when starting, all to no avail. Appreciate your advice! Thanks, Rod

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Just guessing but is there a reason you put fresh gas in it. Did it sit a long time with old gas in it?If you want to see if its a gas problem, take out the spark plug and pour a little gas (teaspoon) in the hole and reinstall the plug and wire. If it tries to run for just for a little while and dies then your problem is something plugging the gas line or in the carb. If gas sat in it for a long period it turns to a green varnish and plugs up the jets in the carb.

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When your lawn mower won`t start, chances are it is not getting gas to the spark plug. Common causes include a dirty air filter, spark plug, and carburetor. To fix these issues, replace the fuel filter, clean the carburetor and spark plug, and replace the fuel if it is old as illustrated below.
The JS30 Walk Behind Lawn Mower was produced with standard features including the 4 cycle Briggs & Stratton engine, 20 oz Engine Oil Capacity, and a 21″ cutting width.
Loose, Dirty or Disconnected Spark Plug in Your Lawn Mower: Check it out, clean off debris, re-connect and tighten. Dirty Air Filter: Clean or replace. Fuel Not Reaching the Engine: Tap the side of the carburetor to help the flow of gas. If this doesn`t work, you might need a new fuel filter.
Check the Fuel Filter

To start, tap the side of the carburetor to help the flow of gas. If that doesn`t work, you might have a clogged filter. Not all lawn mowers have a fuel filter, but for the ones that do, it`s usually located in the fuel line or the fuel tank.

A dirty spark plug is misfiring and needs to be replaced.

A faulty or dirty spark plug could be the reason your lawn mower won`t stay running. It might produce the initial spark, but the spark won`t be enough to keep the engine running if the plug is clogged with dirt and oil.

If there is no spark or fuel, then the first thing I would do is check the vehicle`s fuses and relays, particularly the EFI main and ignition relays. It may be possible that one of these components has failed and is cutting off power to the vehicle`s ignition and fuel systems.
John Deere recommends you check your oil level before each use and change your oil once a season. That`s about every 50 hours of use.
Typically, there`s a 12:1 or 15:1 ratio of air to fuel, and when there`s too much air or not enough fuel, it causes sneezing or popping sounds in the intake.
To check fuel delivery, remove the fuel line where it enters the carburetor and use a length of rubber hose to direct the flow into bottle or similar container. Fuel should pulse out in strong spurts if your engine is equipped with a mechanical fuel pump (electric fuel pumps are more of a steady stream).
Spark plugs also transfer heat away from the combustion chamber. Basically, this is what happens: The spark plug sits at the top of the cylinder head. The piston first travels down the cylinder, drawing in a mixture of fuel and air. The piston then goes back up toward the spark plug, compressing the mixture.
In a gasoline car, the fuel is mixed with the intake air in the throttle body before being injected into the combustion chamber. The spark plug receives a high-voltage charge from the ignition coil, causing it to spark and ignite the fuel-air mixture.
Spark plugs also transfer heat away from the combustion chamber. Basically, this is what happens: The spark plug sits at the top of the cylinder head. The piston first travels down the cylinder, drawing in a mixture of fuel and air. The piston then goes back up toward the spark plug, compressing the mixture.

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What is the spark plug gap for a john deere 14sb lawnmower with a kawasaki engine
ANSWER : Check this link for more information .025

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I have John Deere GX345. It does not start consistently. When it doesn’t start the plugs have no spark. The problem is intermittent.All electrical connections look clean and no corrosion. Re- seated all connections. Fuel flow is good because I can smell raw fuel while cranking the motor. I replaced the fuel lines last year. Thank you for your help. Daryl Witowski
ANSWER : Look for a small silver box with 1 wire on it mounted to the motor. It is a temp sensor and will keep it from firing…Just had to replace mine…

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Spake plug is not spakeing – John Deere Original 130 160 165 175 180 185 Operators
ANSWER : Hi Lloyd
Make sure you are getting spark at the spark plug, to do this:Remove your spark plug and check to be sure you are getting a bright blue spark at the spark plug.You do this by grounding the plug on the head of the engine and cranking the engine or by pulling the crank rope…watching the plug for spark.If you are getting a nice blue spark then skip A below and go to B.
A…If you do not get a nice blue spark then you may need to replace the electronic module.Note: If you have to replace the module be sure to measure the position it is in, it is critical to starting.The clearance can be measured with a “business card”…use the card for the right clearance between the coil and the flywheel.Take a picture for later reassembly.
B…Also take some fine grit sandpaper (not emery) and lightly sand the flywheel where the magnet is located to clean any rust or corrosion from the magnet area.Please rate meBud

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How do i replace a clutch on a JD 3020 tractor
ANSWER : Break it in half, then get with it.

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John deere oil alternatives? – Mtd Yard – Man 160cc, 21" Self – Propelled Lawn Mower
ANSWER : Sae 30

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I have changed the fuel filter on a John Deere L130 garden tractor and the engine is still not getting gas. Is there a fuel pump or other part which would stop the flow of gas to carbuerator?
ANSWER : Underneath carb bowl should be a wire. Unplug it and remove ( unscrew) electric gas shutoff. Replace.

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My Tractor (425) won't start – John Deere 420,1020,2010,2020,2510,2520 Tractor Float
ANSWER : If you have no spark the first thing to replace the time delay module on the left rear side of engine. Its black and about 2 inches by 1 inch with yellow,red,orange and black wires going to it. Replacement is round shaped with same amount of wires.If no fuel to carb check for flow at filter, if theres flow but no pressure look for a split fuel line in tank between pump and sender.

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I have a John Deere LX280 that won’t start. Have good spark, good fuel flow through fuel filter, and fuel in the carb bowl, but no fuel at the either of the plugs. Suspect either the safety shut off switch under the seat, or the solenoid under the carb bowl, but not sure how they are designed to work, or how to bypass them for troubleshooting purposes. Can anyone help shed some light on how the seat switch and carb bowl solenoid work, and offer any suggestions for how to get fuel to the plugs?
ANSWER : The fuel solenoid is 12 VDC. You can power it directly with 12V from the battery with the connector disconnected. It is powered from terminal A1 of the Key Switch with the switch ON. Before powering it up do a resistance check of the coil on the solenoid. It should read 40 Ohms or less.
The seat switch only provides a ground for the ignition. If the starter solenoid is engaging you should also have power to the fuel solenoid. Check for 12VDC on the engine harness for the solenoid with the Key ON. If you have 12VDC the solenoid is bad.

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