I recently bought a 2002 MTD Huskee 42″ riding mower. The rear drive belt keeps popping off the gearbox pulley (under the battery). I replaced belts and it still does it. I noticed there are no belt keepers around this pulley. It usually pops off when I either let out the “clutch” fast or push it in fast. Please help. Putting the belt back on 4 times per mowing session is driving me nuts!

Jon Abel

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Hi, check the idler pulley arm and return spring on that belt. Its most likely not pivoting freely allowing the belt to loosen when you operate the clutch, regards Phil.

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Why Does Your Riding Mower Belt Keep Coming Off? Your riding mower belt keeps coming off because of several possible causes such as a damaged, dirty, or incorrectly installed belt. This problem can also be due to an oil leak, damaged mower pulleys, damaged bearings, or a misaligned or stretched out belt.
A common cause of belt breakage is excessive grass clippings on the deck. Grass clippings can work their way under pulleys and deck covers, causing series problems. Make sure to clean off your deck after every mower use and follow manufacturer recommendations.
Wander Due to Faults with Splices or the Belt

Improper belt splicing is a significant cause of mistracking. If the belt is not spliced squarely, the belt will wander back and forth on the conveyor structure. This can usually be seen at the tail pulley.

Home and Garden Geek adds that you should be able to loop one or two fingers over the same belt when the tractor is off and the belt is “engaged” and pull it gently away from the pullies. This translates to one or two pounds of force. If you need more than two fingers, your deck belt may be too tight.
Lawn mower belts may stretch with time or break sometimes. It also causes the belt`s tension on the pulley to weaken, which makes the machine less effective or slower.
A perfectly tight mower belt can rotate without slipping off but not cause the engine to over-exert and overheat. If the belt does not slip off while working and is not producing unfavorable sounds that indicate wearing off of the belt, then that is the perfect tightness for it.

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What size for a 611 deutz allis 42 in deck – Mtd Drive Belt 42"
ANSWER : Go to they may have the answer for you !

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Why doesn’t the shifter on my 42″mtd mower not effect the trans?
ANSWER : If the tractor has a hydro-static transmission. There is a rod at the back to make tractor roll easy for pushing. Rod out for neutral.Rod in for drive ingaged.

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ROUTING OF BELT – Mtd Drive Belt 42"
ANSWER : Diagram is on the mowing deckBest regardsCk

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Need the mower deck belt size for a allis chalmers t-811 lawn mower
ANSWER : 42″ deck 1/2 x 120 P/N 1668066SM
48″ deck 1/2 x 126 P/N 1703466SM

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Why the engagement belt keeps falling off – Ariens 42" 19HP Lawn Tractor
ANSWER : Your idler pulley spring broke or come unhook.

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How doyou change the drive belt on a task force 2000 riding lawn mower?
ANSWER : There mite be diagram on deck look in owners manual or to he may have diagram or manual

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Need to find out whitch way the drive belts go on the mower ? its a 5 speed sit on ride mower my son took the drive belts off and didnt take note how the came off !!

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I can’t remove the main pulley on the motor
ANSWER : Instead of spending all day banging on it all day and getting frustrated i usually run down to the local auto parts shop and borrow a puller, most places these days has a lending library where you have pay a deposit and once you bring back the tool they will give you your cash back. Best way to make sure it comes off without damaging it out of frustration. use a few squirts of penetrating fluid before you go and it will help as well.

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