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With keys left in the lock, a locksmith can pick standard locks using specialist equipment and open the door letting you back into your home or flat. You can find a emergency locksmith here with most offering a 24-hour call out.
Can you unlock a door if the key is on the other side? Yes, you can, providing that your door has been furnished with a frictioned cylinder lock or one that has an emergency function. These two types are designed to be unlocked with a key even if there`s another key inside on the other side of the door.
The keyless entry system receiver(s) on your vehicle may not be picking up the signal from the key fob. Try holding the fob right next to the door handle when pressing the unlock button. If it unlocks the door, the problem may be a weak battery in the key fob, or a problem in the keyless entry antenna or wiring.
It`s probably the key is worn,try another key. If that doesn`t work if its a dead lock it could be the levers that are worn or some debris in the lock. Try giving it a spray with wd40.
A skeleton key has the warded section of the key removed so that it opens all the doors of a system. Some applications, such as a building with multiple entrance doors, have numerous locks that are keyed alike; one key will open every door.
Unless you have built-in precautions against this, you can straighten out a wire hanger and insert it through the top of the garage door. Feel around until you reach the emergency latch. If you can hook the cord, slowly pull on it. Once the safety release is disengaged, you can roll the door up manually.
Lock a deadbolt from the outside.

Close the door and stand outside. Slide the key into the deadbolt keyhole and turn it clockwise as far as it will go. If you turn the key far enough, the door should lock.

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Today, purchased a Schlage security set-keyed 2 sides home security set that supposedly includes an F-51 series self re-keyable entry door knob.

Have self-re-keyed deadbolt to match previously purchased sets, but the F-51 does not allow me to re-key to match my other sets.

Per instructions, should use re-keying key to turn lock 30 degrees left to an 11 o’clock position, remove, insert re-keying key from previous sets, turn back to 12 o’clock position and remove. Latch should be re-keyed at that point.

F-51 does not allow re-keying key to be removed at the 11 o’clock position, nor any position except the 12 o’clock.

The objective is to have 1 key to open 3 deadbolts and 3 F-51 style door locks. For the 3 deadbolts, mission accomplished. For 2 of the 3 F-51’s, mission accomplished.

Label on box: FB52NSK V PLY 505 605 CN; Function Security Set-Keyed 2 Sides; Style Plymouth Knob; Finish Lifetime Bright Brass\Bright Brass..

Instructions say do not return to store of purchase.


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I have key less entry pad craftmans model 13953876 code on box 953876 it does not open or shut mostly when cold outside if I press many times it will eventally work i changed the battery still does
ANSWER : Try disc brake grease on the track. Clean well before application.

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Overhead light will not come on when door is opened
ANSWER : Press and hold the Lock button until the light blinks (about 10 seconds). A single blink indicates that the timer is reset to 1 1/2 minutes. Repeat the procedure and the light will blink twice, resetting the time to 2 1/2 minutes. Repeat again for a 3 1/2 minute interval, etc. up to a maximum of four blinks and 4 1/2 minutes.

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I need to reset my 2008 Honda crv’s radio. The instructions say to ender the using the preset keys 1 & 6. I’m confused. Do I hold down the preset buttons at the same time I enter te code?
ANSWER : Pressing and holding 1 and 6 button with (the radio power off) and the pressing the power button will show you the serial number of that radio.

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When the door opens it slams into the unit I did adjust it almost all the way out and it still slams
ANSWER : Are you sure you are adjusting the limit controls and not the force controls.. depending on the age of the opener the limits controls are on the side and the force controls are on the back and they are blue. If you are adjusting the limits and nothing is changing you then either have a bad limit rack or circuit board. I just changed out a rack a little bit ago.

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Steelcraft garage door opener opened but will not close. Motor hums but door does not move.
ANSWER : Ensure proper installation. Ensure gears in main control head box are not worn out, The main drive flat gear is plastic in a lot of these openers. Replace main gear unit are rebuild it.

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How do you change the passcode on a keyless garage door opener?
ANSWER : There are buttons on the rear of the main unit to do this.

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I have 2 problems with my Craftsman Garage Door opener:
1. I have a 2 door-garage & 2 remote controls
Both remote controls can open one garage door (since they were originally programmed). They cannot open the other garage door even after following all the steps to reprogram them to the non functional garage door. However, when I point either remote control key to the big black box on top, the yellow light from the box blinks. However, the garage door will not open

2. About the same door: Whenever I close the problematic garage door, the door would immediately go back up as soon as it touches the ground. I have to keep tweaking with the manual switch on the wall to finally get the garage door closed.

What I need to do?

ANSWER : I can’t help you on programming.
If the door goes up as soon as it touches down, it is going too far down.
Locate the adjustment on the box on top. There should be four adjusters:
Door down amount more or less
Door up amount more or less
Force down more or less
Forch up more or less.
Turn the Door down amount toward the “LESS” or “-”
Let me know how you do.

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