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It is more likely to be a air leak or a dirty carb problem or a fuel pump problem.
Try this put some fuel in a squirt bottle and squirt it into the carb while running. If that keeps it running without the choke, then its fuel pump issue.——–
If the fuel pump checks out ok, then problem is clogged carb.Cleaning the carb should help.——

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Our 3-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty applies to the following consumer-grade wheeled equipment: Z200 series zero-turn mowers, riding lawn mowers, riding lawn tractors, push mowers, walk mowers, battery push and battery walk mowers, tillers and snow throwers.
The maximum forward speed on this Husqvarna lawnmower is 5.5 mph, a safe and efficient speed for mowing on flat, even ground, or driving the machine from one area to another. The maximum reverse speed is 2.5 mph, and for most maneuvering in reverse, you need far less speed than that.
3 Blade Set for Many 54 in.
Weight (approx.) 600 lbs.
Serious power. Power drives the Z200 Series, with easy-to-maintain engines that boast up to 25 hp. The result is an outstanding zero-turn mowing performance that can handle tough grass conditions and keep moving at speeds up to 12.9 kph.
What Is The Average Width Of A Lawn Mower? The average width of a lawn mower is typically between 21-inches and 33-inches, depending on the type and size of lawn mower. Self-propelled lawn mowers are typically wider than push lawn mowers, and have a width range of 21-inches to 30-inches.
John Deere provides one of the best warranties in the business. And with PowerGard™ Protection Plan, you can purchase additional protection beyond the normal factory warranty term on Agricultural and Turf Care products.
Four-year or 300-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty is standard.
Honda Mean Mower reaches 100mph in 6.285.
Standard Blade Kit. Contains (3) blades and fits a 54 inch deck. To encourage a greener, fuller healthier lawn, be sure to mow with sharp lawn mower blades. Use Genuine John Deere Lawn Mower blades to get the perfect fit on the spindle.
LENGTH: Length is measured diagonally from one tip of the blade to the opposite tip of the blade. It is important to measure the length correctly. Measuring from end to end will result in the wrong blade length. All length measurements must be made diagonally.
Why are two blades better than one? Two blades result in more “bites” into the grass, cutting the grass into smaller pieces. The leading upper blade makes a major cut at the front. Then the lower blade makes a smaller cut.
The Blade of Grass is roughly equal in size to the Volcano, making it one of the largest pre-Hardmode swords. When swung, it fires a small, green Leaf Blade projectile that automatically targets enemies within a radius of 9.375 tiles.
The John Deere Z530R 24-HP John Deere branded V-Twin engine has a top speed of 9 MPH with plenty of power and torque to handle tough mowing conditions.
Deck size: 52″ Mower dimensions (LxWxH): 64.8″ x 79.2″ x 70.5″ Blades: 3 blades at 18″ in length. Blade tip speed: 18,500 fpm.
Gas engines sizes run from 140 cc to 190 cc. Larger engines produce more torque and are less likely to stall in tall grass at the beginning and end of the cutting season. A larger engine also helps drive self-propelled mowers more effectively uphill.
The more space a large mower takes up, the less there is for, well, anything else that can help you on the job. No matter how you cut it, one big mower will always be less efficient than two small or mid-sized mowers.
John Deere ranks highest among tractor brands for Overall Loyalty. John Deere won the highest marks for Best Ownership Experience (midsize and full-size tractors); for Most Durable (full-size tractor); and for Highest Owner Loyalty (compact, mid-size and full-size tractors).
Based on that usage, a lower-quality line of residential mowers is expected to last 450-500 hours, while a John Deere residential lawn mower will last around 1,000-1,500 hours.
John Deere`s 6-Year/2000-Hour Powertrain Warranty only covers the following Compact Utility Tractor components: (i) Engine: cylinder block, cylinder head, valve covers, oil pan, timing gear covers, flywheel housing, emissions control components and all parts contained therein) and, (ii) Powertrain: transmission, …
The average lifespan of a tractor is 4,000 or more hours. Low hours on a tractor are pretty much anything less than where the warranty runs out.
Generally speaking, however, a 20hp outboard motor can reach speeds of up to 25 mph.
Simply change the filter to give your mower more thrust. Finding the air filter should be easy as it is located on the left side of the mower`s engine. You can have it cleaned or you can opt to buy a new one. Treat your lawn mower`s engine the same way you treat you car`s engine.
But we conduct our mowing tests at about 3.5 mph, the optimal speed for achieving the most even cut. (Depending on grass density and height, you might need to go even slower.) Mow at twice that speed and you`ll finish more quickly, but we don`t think you`ll be satisfied with the results.

