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A sprinkler head is an immovable obstruction. To take relief, without penalty, the player must drop the ball within a club length of the nearest (not nicest) point of relief, not on the putting green, not nearer the hole.
A sprinkler head is an immovable obstruction and is covered by Rule 24-2. That Rule states that you are entitled to relief for a ball that lies in or on the obstruction or when the obstruction interferes with your area of intended stance or swing.
“When there is interference by a wrong green, you must not play the ball as it lies,” the rule says. “Instead, you must take free relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in the relief area.”
Free relief is normally not allowed. “But if the aprons or fringes of putting greens are cut short enough that putting from off the green is likely to be a common choice of stroke, immovable obstructions that are close to the putting green may interfere with such strokes.
Impact Sprinkler Head Adjustment

All you have to do is rotate the head to increase or decrease the arc. Turn the head clockwise to increase the arc or counterclockwise if you want to reduce the arc. Use an adjustment ring (pictured below) to get a better grip on the nozzle.

The typical sprinkler head consists of a plug held in place by a trigger mechanism. The most common type of trigger is a glass ampule filled with a glycerin-based liquid that expands when heated. 155º As soon as the trigger mechanism is heated to the required temperature, it trips and the water is released.
Unfortunately, any impact to the sprinkler can disrupt the setup, resulting in damage to and separation of parts. A large enough force can immediately open a sprinkler, but even a smaller impact can cause the sprinkler head to break up over time.
When there is interference by a wrong green. Wrong greens are part of the general area., you must not play the ball as it lies. Instead, you must take free relief by dropping. Each relief Rule identifies a specific relief area where your ball must be dropped and come to rest.

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How do I get the sprinkler 'T'' HEAD off – Nelson Sprinkler: Traveling Tractor
ANSWER : Hold the plastic nut located just under the “T” with adjustable pliers or wrench and unscrew the “T head” with your hand.

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The tractor sprinkler, sprinkler head rotates and sprays water but forward motion is not achieved in either hi or low speed.

A rhythmic click at consistent interval can be heard from rear of sprinkler when water is running through it.

Is there a replaceable gear available for the drive wheels in the sprinkler?

ANSWER : Hi,Here is a tip about how to get parts for your traveling lawn sprinkler and also a great article about how traveling lawn sprinklers work.Traveling Lawn Sprinklersheatman101′;’;’;’;

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How to adjust spray and spray pattern
ANSWER : Check the directions on the box. sometimes sprinkler head has two screws. one screw is for pattern adjustment and the other is for spray adjustment

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The turning head of the tractor doesn’t want to spin
ANSWER : Hi,Check your water pressure… you need to have 40-60 PSI for the tractor to work…Here is a tip about how to get parts for your traveling lawn sprinkler and also a great article about how traveling lawn sprinklers work.Traveling Lawn Sprinklersheatman101

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How to set up sprinkler head – Orbit 3 Pattern 3600 Sq Ft Turbine Lawn Oscillator, Yard Oscillating –
ANSWER : You turn on the water and adjust the water pattern for the best coverage of area you want to irrigate without overspray and waste of water.

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Trimmer head line loading instruction – Husqvarna 28cc Gas Line Trimmer
ANSWER : 1. Remove the cap on the trimmer head, it unscrews.2.
The spool comes off, and on the inside of the spool there is a small
hole, this is where you will start your trimmer line. It it will hold it
in place while you wrap it. There is also arrows on the spool showing
the direction that you need to wrap your spool.3. Insert the
line in the hole and start to wrap the line in the directions of the
arrows, try to keep the line in rows, or else the line may bind and you
will have to do it all over again.4. Feed the line through the
retainer and reinstall the spool by lining up the retainer and the slot
on the outside portion on the trimmer head, the screw back on the
trimmer head and you will be ready to trim.

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Need to change gas line tube – Craftsman Convertible 25cc. Gas Line Trimmer

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Fuel line diagram for craftsman gas blower – Craftsman 25cc Gas Line Trimmer

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