On”, set throttle to fully open, set choke to “Off” and crank over the engine. Expect the saw to start on the second or 3rd pull.
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Remove the spark plug, dry it, crank over the engine a few times to dry the cylinder. Now refit the plug and try again. Set the switch to “On”, set throttle to fully open, set choke to “Off” and crank over the engine. Expect the saw to start on the second or 3rd pull.
One tell-tale sign that a chainsaw has flooded is the smell of fresh petrol near the muffler. To ascertain whether this is indeed the problem, simply disassemble the part, pull the starter cord as if you were switching on the engine, then dry it, reassemble it and try switching it on again.

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Powermac 310 no spark
ANSWER : How do I test the ignition module out off the chainsaw? Or how do I know an ingnition module is working properly prior to instalation?

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I have a mac 3516 with a weak spark.I am looking for the gap spec
for the pickup coil.
ANSWER : The gap should be 0.5mm

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I have a Pro Mac 55 and want to know what the gap setting is for the spark plug. thanks. John
ANSWER : 0.020″ should work well. Good luck!

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Can I use a 20 inch bar and chain on this model? I have a automatic mac 10-10
And thanks

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McCulloch Pro Mac 610
ANSWER : Chain Saw Collectors Corner
Current mix for McCulloch/Poulan is 40:1.
1 gallon of premium fuel to 3.2 ounces of quality 2-cycle oil.

If your saw is adjusted for 50:1 it starts easier, takes longer to carbon foul, and your grandchildren breath a little easier.
1 gallon of premium fuel to 2.6 ounces of quality 2-cycle oil.

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Is there a starting point for the three adjusting screws on the carb?saw is a mac 3516 35cc. i need a good starting point to get the saw running.
ANSWER : Hi kwismer1…
The saw was running good when new, the adjustment screws cannot get turned in or out because of the spring so that will be your starting point.
If you have not already tried to adjust the screws…you can do it an easy way to make sure you get it right.
Screw the adjustment screws all the way to lightly bottom out the adjustment screws…
Then you count and mark down on a piece of paper how many turns it took you to bottom each of the screws….then remove them and clean your carburetor,repair,etc…when you go to put them back in, you bottom them first, and then turn the screw to the number of turns from the bottom that you wrote down.
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Want to purchase bolt to adjust the chain on my
mac 3200 Chainsaw
ANSWER : You local Mower Shop should be able to help you, he can order one for you

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Blades wont turn – Toro Power Max 726 OE Snowblower – 37771
ANSWER : Check and see if you have a broken belt. first.

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