Pro 42CC 2 Cycle Chainsaw, 18″

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This could be a number of issues, if it has an anti vibration system is this in good shape ( with the saw stopped, hold the rear handle, now try to move the engine unit seperate to the rear handle, does it readily touch/ rattle against the fuel tank , if so the anti vibration rubbers/springs are worn or broken and will require replacment, the engine unit should not readily move independant to the top/rear handle if this happens you will get all the vibration from the engine)Cutting chain condition can also increase vibration, blunt/incorrectly sharpened chains will cause over loading due to operator pushing the saw too hard and creating contact of the engine unit to the handle system ( replace the cutting chain ), saw running rich due to blocked air filter ( clean the filter )

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If your chainsaw is vibrating excessively, you should locate your rubber bushings where they connect the engine to the handle. It should be somewhat obvious that the rubber bushing has worn down, and if you notice this has happened you will need to replace them.
The main causes that influence on vibration levels of chainsaw are mainly dynamic forces from the motor, sawing modes, unbalanced moving parts, shocks in gears, bearings and other mechanisms and also in the interaction between the operator, the machine and the wood being processed [5].
If your electric or gas saw`s chain won`t turn around the bar, chances are that the chain brake is stuck. On some saws, resetting the chain brake is as simple as pushing in on the side cover of the saw`s body with one hand, and pushing the chain brake forward while grabbing the top handle with the other.
The chain may not have the proper amount of tension. If the adjustment screw is too loose, the chain may not make good contact with the wood. If the chain is too tight, the chain may not rotate at the proper speed, causing the chain not to cut properly. To adjust the chain, tighten or loosen the adjustment screw.
When sound waves move through the air, each air molecule vibrates back and forth, hitting the air molecule next to it, which then also vibrates back and forth. The individual air molecules do not “travel” with the wave. They just vibrate back and forth.
When an object vibrates, it causes movement in surrounding air molecules. These molecules bump into the molecules close to them, causing them to vibrate as well. This makes them bump into more nearby air molecules. This “chain reaction” movement, called sound waves, keeps going until the molecules run out of energy.
If your chainsaw bounces around when making contact with the wood, it means that that chains teeth are not grabbing on and ripping through the wood. A sharp chain will cut in a uniform and straight line.
These flex shafts can start to vibrate when they wear out, or when they aren`t properly lubricated. Trimmers can also vibrate when the connection between the flex shaft and the trimmer head is loose or worn.
In the nerves, tissue edema and vasospasm from vibration exposure may cause sensory loss based on nerve demyelination, axonal atrophy and degeneration of cell bodies as well as fibrosis and proliferation of Schwann cells [2].

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Mt999 chainsaw. Brand new. Not cutting through wood although blade rotating. Just seems to be burning wood.
ANSWER : Shouldnt be using a chainsaw if you cant figure the chain is on wrong…….just saying…

Saw is cutting the wood on an angle – Stihl 009l
ANSWER : The cutters on your chain are not filed evenly. Either take saw to a Stihl dealer and have chain sharpened or get a new chain. Ask them to show you how to sharpen your chain.

Won't start – Homelite Consumer Products 9.0 Amp, 14 In. Chainsaw
ANSWER : In my dealings with electric chainsaws if you try to cut wood too big in diameter the electric motor burns out and you will net to replace the saw

Chainsaw starts and idles no trouble but when i try to rev up for cutting the engine dies as if it is not getting fuel
ANSWER : Low side adjustment issue. Turn it out a quarter turn and try it again.

Chainsaw is smoking excessively when in use
ANSWER : Change to a better quality bar oil

My stihl keep cutting out if fuel not getting through what can i do
ANSWER : Replace the in-tank fuel filter. Always the easy thing first.

Can I run an 18in bar on a 16in chain saw
ANSWER : You should be able to without issue.
The Stalling issue started after lengthening the bar/chain?

Troubleshooting chainsaw hit some dirt now wont cut and smokes at chain little oil to bar and chain
ANSWER : You need to clean the chainsaw areas where the dirt has gone with a water hose. You may have clogged up the oil thing that puts oil on the chain. Hope this helps! And yes, dirt will make a chain dull. You might have to replace the chain or have it sharpened.