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After moving to Milwaukee in 1846, E.P. Allis quickly established himself in business, eventually buying the Reliance Iron Works at a sheriff`s sale in 1861. The firm quickly grew from 75 employees to over 1,500.
The Allis-Chalmers model B was a small agricultural tractor produced by the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing company from 1937 to 1957. With over 125,000 units produced, the model B became one of the best selling and longest-produced tractors for Allis-Chalmers.
The Allis-Chalmers Model “B” was introduced at the end of the 1930s and caused a revolution in tractor design. It was the first small, light and inexpensive tractor that still had enough power to accomplish plowing, cultivating and harvesting tasks.
The Allis-Chalmers B tractor was powered by a 4-cylinder, 116-cubic-inch Allis-Chalmers engine which was connected to a 3-speed transmission. It produced 15.6 belt horsepower at its first Nebraska test.
C has a wider rear end, wider drawbar and the steering arm from the steering box. Both B and C have three speed transmissions. CA has four speed transmission, hand clutch and power adjust wheels.
Edwin Reynolds believed Allis could control the industrial engine business. In May 1901 the Allis-Chalmers Company was formed.
In my opinion, the Allis-Chalmers 8000 series tractors were a good mid-range tractor — maybe some of their best. Certain models had their issues, that`s true, but overall, they were good machines. That said, they ALL suffered from one fatal flaw: bad timing.
One of the most interesting of these was the Allis-Chalmers Company of West Allis, Wisconsin, just outside Milwaukee. This great company was one of the pioneers of the industrial age in America and around the globe.
Have you ever wondered how Allis-Chalmers tractors got their distinctive shade of orange? It`s not because orange was the only color left! (Although to be fair, a desire to be different might have had something to do with their color selection).
Look for the serial number on an Allis Chalmers tractor on a black label above the company name. This number may have letters, which indicate the model of tractor. Check the front nose for the number if it`s not on the side.
How much does a Allis-Chalmers 7020 Farm Tractor weigh? The standard operating weight for a Allis-Chalmers 7020 Farm Tractor is 10820 lbs.
If your tractor cranks, but won`t start, you`ll want to look at a few different engine components. Is the fuel making it to the cylinder? Check the fuel level, the shutoff valve, and the fuel filter. If those components look ok, air might not be making it to the cylinder.
The BE number stamped on the back of the block, above the flywheel is the engine serial number. The tractor serial number will be stamped in an area just forward of the gear shift pattern casting. Tractor No will be cast right forward of the flat spot the actual serial number is stamped in.
Allis-Chalmers originated in James Seville and Charles Decker`s Reliance Works, a pioneer iron foundry and machine shop established on West Water Street (now North Plankinton Avenue) in 1847.

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I have a D17 series IV. What type of oil is in the transmission?
ANSWER : 90 weight gear oil is used.

Can someone tell me if LT190 Electric Clutch bolt has right or left handed threads?
ANSWER : Clockwise rotation to tighten.

What is the torque on the pump bolts and how do i prime the pump
ANSWER : Mounting bolts 70 ftlbs as far as primeing use some white lube on the gears it will catch its prime

The power steering quit on my d17. It seemed like one side quit before the other. I already replaced the rack gear. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : D17 POWER STEERING has had spots when moving the wheel. It’s not smooth steering at all and with a load you have to front be moving with the wheel turning real slow.I’ve drained the reservoir and replaced the suction hose.

Allis 5040 tractor Cannot engage pto when engine is running. PTO engagement lever does not work at all in Independent mode, but Synchronous mode works if engine started with synch mode engaged. Depression of foot clutch pedal has no effect in engagement or disengagement. Anyone have any ideas as to problem and parts needed?
ANSWER : I have the exact problem, have to start with PTO engaged?

Spark plug firing order – Farmall Tractor C ,super Av, Complete Gasket Set
ANSWER : Firing order for 96 lincoln mark 8, 4.6 liter

My Allis Chalmers D12 is popping on the #4 Cylinder. New wires ,points, Comp is good.Runs better without #4 hooked up HELP
ANSWER : Could be one of the valves are out of adjustment or one is not seating right or burnt thru in the seat area. Thin valves and or carbon deposits in the chamber can do this. Also could be fuel delivery to much air getting into the manifold in this area.

Tractor will not fire points look clean
ANSWER : I am not familiar with the Allis Chalmers brand, but if the coil is good and you are still not getting spark to the plugs, I would consider a sheared flywheel key as the likely cause. Hope this helped and best wishes.