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Lawn mower cranck but wont start…
ANSWER : Since you already checked for spark and air I would drain all the fuel out of it and check that fuel for water. Over time some lawn mowers end up with contaminated fuel. You can see the water sitting on the bottom of the fuel if you let it stand for a bit in a small plastic bowl.

Be sure to empty and dry out you fuel can as well. Especially if the mower stopped running right after a refuel. Which is a good sign your gas can is contaminated too.

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I have had a poulan pro 550 series push mower for almost 1 year at the end of the season last year the mower would start briefly and then stop. i have cleaned out the air filter and that did not help.the mower started, i made one revolution around the yard 3/4th of the way the mower quit. I then primed the mower it started then quit and now it will not start at all. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do. Thanks
ANSWER : There is a little spring that works the carburetor arm. If that popped off then the mower will not run.

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Oil Changes When do you change the oil? Are the filters available at the auto supply?
ANSWER : No – filters are available HERE.

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Mower starts runs 10 minutes then battery dies. Bought a new battery, however it is still happening. Could it be an alternator?
ANSWER : Yes. Your mower is running directly off the battery

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I have a problem with a Black and Decker electric lawn mower model MM525. While cutting some high grass today, the mower slowed down, then quit and would not restart. I checked the electrical outlet and there was no power–the fuse was burned out in the switch box. I replaced it, tried again, and again it would not start or even give any response at all, but again it blew out the fuse in the box. The fuse is 25A and the mower is only 12A so that’s not an issue, besides, I’ve used this mower from that outlet for about 4 years since I first got the mower and never had any problem before. My question is: is whatever is causing the mower not to start and to blow out my fuse something that can be repaired or should be? Thanks.
ANSWER : Hello blumph,
I can think of only one or two things that are causing your problems. It could either be approx. a $14.00 switch in the handle that has shorted out, or 2 bad brushes $1.75/ea.on the armature (motor). Both are fairly simple fixes with just a screwdriver and maybe pliers. You might also check and see if the power cord has been chafed or damaged and is shorting out. See below for parts:http://www.ereplacementparts.com/black-and-decker-mm575-electric-lawnhogtrade-mulching-mower-parts-c-4167_9514_9550.htmlyurcarguyken@yahoo.com

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Lawn mower motor runs good, the drive wheels run good but the blade won’t stay enguaged. Thanks
ANSWER : Check your cable that controls the blade engagement.

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Where is oil drain plug on MTD mower – Mtd LAWN MOWER PART # 683-04163B FRAME Assembly:RIDER
ANSWER : If it isn’t on the bottom of the engine (above the blade) then you don’t have one. This is not that uncommon. When you need to drain the oil, FIRST- pull the spark plug wire off!!! Then remove the dip stick or filler plug and turn the unit upside down and drain the oil.

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I have a Poulan push mower that after mowing in a ditch started making a loud noise and running rough. It almost sounded as if metal was hitting metal. The mower was vibrating more than normal. I checked under the mower and nothing is hitting. After a few times of stopping the mower engine because it sound as if it is going to die down the mower will not start now. The shaft does not appear bent and the blade appears ok. The mower has oil, a good spark plug and a clean air filter. It was running fine until that moment. I did not see anything that I hit but it is possible I hit something in the ditch like a pine cone or branch. What could the problem be and how would I go about fixing it?
ANSWER : If you are sure the oil level is correct then it sounds like it’s about to die, unfortunately. A pine cone shouldn’t cause any damage, but a large branch may do so. Was it smoking before you shut it down? The vibration could be caused from a bent blade. It could also be caused from a part breaking in the motor. I wish I could have given you better news!

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