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Amount to Use: 1 fI oz (2 Tbs) per gallon of water.
Q: Can Sevin Dust be mixed with water? A: Sevin Dust formulation is not intended to be mixed with water. It should only be used dry.
Directions Of Use

Ornamentals: 150mL – 200mL per 100L Water (2.2L per Hectare)

Only use water unless directed by the label to use another liquid. Fill the sprayer with two-thirds of the water needed. Then add the proper amount of pesticide. Then add the remaining one-third of water.
Carbaryl 4L is mixed at a rate of 0.5 to 3 oz. per gallon of water to treat a 1,000 sq. ft. The specific rate varies depending on the site being treated and the insect being targeted.

Fill spray or mix tank with 1/2 to 3/4 the desired amount of water. Start mechanical or hydraulic agitation. Slowly add the required amount of SEVIN SL Carbaryl Insecticide, and then the remain- ing volume of water. Include rinse water from container.

As long as the Sevin application has had about 24 hours to dry before rain fall occurs the application should not wash off of the treated area.
Answer: You will usually want to spray Sevin Concentrate in the morning or evening when pollinators are not present and the treated plants are not under the extra stress of mid-day heat and sunlight. Be sure to follow the product label directions for the pest and plants you are treating.
Q: Can I eat fruits and vegetables from plants treated with Sevin®SL? A: Fruits and vegetables grown in residential settings can be harvested starting 7 days after Sevin®SL application. After harvesting fruits or vegetables from treated plants, thoroughly wash your hands as well as the fruits and vegetables.
As long as the Sevin Concentrate application has had at least 24 hours to dry before a rainfall, the product will not wash off the treated area.
Sevin® Sulfur Dust can be used as a dust or spray and does not harm plants or blooms on listed plants, including roses, flowers, citrus trees, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, and trees.
Typically, fungicides are applied at a rate of 1 to 3 teaspoons per gallon (5-15 ml. per 4 L.) of water.
Acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) occupational exposure of humans to carbaryl has been observed to cause cholinesterase inhibition, and reduced levels of this enzyme in the blood cause neurological effects.
Measure the product using the label application rate of 4 fluid ounces of concentrate per gallon of water. Pour the measured concentrate into your sprayer, add the appropriate amount of water, and mix well.
Spray upper and lower leaf surfaces and small trunks, stems and twigs to the point of runoff where pests appear. Repeat applications as necessary up to a total of four times per year for trees and six times per year for ornamental shrubs and flowers, but not more often than once every seven days.
A: Sevin®SL (Sevin® Soluble Liquid concentrate) is an insecticidal product containing the active ingredient carbaryl. Sevin®SL is used to control a wide variety of insects and is commonly applied to plants, trees, soil, and lawns.

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What is ment by 50 to 1 mix
ANSWER : 50 to one is a ratio of fuel to lubricating oil. Typically 50 parts petrol/gasoline to one part two stroke oil.

Oil typically comes in a special plastic bottle that incoporates a measure. Simply squeeze the right ammount of oil into the little chamber and add to 5 litres of gas.

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