Consumer Products 9.0 Amp, 14 In. Chainsaw

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Use page 25 of this downloadable manual as a guide.
Loosen your tension adjust before attempting to fit the chain on the bar.

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There are three main reasons for a chain to come off: Incorrect bar and/or chain for the saw; check to be sure that you are using the proper chain pitch, gauge and number of drive links to match the guide bar. Chain not properly tensioned; It is normal for a new chain to stretch and require frequent adjustment.

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Do i mix oil with my fuel – Homelite Consumer Products 9.0 Amp, 14 In. Chainsaw
ANSWER : It states your saw as an electric saw. So no you don’t even add fuel.
Your power comes from electrical power.

Won't start – Homelite Consumer Products 9.0 Amp, 14 In. Chainsaw
ANSWER : In my dealings with electric chainsaws if you try to cut wood too big in diameter the electric motor burns out and you will net to replace the saw

My chain keeps losing tension after a few cuts. Installed new bar and chain, no help. Could it be adjustment screw? Thanx!
ANSWER : Yes.try to put an “precision metal o ring'” on the bolt.

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Chain brake will not release (homelite chainsaw)
ANSWER : The header says you have a Homelite saw and if this correct you can go to and look up parts or other information that you might need for your saw. There is also a contact us area. Good luck

What or how to adjust the carberater – Homelite Consumer Products 9.0 Amp, 14 In. Chainsaw
ANSWER : I take it you just found a heading for your saw and it is gas operated, not electric? Adjusting the carb, you have 2 jets on the side , one low one high, depending on what it does, won’t rev, won’t idle, open up the adj screws 1/4 turn and see what happens, if they have been moved in and out and are way off, turn them all the way in and then out 1 1/2 turns each, this should get you running. You can fine tune from here, one at a time, and very fine adj. It doesn’t take much. make sure the gas is mixed right, and the chain does not bind. Hope this helps.

Replace bar and or chain …saw runs but not with the chain
ANSWER : The bar MUST be straight. Soak the chain with penetrating oil. If that doesn’t free it up, replace it. If it is kinked sideways–replace it. Never run a chainsaw with damaged parts.

I just started up my new 16″ Homelite and the engine starts, but the mechanism that powers the chainsaw isn’t rotating… any suggestions?
ANSWER : The engine needs to be accelerated to make the chain turn. The chain should not be so tight on the bar that you can’t turn it by hand. Make sure the chain brake is off by pulling back on the brake paddle which has a ‘toggle’ effect–it should snap over to the new position. If still having problems, it is time to return for warranty exchange or repair. Hope this helps!

On my petrol chainsaw the cog that turns the chain is not moveing
ANSWER : The sprocket should be fixed to the outer clutch drum. With the engine off, and the bar and chain off, hold the sprocket with channel lock pliers and turn the outer clutch drum by hand. If the sprocket does not turn, but the drum does, then the clutch must be replaced. (Left hand threads) To keep the engine from turning while trying to remove the clutch internals, stuff starter cord into the upper cylinder head area so that the piston cannot rise above the top of the exhaust port. If you have a saw service shop near you, you might farm out the clutch replacement. It usually requires a special tool to turn the clutch internals. Good luck!