o i changed it but i have the same faultcan you recomend what else to do thank you.
2500 PSI Pressure Washer

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Sounds liie a vacunm leak. check all the little hoses.

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There could be small leaks, holes, or tears in your garden hose or high-pressure hose that are causing your pressure washer to lose pressure when you pull the trigger. If you find leaks, plug the holes or replace the hose, which should solve your pressure issues.
The first thing that you should do is to check the air filter for clogs caused by debris or dirt. Clean out any clogs that you find and the erratic revving may stop. The vented fuel cap may have also become clogged. Clean it too in order to enable air to flow freely into the engine.
Water leaks and inconsistent behavior are also signs of a potential failure in the near future. González: The typical signal when there is an unloader malfunction is a reduction of flow through the nozzle, which results in pressure loss. Dean: Typical symptom of an unloader failure is a sudden smooth pressure loss.
To check for problems, a person needs to pull the trigger on the pressure washer. Surging occurs when the pressure is fine and then weakens. It is caused when the flow rate for the pump cannot be supported by the water supply. Problems can mount from there so it is important that it is dealt with as soon as possible.
A dirty inlet or discharge valve is the most common cause of a pulsating pressure washer. Dirt or hard water can get caught up in these little divots. It is important that you clean out these pieces every so often to prevent these kinds of problems.
Direct drive pressure washer pumps run at around 3400 RPM, while belt-drive pressure washer pumps run at about 1,700 RPM. Because the pump runs at half the speed, it won`t get as hot and, in the long run, will last longer.
Function. The functional objective for the crankshaft position sensor is to determine the position and/or rotational speed (RPM) of the crank. Engine Control Units use the information transmitted by the sensor to control parameters such as ignition timing and fuel injection timing.
A faulty crankshaft sensor will cause your engine to misfire as incorrect fuel injection readings weigh in. When this problem becomes especially apparent, the engine may stall and have difficulty restarting.
Damage to the Timing Belt

If the timing belt endures damage amidst a collision or if the belt snaps due to general wear, it is possible the belt will wrap around the crank sensor, damaging sensors and parts. A snapped timing belt might strike the crank sensor, causing considerable damage.

Surging Pressure Washer Troubleshooting Tips

This can be confirmed when the trigger is released and the pressure builds back up to a normal level. It is telling the operator that the water supply does not meet the pump`s recommended flow rate.

How Do I Tell If My Unloader Valve is Bad? In most occurrences, the first symptom of an unloader valve going bad is no pressure from the wand when the trigger is pressed. This happens when the unloader valve gets stuck open and does not allow water to enter the hose and trigger.
DON`T Let the Machine Run Too Long Without Pulling the Trigger. Pressure washers operate under pressure, and that pressure needs to be released by pulling the trigger. If you let the machine run for two minutes or longer without spraying water, then you could damage the pump.

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My 1998 2.5 omega has a miss under load at low revs itook the car to a tune up garage a good one and told me that the crank sensor was faulty so i changed it but i have the same faultcan you recomend what else to do thank you.
ANSWER : Sounds liie a vacunm leak. check all the little hoses.

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How do you change the passcode on a keyless garage door opener?
ANSWER : There are buttons on the rear of the main unit to do this.

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Sunlight in receiving sensor lens – Craftsman 34 Hp Garage Door Opener Chain Drive
ANSWER : Use cardboard or aluminum to block sunlight

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When the door opens it slams into the unit I did adjust it almost all the way out and it still slams
ANSWER : Are you sure you are adjusting the limit controls and not the force controls.. depending on the age of the opener the limits controls are on the side and the force controls are on the back and they are blue. If you are adjusting the limits and nothing is changing you then either have a bad limit rack or circuit board. I just changed out a rack a little bit ago.

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Engine revs high then low then stops
ANSWER : Check the governor lever. it prob sticking or gone.

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Steelcraft garage door opener opened but will not close. Motor hums but door does not move.
ANSWER : Ensure proper installation. Ensure gears in main control head box are not worn out, The main drive flat gear is plastic in a lot of these openers. Replace main gear unit are rebuild it.

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I can’t get my older garage door remotes to program with the new unit.Do I have to buy new remotes?
ANSWER : Old remotes won’t work. You’ll have to buy a remote for your model or purchase a new universal remote such as clicker..

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Craftsman half hp garage door cliks then buzzes lights come on but nothing happens . I have a older model that doesent have light sensors and I can turn gears and motor by hand to lift door so nothing seems to be broken mechanical wise. thanks for any help
ANSWER : The main gear in the main control box plastic gear is stripped. Remove door opener main box and inspect. It can usually be ordered or rebuilt.

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