20 Hp 42″ Deck Lawn Tractor

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There is a 30 amp fuse on the right side behind the engine, I would check this. I’m assuming that the moot is not turning over and all saftey switches are still in place and that yu are attempting to start with brake/clutch depressed and while setting on the seat.if the motor is turning I need more info.

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Riding Mower Clicks but Doesn`t Crank

When you hear a click as you turn the key, a weak battery, bad starter solenoid, faulty wiring, failed starter motor or a seized engine could be the cause. This DIY troubleshooting will help you figure out what to fix.

Disconnected, dirty or fouled spark plugs are common causes for engines that won`t start. For small engines, spark plugs typically need to be replaced every season or after 25 hours of use. You should also check to make sure the spark plug gap is set correctly.
Your lawn mower turning over but not starting due to several reasons, such as a faulty or disconnected plug, a disconnected spark plug wire, a clogged air filter, or a contaminated fuel tank. A faulty carburetor, a dirty cutting deck, or a dysfunctional flywheel brake can also cause this.
If your tractor cranks, but won`t start, you`ll want to look at a few different engine components. Is the fuel making it to the cylinder? Check the fuel level, the shutoff valve, and the fuel filter. If those components look ok, air might not be making it to the cylinder.
Bad starter motor: If you hear a single click when you turn the key, but the engine won`t start, that could mean there`s a problem with the electrical system. The starter motor is responsible for physically turning the engine over and getting the engine to fire. If this is the issue, you`ll need a new one installed.
Bad or dead battery

The most common reason cars don`t start is a dead or faulty battery. Even though most cars run on gasoline, they all require electrical power to function. The starter that cranks your engine to start requires an electrical signal to fire.

A dirty carburetor is one of the most common causes for a lawn mower not being able to start after sitting unused for months or years at a time.
Some of the B&S auto choke carburetors tend to supply too much fuel to the cylinder when hot starting; this floods the spark plug, causing a no start. They have since modified the carburetor. So if you have an auto choke, Briggs, with the hot start problem, go ahead and swap out the carburetor.

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How can I get the belts on? – Craftsman 42 in. Deck 19.5hp Lawn Tractor
ANSWER : Lots of sweat and foul words sometimes even a lot of blood . Water Filters Lawn Garden Appliance Parts

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Craftsman riding mower lt-1000 leaks gas – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : Need to fix that. it may be a fire hazard.

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Need to add oil in my hydrostatic tranny – Craftsman 42 in. Deck 19.5hp Lawn Tractor
ANSWER : There a plug on top of transaxle.

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Mower runs for about 5 min, than dies won’t restart . When cool start up ( craftsman 42 in deck 19.5 hp lawn tractor )
ANSWER : Check for spark when it dies you could have a bad coil

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Zts 7500 cranks but wont start,dont have a spark,have a new plug
ANSWER : Sounds like your coil is bad. Fortunately they are fairly cheap and fairly easy to install. I would replace the coil.

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I have a craftsman lawnmower lt 2000 42 deck which i tunded up last year and replaced the battery. this season i took out the battry and stored it in my garage. I recharged the battery and put it back in the tractor and went to start it barely a click and then nothing. last season when i replaced the battery and charged it the same thing happened initially, any advice
ANSWER : Where is the battery located on the LT2000 42″

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Craftsman snow thrower
ANSWER : Bad gas any or all of these
bad plug
carb dirty
kill switch on

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My craftsman 04 ,42 inch electric start riding mower will not start its not the belts or the starter or battery.
model # 917.275371
ANSWER : Not much to go on. is it getting gas? is it getting spark? is the gas turned on? some have a fuel shutoff under hood.

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