30.1CC Chainsaw With a 14 In.bar and Chain

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Sounds like you have a short bar length. A saw shop can shorten the chain for you, or buy the correct bar for this machine. The drive section position is fixed. Hope this helps!

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yes you can but should you just because you can doesn`t mean you should there`s a general rule of thumb really with with some CC`s you match your CC`s with the length of the bar because the chainsaw has the power to run that length of bar. take this for instance at 55 CC saw generally comes with a 20 inch bar.
This length differs from the overall length, which manufacturers use less than the cutting length. A Poulan 14 chainsaw can operate with a bar that`s 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches length. However, a larger bar may not always give the best cutting performance.
Heavy-Duty Chain Saws

Stihl calls this category of saws its “Farm & Ranch” models, and their engine sizes range from 50 cc to 64 cc. All of these models — which include the MS 271, MS 291, MS 311 and MS 391 — can take guide bars between 16 and 20 inches.

Typically a chainsaw with a shorter bar around 14” and smaller is enough for property maintenance, trimming, pruning, and cutting down broken tree limbs. On the other hand, cutting down small trees, thick branches, and cleaning up storm damage will need a longer bar around 16”-20” to make the job easier and safer.
14 in. chainsaw chain configuration is comprised of 52 links, with a 3/8″ pitch.
If you`re looking for a chainsaw to use out on the farm, then the 18-inch bar is recommended as the most versatile. It can be used to cut down trees up to 32 inches in diameter (cut through one side, and then the other) and will easily cut through branches for pruning.
Generally speaking, the chain should be a little loose on the chain saw guide bar, but not loose enough that the drive links come out of the bar nose. The bar links should feel like they are raising up, but not actually come out of the guide bar.
Contact With The Ground

With a single contact with the ground while running, a chainsaw can become very dull. This is because the ground contains sand and dust which is abrasive and contains a lot of tiny rocks. To avoid such occurrences, avoid cutting wood placed on the ground.

The most common chainsaw bar sizes are 12 to 20 inches, but they come in sizes as large as 72 inches, typically for professionals. The longer the bar, the heavier the chainsaw.
A: 15 to 20 inch max. So yes.
Compatible with Husqvarna chainsaw models 455 Rancher and 460 Rancher, this genuine Husqvarna Rancher 20-inch chainsaw bar features 3/8-inch pitch, . 058-inch gauge, 72 drive links and a recommended 7/32-inch file size.
Chainsaw Bar & S55 Chain, Fits Various Stihl Models (105668) This Oregon 16″ guide bar and chain combination features a S55 3/8″ low profile chain that is ideal for homeowners and occasional users who want a low-vibration, low-kickback saw chain.

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McDillen 5820, chain seems to long by 1-inch even after moving base to full extent? can the chain drive move forward? a new chain is the same length.
ANSWER : Sounds like you have a short bar length. A saw shop can shorten the chain for you, or buy the correct bar for this machine. The drive section position is fixed. Hope this helps!

Chain keeps coming off – Poulan Wild Thing 2375 18" Gas Chain Saw 2.5 Cuin
ANSWER : Open the chain guard.Once there look for a bolt that hold the chain plate.The chain plate has a large groove and the bolt.djust the chain by plull to the front until the chain is tight,but not too much,just test by hand if is move freely but tight.Reverse the procedure.If you need more help come back.Post / thumbs / testimonial are welcome!

I am having problems with the chain coming off the guide rail of a Husqvarna 345. A new rail and chain was put on the saw recently. When the chain came off last time I noticed a lot of wear on the teeth that sit in the guide rail – in some cases the teeth were almost worn away altogether. The chain is getting oil. What could be causing this – I am wondering if the chain should be tighter.
ANSWER : It is possible that the clutch sprocket teeth are badly worn causing extra wear on the drive teeth of the chain. Remove the bar and chain to check the sprocket–you can determine the wear by comparing the area where the chain runs to the edges of the sprocket that are relatively unworn. If the sprocket requires replacement, the chain should be replaced as well. The chain normally should be loose enough that the chain can be moved by hand, but it should not droop from the lower bar edge. Check the chain oiling by running the bar tip at speed near some cardboard–it should throw off a thin line of oil after a moment or two. There should be an oil volume adjustment screw located on the under side of the case near the chain return area–turn CCW to increase flow. Hope this helps!

Motor runs, but chain does not move – Remington Electric Chain Saw
ANSWER : Check to see if the chain is on the sprocket to do this you will probably have to remove the side cover on the saw if chain is on sprocket and still will not move then you may have a sheared key in the key way if this saw has one, if it does you should be able to see the key way on the end of the shaft coming out of the motor. there should be a nut that holds the sprocket in place if that nut is loose and the shaft is splined instead of having a key way the the sprocket could slip while the motor is turning.

I have a new Husqvarna chain saw and when it is turn on its side it dies whats wrong.
ANSWER : Its hard to say what is causeing this, there will always be a slight difference in rpm as it moves from side to side, the fuel hose should move in the tank and follow the fuel, if the machine is idling to low it may stop as you turn it, make sure the fuel hose is not trapped in the tank.

After a few months in storage, my saw will start, but the chain seems stuck – I can[‘t move it with my fingers, and when I gas up the engine, the chain doesn’t move & the engine stalls. There’s no rust, plenty of oil – everything is clean.
ANSWER : Release the chain tension adjuster and push the bar inward to make sure it moves. This is an auto-set tension adjustment and should set itself so that the chain can be be moved by hand. The chain oil on the bar may have gelled enough to prevent chain movement. A spray of WD-40 around the chain perrimeter would probably loosen the chain as well. Hope this helps!

Chain doesn’t move
ANSWER : Sounds like the clutch is slipping due to oil collected on the inside of the clutch drum. Wash out the entire clutch assembly with spray carburetor cleaner and let dry. Make sure the chain can be turned freely by hand, but the chain doesn’t droop from the lower bar edge. Hope this helps!

Chain saw chain is loose
ANSWER : Loosen the side cover nuts, then turn the adjuster CW to bring the chain up to the lower edge of the bar, then check to see if the chain will move fairly easily by hand. Tighten the clamp nuts and recheck tension. If chain seems to get loose quickly again, it may not be sharpened correctly causing heat to build in the chain. You should see no reflection of light from the cutting edges if filed correctly and the saw should require very little pressure for it to cut rapidly. Hope this helps!