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Pressure Washer Won`t Start: Fouled or Defective Spark Plug

The spark plug ignites the air/fuel mixture. A dirty, cracked or defective spark plug will keep your pressure washer from firing up. Replace the spark plug, don`t clean it. Replacing the spark plug should be part of your annual maintenance routine.

It Can Harm The Unit

Without water to cool and lubricate it, the pump will work harder than it should, causing it to wear down quickly. This can happen even with just a few seconds of running the pressure washer without the water being turned on.

If the pressure washer does not start, then the first thing to check is the fuse in the plug.
All AVA pressure washers are self-priming, meaning they don`t require any outside force to bring water into the machine. The hose is delivered with check valve, coarse filter and is three meters long. Self Priming suction hose – Rinse where you are | AVA of Norway.
If your pressure washer is gas powered then yes, it requires oil level checks and oil changes. More on this below. If your wash is electric, then obviously there`s no engine oil maintenance required, electric motors don`t use oil for lubrication. A water pump fitted to either gas or electric does contain oil.
The easy start valve is a low pressure relief valve, which directs enough water into by-pass to reach a certain pressure. Redirecting water to by-pass in low pressure, produces less load on the pump and engine.

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My Honda 2600 psi power washer will not pull to start. It was running great then I allowed the neighbor to borrow it. He ran the washer till it was out of gas and proceeded to refuel and at this point it would no longer start. The pull cord is out about 4-6 inches out and I am concerned about taking the casing off myself.

Fearing that it may throw more off on the unit. If i take the casing off are there any spring loaded parts that will dismount?

What should I do? Spark Plug? Turn wrenches?

Please let me know

ANSWER : You should be fine to take the recoil off, there shouldn’t be anything that shoots out at you. You might want to check the oil level on the engine, many of the Honda engines won’t start unless there is enough oil in them. If your oil level is fine, check to make sure that your motor is getting spark.

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Power washer won't start – Briggs & Stratton Power Products 1539 Pressure Washer
ANSWER : Have you checked for spark? You can remove the plug, touch it against the block and crank it and see if you have any spark (best done in as dark a place as possible). If you don’t have spark, start by replacing the plug.

If you have spark, you can spray some starter fluid or gas into the cylinder, replace the plug and try to start it. If it runs for a few second, then you have fuel flow problem (dirty carb or filter, etc.).

Hope these basic tips get you going in the right direction.

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Gas leaking from carb when not in to fix.
ANSWER : Clean the float needle and check its not ridged where it seats ! if so replace !

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ANSWER : I hope the engine wont spray… if it’s a pressure washer thats not spraying the name of the unit would help… but does it build pressure but doesn’t spray – check the wand does it even build pressure ??? no – replace pump

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The pull cord will not pull..I can’t start the engine. What can I do?
ANSWER : Remove the spark plug and see if it will then turn over. If it does then the motor is not seized or has water or fluid it is trying to compress.If the above lets it turn over freely the problem lies with the cord being trapped on the pully that is spring loaded.This task is better investigated by someone with experience to avoid losing parts and not beoing able to reassemble.

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My power washer wouldn’t start. I replaced the spark plug and it started right up. but spray was a bit sporadic and then it began billowing thick white smoke and stopped running?

Any thoughts.

ANSWER : White smoke IS NOT fuel related. you twit! white smoke indicates oil consumption. they let anyone answer these things

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My Simpson Water Shotgun shuts down about a minute into the wash
ANSWER : Have you checked the oil level? Some engines have a sensor that shuts it down if the oil is too low

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Low pressure Will not keep pressure
ANSWER : Faulty pump. check each valve for obstruction or fault

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