will move. This occurs in both forward and reverse.

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The most common reason for a car pulling to one side is incorrect wheel alignment. If this is the case, when you release the steering wheel, the car will drift in one direction and the steering wheel is unlikely to return to its normal position.
One of the most common reasons why your car pulls to the right is the uneven air pressure in your tires. A tire with lower pressure on one side of the vehicle has a different height which causes the wheel alignment to shift. Under-inflated tires have an increased resistance to roll, which amplifies steering pull.
Zero-turn mowers look a lot different than traditional riding mowers. You control the steering with levers on each side, rather than a steering wheel. While zero-turn mowers may look challenging to drive, they`re really very easy.
If your steering wheel locks up while the car is in motion, perhaps the most likely culprit is a lack of power steering fluid, or dirty power steering fluid. Especially at lower speeds like parking lot maneuvers, the power steering system allows you to turn the wheels with ease.
Problem: Steering Wander

Wander is a vehicle`s tendency to to drift from one side of the road to the other. Possible Cause #1: Mismatched tires or uneven tire pressure. Possible Cause #2: Linkage binding or insufficiently lubricated. Possible Cause #3: Steering gear binding or insufficiently lubricated.

Unless you have a new “self-driving” car, steering wheel movement is often the sign of an issue with your vehicle—often relating to your tires or brakes. Ignoring steering wheel vibrations can allow these underlying issues to grow into larger problems for your car.

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Toro cutting off
ANSWER : Maybe low oil level, all mowers have a low oil cutoff. 30w oil.

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On my cu cadet zero turn only the left side turns and the right side moans but wont move ever with the release lever to free wheel released
ANSWER : Check the hydraulic oil level for the hydrostat drives(if it has a reserve tank located under the seat. Some ZT’s don’t have the reserve tank. Don’t over fill that tank. 1/4 inch above the bottom is all it needs.)

Also, check the steering arm bolts. Very often they work themselves loose and the arm doesn’t pull the valve rod that controls the hydrostat unit.

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ANSWER : Your machine has a warranty on it and in many cases if you attempt any unauthorized repairs, it will void your warranty. My best advice it to first contact your dealer or an authorized service center regarding the problem and what you can do yourself without voiding the warranty

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Engine runs, blades turn but mower will not move
ANSWER : Look in front of back tired on frame, not deck, there are. 2 rods, 1 on each side, rods look like a L, it’s going through a little eye opening, push it backards, mower should move. If rod is pulled through opening and locked in, mower will not move..its a safety. Feather on mower

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Was mowing and the mower wouldn’t let me move forward backward left or right. I walked behind the mower and found a coil with a hook piece underneth. Bought a new coil but don’t know where it goes. Any info would b nice. Model #174164
ANSWER : Sounds like the hydro release rod, at back bott of mower, what this does is releases the hydro so you can push the mower around, then you have to release this and then your hydro works

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I have taken the lug nuts off back tire of my mower and it won’t move to slip off and it is in the air off ground.
ANSWER : Get a good size rubber mallet and hit it on the back side, or you can use a two pound hammer and a block if wood. Don’t hit directly in the metal rim with a metal hammer

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Go in reverse
ANSWER : The steering levers control all movement on a zero-turn mower. Just slowly pull both handles back evenly and you’ll go backwards in a straight line. The farther you pull back the levers the faster it goes backwards.

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I need to find out what the voltage output and the miliamp output is on a toro z4220 mower my battery keeps going dead i have replaced it once already

Thank yoy

ANSWER : You should have around 13.1 volts at the battery as the engine runs. If its 12 volts or lower – check or replace the voltage regulator. To check the regulator, stop engine, remove regulator plug, get a ohm meter and put the black lead to any ground,and touch the red lead to all the terminals one by one on the voltage regulator – you should get 3 readings – one lower than the other. If you dont get any readings – the regulator is definitely bad

Don in Baltimore

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