When the belt fell off I put it back on and it didn't run right. I replaced the belt assuming the other had stretched. New belt made no difference. Mower still Boggs down when cutting grass.
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Drive belt to tight

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Your riding mower belt keeps coming off because of several possible causes such as a damaged, dirty, or incorrectly installed belt. This problem can also be due to an oil leak, damaged mower pulleys, damaged bearings, or a misaligned or stretched out belt.
A common cause of belt breakage is excessive grass clippings on the deck. Grass clippings can work their way under pulleys and deck covers, causing series problems. Make sure to clean off your deck after every mower use and follow manufacturer recommendations.
A perfectly tight mower belt can rotate without slipping off but not cause the engine to over-exert and overheat. If the belt does not slip off while working and is not producing unfavorable sounds that indicate wearing off of the belt, then that is the perfect tightness for it.
It`s quite simple, really: your car cannot run at all without a timing belt. If the belt breaks while you are on the road, the car will break down immediately – and your engine can experience severe damage.
The “Deck Belt” goes around the pulleys right above the blades on the deck and then to a double pulley. The “Drive Belt” on your mower goes from the transmission, around an Idler pulley then over to the double pulley I mentioned before. The Drive belt also plays a role in making the wheels turn.
There is no specific time length that mower belts need to be replaced. Some belts may last longer than others due to different operating conditions. One thing is for certain though, the more the mower is used, the sooner you will need to consider replacing the mower belt.
Belts that are too tight put an excessive load on pulleys, shafts, and bearings. Excessive belt tension will also wear out a belt quickly. Proper belt tension is 1/2 inch of sideplay both ways. Press down on the belt midway between pulleys and observe the travel.
Lawn mower belts may stretch with time or break sometimes. It also causes the belt`s tension on the pulley to weaken, which makes the machine less effective or slower.
For most vehicles, the belt should not be able to be pressed down more than ½ inch. If it can be pressed lower, then the belt is too loose. Note: Manufacturers have their own specifications for how much deflection can be found in the belt. Make sure to check the owner`s manual for your specific vehicle.
A: Your mower has two belts. Both play a role in making the blades turn. The “Deck Belt” goes around the pulleys right above the blades on the deck and then to a double pulley. The “Drive Belt” on your mower goes from the transmission, around an Idler pulley then over to the double pulley I mentioned before.
The most common cause of belt coming off

A loose drum pulley is the most common cause. The pulley should not be able to be moved, apart from obviously round and round as it turns the drum. It should be bolted firmly to the drum spider with no play in it.

Wander Due to Faults with Splices or the Belt

Improper belt splicing is a significant cause of mistracking. If the belt is not spliced squarely, the belt will wander back and forth on the conveyor structure. This can usually be seen at the tail pulley.

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ROUTING OF BELT – Mtd Drive Belt 42"
ANSWER : Diagram is on the mowing deckBest regardsCk

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Drive belt Have replace drive belt but mower still has no forward movement. Mower is only 2 years old but its already had to have another drive belt installed by the dealer last year. wanted to do it myself but when i install belt theres hardly any tension so mower doesnt move. Checked and rechecked the diagram and is installed correctly. Cant find a tensioner adjustment if it has one.
ANSWER : I don’t have an answer for you, but Do you have a diagram of the Drive Belt?

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What size for a 611 deutz allis 42 in deck – Mtd Drive Belt 42"
ANSWER : Go to they may have the answer for you !

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Self propell will not go – Troy Bilt 5.5hp Self Propelled Mower
ANSWER : Remove the cover from the self propel and check the engagement cable for excessive stretch.

Also check the drive belt for wear or breakage.

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I have a Troy built front wheel drive mower made in 5/94, model # 34022 with a 6 speed trnsmission. When I put it in gear the wheels barely turn. How do I fix it?
ANSWER : It sounds like you need a new belt for the front wheels.

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Need to find out whitch way the drive belts go on the mower ? its a 5 speed sit on ride mower my son took the drive belts off and didnt take note how the came off !!

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Wont blow the snow
ANSWER : Most of the time this is because of a worn belt or tensioner out of adjustment.

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Need the mower deck belt size for a allis chalmers t-811 lawn mower
ANSWER : 42″ deck 1/2 x 120 P/N 1668066SM
48″ deck 1/2 x 126 P/N 1703466SM

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