Challenger High Head 1.5 Hp Pump Up Rated

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Something is causing the pump motor to overheat and shut off to avoid permanent failure.

The motor is likely failing. It may be a small part such as the capacitor or the starting switch, but could also be more severe such as the winding itself. You will also want to examine the shaft to see if it is damaged, bent, or the bearings failing or seized.

If you are not familiar with testing these parts your best bet would be a local electric motor repair shop to see if the motor can be repaired or if it would need to be replaced.

*All of this assumes this is an older/exisintg installation that has worked properly in the past and is just now showing signs of failure. If this is a new install look at your line voltage versus the voltage the motor is set to accept. If feeding 115 to a motor wired to be on 230 you will also get the situation you describe.

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Kirloskar Aqua 150 Water Pump 1.5 HP (Max Pumping Height – 40 M, Max Flow Rate – 3200 LPH)
Flow rates: These 1.5 HP Water pumps` flow rates are 1830 – 425 lph.
1.5 hp Single Phase V4 Submersible Pump, Maximum Discharge Flow: 100-500 LPM.
Conclusion. So to answer the question, yes, you can replace your 1hp pool pump with a 1.5hp pool pump, but only if your situation calls for it. If you`ve determined that your current pump is too small for your pool, then we`ll suggest replacing it with a larger ECO pump like the Water TechniX Pump Alpha ECO.
The 1 HP pump operates from depths up to 325 Ft. providing up to a 12 GPM performance. This premium grade pump provides you with long-term peace of mind. Instructions and a quick-start guide are included for your convenience to ensure easy installation and operation for this Zoeller submersible well pump.
1.5 Hp Single Phase V4 submersible pump, Capacity: 15 To 50 M.
1.5 hp Single Phase V4 Submersible Pump, Maximum Discharge Flow: 100-500 LPM at Rs 7300/piece in Rajkot.
1 hp Lakshmi Openwell Submersible Pump, Model/Type: Electric, Capacity: 4000 Litres Per Hour.
1 HP Single Phase Submersible Pump, Maximum Discharge Flow (LPM): 100 – 500 LPM.
A 1.5 HP pump would give you a flow rate of approximately 90 gallons per minute which would circulate this pool just fine . . .
So, on low speed the 1 HP moves 43 GPM and the 1.5 HP moves 45.5 GPM. To save money you want to hopefully run it on low speed (much less electrical current is used on low speed and it`s more quiet). For me, with my Hayward EC40 filter, low speed with the 1 HP works great because the filter is designed for 40 GPM.
On average, a pool pump motor can last between 8 and 10 years before it needs to be replaced.
Horsepower theoretically required for pumping water equals the gallons per minute multiplied by the head in feet, and divided by 4.000 For power recommended, divide by 2000 instead of 4000.
3/4 HP – 1 HP Submersible Sump Pumps

In addition, if you have an installation where you need a high vertical lift or head (20-30 feet) and/or a long horizontal run (150-250 feet), 3/4 – 1 HP pumps provide the additional power needed to pump that water.

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Pump runs for a few minutes becomes hot and stops then starts again
ANSWER : Pump motor is overheating or drawing too much current and the safety is shutting the motor down. After a period, it automatically kicks back in (quite common). Replace motor (and safety which probably comes with, or is actually contained inside motor).


The pump will not continue to run after starting, it runs for 5 seconds and then stops, until the next attempt to detect water, the pump is sitting in three feet of water. The pump will not continue to run after detecting water.

Running pump stopped
ANSWER : I assume that the plug in is working properly. Always check power supply first. Is there a GFCI circuit that it is plugged into. Then check the pump to make certain it us turning. How long had it been on before unplugging it. It could be worn out. Sometimes it takes a jolt to start the motor again. How big is the motor. Possible bad capacitor. Could be a solid state motor, then it’s bad. Is it a magnetic motor, that could be turning the wrong way.

Pump works for about 20 seconds then stops for 40 seconds then starts again.
ANSWER : This sounds as if motor is overheating and the thermal switch is stopping it (why it restarts by itself) if a pump is overheating then a few reasons need be looked at , is pump encountering higher viscosity’s than designed for and is having trouble moving liquid fast enough , is distance pump has to lift liquid over what it’s designed to do most of these pumps use liquid it’s moving to provide cooling to pump , is liquid it’s moving warm/Hot allready if so use different type of pump (non submerged) and last but not least is pump worn out and is failing moving parts wearing together make heat !!! ?

My Little Giant APCP 1700 stopped running even when submerged. Now its stuck in a continuous run mode after I played around with the automatic float stick position. Why is it stuck in this run mode?
ANSWER : The floats are mechanical on these pumps, unlike the electronic ones on other models , the floats can get stuck on them most common reason is forign object stuck up inside area of float (leaves, tree droppings etc)

I have a fimco pump on a 25 gallon sprayer. It is a 2.1 gallon per min. pump. I took it out yesterday to use and it would not pump up, no pressure. Worked fine last year. I checked and the motor is running. Any suggestions as to what to try. Thanks I have a fimco pump for a 25 gallon sprayer, worked fine last year and now won’t pump. I took it apart and everything looks good? The motor runs fine, just wont pump. It did for a little this morning and then quit?

please help

ANSWER : At the end of the pump little square box with one pillpes head ,take it off and there is another screw in there turn it until it works,

How do you get the pump to circulate less. It seems like its running all the time to keep the temp up? I have a ozone system also could that be affecting it?
ANSWER : Your pump should be two speed if it is wired right there will be an overide in the way of a timer switch and or a therapy button ether one of these will keep the pump running at full speed the low speed should only run off the thermostat otherwise the water runs to fast to be heated properly. And no your ozone should have no effect on this. So check your timer and your therapy spa side.

We have a Flotec 3/4 HP submersible pump, it was already here when we moved in, we have lived here for 3 yrs, so we dont know how old it is. After living here for 2 yrs, it started to get very noisy, like a groaning noise. We replaced it w/ a l/2 HP Wayne(our mistake) We got water in the basement b/c the wayne pump quit running. We put the Flotec back on. Trying to find a replacement, but stores are all out. Question is, do you think we can rely on the Flotec that is making the strange noises? Thanks, Chris
ANSWER : Take strainer off to see if fravel stucj. if not, motor bearing may be shot. I would replace. I like wayne.