The brake ring is contracted in the “brake” position. So it won't fit over the sprocket or drum. How do I loosen it so I can put the cover back on. Seems like this would be simple – but I can't get it to the open position…
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You need to load the brake, this is not so easy now it is off the saw, however, there are a few ways to do it, clamp the cover in a vice, be carefull not to damage the cover, now use a suitable spanner to engage into the the three legged actuating ( where the hand guard normally sits ) and twist, it will take some force as you are compressing the inner spring, or you cane remove the hand guard from the saw and use this as a tool to load it, or you can remove the sprocket and clutch, the brake will then sit back onto the saw and can be loaded.

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There are three main reasons for a chain to come off: Incorrect bar and/or chain for the saw; check to be sure that you are using the proper chain pitch, gauge and number of drive links to match the guide bar. Chain not properly tensioned; It is normal for a new chain to stretch and require frequent adjustment.
Adding an ECHO Scabbard (99988801595) to your chainsaw bar is a great way to protect your bar and chain from damage or impact, while also protecting you from any accidental injury. Made of the same durable material as other ECHO protective cases it provides a safe housing for chainsaw bars.

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Hard to Start – Husqvarna 435-BRC-RB Chainsaw
ANSWER : Do you have good compression, good spark and is fuel getting into the cylinder.? More information is required

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How do I make my oiler work, my chain is not getting oil. I have a Husqvarna 435 chainsaw
ANSWER : Remove the oil pump and check for dirt and debris in the oil way, there is a pick up filter sited in the base of the crankcsae, you will need to look between the spine of the fuel tank to see the screw slot plastic retainer.

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Husqvarna 345e Hard to start and when it does start it continues to run (chain).
ANSWER : I have a model 435 Husky that had the same hard-to-start problem–warranty service replaced the carburetor and it seems to work ok now. The chain that continues to turn can be fixed by turning the idle-speed screw (not the H or L jet screws) CCW a small amount until it can be accelerated then dropped back to idle to quit driving the chain. Hope this helps!

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HUSQVARNA model 435 Difficult starting
ANSWER : The problem is in the ignition needs to be is under warranty.its warranty is life husqvarna and they will either send you a new one or send you to a husqvarna dealer to fix the problem.that is at no cost to you…………..let me know if this helped……………..

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Cannot adjust carburator on husqvarna chainsaw 435
ANSWER : The screws are on the side of the carb very small heads flat screw driver is needed as they have a cover on them it has to fit inside the cover H (high) and L (low) tighten them all the way in tight but not forcing them turn anti clockwize 1 1/4 turns try to start the saw pull the trigger and adjust the H (high) till it runs smooth then  let it idle then pull the trigger again saw should rev without loss of revs if it does turn the L (low) small amount either way till it does  hope this helps 

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Hi there,

I got the Husky 240e, with only ~4h of running. my problem is that the chainsaw starts smoothly but when pressing the throttle it is suffocates and turned off. When gently squeezing the throttle it generates speed but once the throttle further squeezed it choke.
I checked the air filter which is clean and the clutch (the chain is free running).

The chainsaw stand in the garage for about 4 months and worked perfectly before.

Can you figure out what happen here? is it fuel filter that might blocked?

Thank You

ANSWER : The symptoms indicate lean running, so check the fuel filter for plugging and the fuel lines for decay or other damage. Husky seems be having troubles with our ethanol treated fuel and may require some warranty attention. We have a year old 435 Husky that would not start after about 3 days of excellent running–warranty replaced the carburetor which seems to have us working well now. Good luck!

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Husqvarna 235 is not oiling.Hole and groove on bar have been cleaned. The saw does drip oil with the bar off when running.All parts are clean but bar is not getting oil.Hope you can help,thanks.
ANSWER : With saw running and high speed hold saw close to a piece of wood and check for oiling. If still no oil, then use air pressure at hole in bar to clear.

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Model 435 Husqvarna chain saw not starting
dumped gas and refilled not starting new last fall but now cannot start. any help with this. thank you
misplaced manual and need to have advice please

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