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Don’t fiddle with it. Put a load on it and see what happens. If it still surges, put a bigger load on it. If it still surges, seek professional repair for this product. You can do more damage to both the generator and what ever you poser if you do fiddle with it.

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Surging caused by fuel problems usually happens for one of three reasons: incorrect fuel, low fuel levels, or poor fuel quality. Most generators have specific fuel requirements and using any type of fuel outside of those parameters can cause operational issues, including surges.
The carburetor might be clogged or have bad fuel in the float bowl. If old fuel was left in the small engine for a long time, some of the volatile ingredients may have evaporated, leaving a thicker, stickier product that is more like varnish or shellac.
To raise the pressure settings, turn the adjusting screw counter-clockwise. To lower the pressure settings, turn the adjusting screw clockwise. Note: Be careful not to over adjust. Each 1/4 turn of the adjusting screw raises or lowers the pressure setting approximately 4 psi.
An idle control circuit detects the absence of a load on the generator and actuates an electronic device, such as a solenoid or an electromagnet, cooperating with the engine throttle to decrease the speed of the engine to a predetermined idle speed.
It can be caused by various factors, fuel injection problems, bad spark plugs, a malfunctioning air sensor, might be a dirty air filter, and troubles with the engine control. Other issues of the fuel ignition system can also trigger surging when stopped.
A fault in the exhaust system can cause a generator to fail after a few minutes due to a buildup of exhaust causing a fault in the noxious emission sensors. This is a critical issue that needs to be dealt with by a professional.
The governor`s purpose is to control the fuel to the engine cylinders so as to control the speed of the unit, holding the speed constant for all conditions of load imposed on the generator conditions of load imposed on the generator being driven by the engine.
Theoretically, a generator can continue running as long as it has fuel to do so. However, some fuels might be more difficult to obtain a continuous supply of during a natural disaster or other emergencies. In essence, you can keep your generator running as long as you have access to the fuel needed to run it.
As the outside temperatures rise, it is possible for the fuel tank to pressurize or actually become vacuum sealed due to the gas cap failing to check the pressure or vacuum.
Governor Speed Setting Determines Load

When paralleled with a bus, the load on an engine is determined by the reference speed setting of the droop governor. Increasing the speed setting cannot cause a change in the speed of the bus, but it will cause a change in the amount of load the engine is carrying.

It is the electrical demand on the generator that sets the load demand on the engine. The governor controls the fuel to the engine to establish the speed of the engine, and thereby the frequency of the generator. Learning Objectives As a result of this lesson, you will be able to: 1.

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ANSWER : All the pictures I have of this carb show two adjusting screws.

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Where is the idle adjustment screw on my 42/18
ANSWER : On the left side of saw above primer button is a hole going to the carb, the screw is there below switches.

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Idle goes up and down and the shuts off eventually
ANSWER : It sounds like the engine might be running too lean. You need to get someone to adjust the idle and high speed screws correctly.

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Member Discussion on Husqvarna 240e Chainsaw Idle Adjustment I have a new 240e and cannot keep it running. It will start, after many pulls, and one of two things happens. After running for 30 seconds, I will tap the trigger to set the idle and it will promptly idle down and die. Or, I do nothing, and it will idle for a bit and die. Restarts are difficult. I did not get a manual with the saw, so all I have to work with is one I downloaded. Idle adjustment is mentioned, but no indication where this adjustment might be. Thanks
ANSWER : Its not an idle screw adjustment issue, it is a mixture screw adjustment issue, unfortunatly there is a special tool to adjust the mixture screws, pt no. 530035560 ( available from Hysqvarna dealers ) once you have this tool you can make an adjustment to the L screw on the carb, undo ( anti clock wise ) this screw ten minutes on a clock face ,this will richen the muxture, and should make it more stable on idle.

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The engine idles way too fast and will not correct with the sow speed adjustment
ANSWER : Make sure that you are adjusting the idle speed screw, not the idle jet screw (L). If you are adjusting the proper screw, then it is possible that the throttle trigger assembly in the handle has a load of sawdust/dirt that blocks proper return to idle. Take the handle apart carefully, and make notes on how the parts go back together. Check at the carburetor throttle assembly to make sure the throttle arm returns fully to the idle speed screw when the trigger is pulled and released slowly. Check the throttle spring as well to make sure it is undamaged. Hope this helps!

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Trimmer takes a long time to warm up. Cuts out when under full trottle and will not idle. Which screws are high and low speed adjust? There are two of them side by side. Do U need a special tool to adjust hi/lo speed screws?
ANSWER : Sounds like the carb needs cleaning, it is staying on choke to long. I would not bother the screws, or either a hose for the gas flow is bad.

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How do i set idle for 25cc gas trimmer? – Craftsman 25cc Gas Line Trimmer
ANSWER : James is right about setting the idle mixture.

Do you want to set the idle speed?

That can be done with the screw that sits on top the carb and holds the throttle stop. Just work the throttle while looking at the end of the cable at the carb and you will see something stopping it at idle that has a screw in it. Move this screw in or out to adjust idle speed.

If you dont have good throttle response off idle you should adjust the hi speed mixture at wide open throttle and then go back and do the low speed changes. Mixture and then speed adjust.

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My chain rotates on idle when tension is ok. How do I adjust clutch drum to stop this happening ?
ANSWER : The clutch drum is probably ok, just turn the idle adjustment screw CCW to reduce idle speed (not the jet screws). If you turn it too far, the engine will stall.

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