MTD Series 410 rear tine tiller. Bought 2007. Used 5 times. 6th time (today) was working and suddenly tines disengaged and will no longer engage. Forward and reverse drive still function fine. Sheer pins are ok. Linkage ok. Shifting into ”T” (forward drive with tines engaged) has always been a little stiff, now just flops into position without any resistance. Paid $799.99 in 2007. MTD parts wants $594 for the complete gearbox assembly (might as well get myself new one if going to pay this amount). I really would like to just fix it myself but don’t know where to get service manual. Have oper
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I had the same problem. After splitting the case, I found that the shifting fork was bent and the pins that move the shift collar were worn. I made new pins for and reinforced the shifting fork, put it back together and if worked for a few minutes until it would jump out of gear while tilling. I would try to hold the external shifting rod down so that it would not jump out of gear but eventually it quit working completely. I tore it down again and the pins were already work out. I ordered a new detent ball and spring for less than $10 including shipping. This seems to have cured the problem. Apparently the detent spring was weak which allowed the shifting collar to disengage from the drive gear when under load. The original spring had been replaced with a new part number so it may have been made stronger. Tearing one apart is not easy but is certainly doable. To make it easier, put the nuts back on the bolts from where they came. Also get the parts manual picture to help with reassembly. Be careful with the case gasket. It costs a ton for a new one but since the grease is so thick, you could probably silicone it back together if you destroy the gasket.

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Tiller: Why won`t my tillers wheels or tines turn? A broken drive belt, bad transmission or problem with the clutch cable can prevent a tiller`s wheels and tines from turning. Check the drive belt and replace it if it`s worn or broken.
If the wheels on your tiller move but the tines don`t spin, you may need to replace tine shaft clevis pins or replace the transmission. The tiller`s transmission drives the wheels and the tine shaft, so you`ll likely need to replace the transmission when the wheels spin but the tine shaft doesn`t move.
If the rotary tiller still doesn`t start:

Check that the fuel tank isn`t empty: if necessary, add fuel. The fuel must be fresh, of good quality and clean: make sure that no dirt, water or incompatible fuel (such as petrol-oil mixture, if the engine is a 4-stroke) gets into the tank.

Rotary tillers break through a variety of soils to create a workable area for gardens and flowerbeds. After repeated use, the tines, or blades, dull and wear down. No matter what type or brand of tiller you own, these blades will need to be sharpened or replaced to keep your machine working properly.
For a tiller with a bladed wheel, push the tiller forward while it`s in the ground. This will rotate the blades and till the soil. For a tiller without the wheel, twist the tiller as you pull it straight out of the ground.
Forward and reverse tine rotary tillers operate exactly as described. Forward rotating tines, like those on the RT3062, rotate forward on the shaft in the same direction the tractor is traveling. Reverse rotating tines, like those on the RT3062R, rotate on the shaft in the opposite direction the tractor is traveling.
How deep can a rear tine tiller dig? The maximum depth that a rear tine tiller can reach depends on the model in question but, generally speaking, this type of machinery should be able to dig the soil at depths of at least 8 inches.
For a tiller with a bladed wheel, push the tiller forward while it`s in the ground. This will rotate the blades and till the soil. For a tiller without the wheel, twist the tiller as you pull it straight out of the ground.
An engine can seize due to running on low/no oil, overheating or succumbing to a broken timing belt. These conditions eventually stop your engine in its tracks and a professional technician will be required to restore function.
For a tiller with a bladed wheel, push the tiller forward while it`s in the ground. This will rotate the blades and till the soil. For a tiller without the wheel, twist the tiller as you pull it straight out of the ground.
You should change your tiller oil at least every spring, but ideally after every 50 hours of operation. Between oil changes, check your oil level before each use to ensure there`s enough oil present. Small amounts of oil may burn off during use, so you may need to occasionally top it off.
When soil is dry and compacted, tiller tines basically bounce off it without digging into it or turning it. Combat compaction by watering the area thoroughly one or two days before you till. Also, raise the tines to their highest setting so they till just the top 1 or 2 inches of soil.

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Tines wont turn
ANSWER : Without really knowing what is broken it will be tough to give a firm idea of the cost. However, you can head over to They have a great detailed parts break down and costs associated with it. Looked up your part numer and can find at this link:

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Tines won’t turn
ANSWER : Possible broken key where crankshaft meets gearbox.

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Need parts for sears 917.299858 shield,tine no longer available at sears
ANSWER : Then no longer available… need to rethink your need for this tiller

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ANSWER : The drain plug is generally located on either side of the engine near where the block bolts to the frame of the tiller. It can be a square headed plug or an allen socket head plug.

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How to find replacement clutch cable M T D rear tine tiller with no sereal number
ANSWER : You can do what i did and resoider or re crimp the cable go to the hardware store and buy a generic cable and fabricate your own.i did this for my 2 year old mtb lawn tractor as i was too cheap to spend the 50 buck for a crappy 1/8 thick cable that the manufacter knew was going to fail.I used a spare throttle cable from my vw dune buggy and cut it to fit.

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Need manual for mtd 5 horse rear tine tiller model 135202 need to know how to change chain
ANSWER : If you go to, then go to parts,then type in the model number, then look to the right and scroll down slow you will see a spot that says get manuals for this model and click on view manuals then any manuals they have you can print them out.

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The tines work fine the tiller will not pull in foward or reverse
ANSWER : -Possibly wheel’s locking pin is broken or broken gear.

Good luck.


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My tiller rear tines are rubbing against inside metal. It appears the tines shaft bar has slide to one side. Unable to move back. Any ideas how to fix
ANSWER : Open the center case and check the roll pin inside

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