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What year? probably bad plug/wires

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Several issues will cause your Kubota tractor to stall, including clogged filters, a busted fuel vent cap, solenoid failure or malfunction, contaminated fuel supply, clogged or damaged hoses, and a failure in the fuel delivery system.
If your engine is overworked, it may lose power. Injector issues. Your fuel injector, in a diesel, may be injecting too much or too little fuel. It could also be stuck in an open position, and not injecting the fuel properly.
Kubota tractor engine overheating

This reduces or blocks airflow and can cause heat to build up, resulting in an overheating Kubota tractor engine. Clear out any debris or dust particles from the radiator`s fins and it will likely fix the problem. This is easy to do by blowing out dirt with an air compressor.

If your tractor cranks, but won`t start, you`ll want to look at a few different engine components. Is the fuel making it to the cylinder? Check the fuel level, the shutoff valve, and the fuel filter. If those components look ok, air might not be making it to the cylinder.
A common cause is a problem with the spark plugs or ignition system. Other potential causes include a blockage in the fuel line, a faulty oxygen sensor, or a problem with the mass air flow sensor. Vacuum leakages can also cause a delay in acceleration. A clogged air filter or low engine oil level can also be a cause.
Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter removes impurities from the gas so that they don`t find their way into the engine. If the fuel filter is clogged, then it won`t be able to properly filter out contaminants, which will cause the engine to eventually lose power.

If you are experiencing road lope, or bouncing when traveling on the road, it is usually a function of an out-of-round tire/wheel assembly. In most cases, a quarter-inch of out-of-roundness will cause the tractor to bounce as it goes down the road.
Tractor may be starving for fuel.

The fuel tank can develop a vacuum. This could cause fuel to stop running to the engine – causing it to stall. If this is the case, give it an hour or two, and the tank pressure will reset and equalize. Then the tractor will run again.

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BX24 kubota tractor purchase new in 2007 – diesel; after turning off ignition, tractor continues to run irradically for a few minutes. It doesn’t shut off when I get up out of the seat with the brake off. I’ve cleaned all terminals on the seat and ignition. Approximately 200 hours on it. Has always been under cover. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.
ANSWER : That sounds like an injector pump problem and not the switch.

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13.5 hp craftsman runs rough hard to start – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : Clean the carb jets

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I have a B1200 kubota tractor and want to get a manual on it
ANSWER : Call (803)-536-9411 or 800-849-9412 ask for Justin. Tell him Brad sent you
Pioneer Farm Equipment.

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Where can I download a free Kubota L3130 Tractor Manual?

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I have a kabota tractor and the Pto will not engage on the bush hog
ANSWER : Pto is on the tractor, not on the bush hog, if it won’t engage you have pto problems on tractor, needs to be serviced

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Zetor 5340 mixing coolant with oil – Ford 8n,9n,2n, Tractor Starter With Drive
ANSWER : That problem is head gasket gone or leaking.

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Motor is missing – Cub Cadet 46" Lawnmower Deck Drive Belt 754 04153
ANSWER : Brenda, i need a little more information to help you with this problem.

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Was runnibg tractor, it suddenly cut off would not crank, put more gas in still no crank,, when turn key made a clicking noise , then a type of humming noise ,, battery is about two yrs old, got at walmart,, had my son tell me sounded like battery was bad, however when turn key on , click headlights and they come on ,, oops don’t really know problem , could it be cellinoid or starter.. ? thanks
ANSWER : Try jumping the battery with a car as long as the two are 12 volts.
If this starts the mower, it is the battery.
If the mower won’t start with a jump, there is a different problem.

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