I have found manuals for models UT20763 &..78, &..79, and UT20004, &..24, &..44. These look like they also mostly relate to the UT20641. Can anyone reassure me that the two-stroke fuel mix is the same i.e. 1 litre petrol to 20ml oil.
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40 to 1

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Help protect your 2-Cycle gas outdoor power equipment with the Homelite 2-Cycle oil. This oil is a 50:1 gas-to-oil ratio.
Fuel Tips. Use pure gas if available. Ethanol = poor engine performance. Use fuel stablizers with Ethanol treaments.
The recommended ratio of fuel mix is 1 part oil to 50 parts petrol. For example, if you are using 5L of petrol, you will need 0.1L (100ml) of 2 Stroke Oil. To mix the fuel, pour the 2 Stroke engine oil into a mixing can that is approved for use with fuel, then add the petrol.
Mixing Your Fuel

Your strimmer runs off a mix of semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil and unleaded petrol (40:1). Our petrol tools come with a measuring jug with guide lines. Find the side marked 40:1, add your petrol to the first line and your 2-stroke oil to the second.

Use a 32:1 gasoline to oil ratio. One gallon of gasoline combined with 4 oz of two-cycle engine oil.
Specs: Engine: 42cc two-cycle.
HOMELITE – Techtronic Industries TTI.
The engine in the Homelite XL Chain Saw displaces 58.2 cc and has one cylinder. The bore is 1.8 inches and the stroke is 1.4 inches.
Oil mix ratios explained

If your manufacturer recommends a 50:1 fuel/oil mix, it means you need 50 parts of gas to one part two-stroke oil. To mix one gallon of fuel at 50:1, add 2.6 ounces of two-stroke oil to one gallon of gas, as shown in the chart below.

Mix 2% synthetic 2-stroke oil into the petrol. This is a 50:1 ratio.

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What is the correct gas and oil mixture for my Homelite trimmer Model 20583C.
I attempted to find the manual for this trimmer on line, but did not have any success
ANSWER : Hi hmarlow…

I am sorry I could not find a user manual for you either..
But as fas as fuel/oil mixture use a 50 to 1 mixture.
1 pint of 2 cycle oil to 6 gallons of gasoline
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How do the fuel lines hook up – Homelite Mighty Lite Lawn Trimmer
ANSWER : I made a video of changing the fuel lines on my Homelite 25cc. Homelite Tune Up

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My Homelite Mighty Lite has developed perished fuel lines. (12 months after purchase!!!!!!) Is it possible to obtain spare fuel line…. preferably attached to a new fuel tank as well. It looks like a really hard task to change only the lines.

Many thanks.


ANSWER : The fuel lines can be purchased separately usually by the foot from any outdoor power equipment dealer. They can be easily installed by cutting one end at an angle and “feeding” it through holes. Homelite fuel lines are of a different OD than most so make sure you get the proper size. The most popular size for Homelite is OD .203 ID .04.

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How do I replace line on spool – Homelite Mighty Lite Lawn Trimmer
ANSWER : These diagrams and instructions from YOUR owners manual say it best. Please see pages 13 & 14.

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I need the fuel line size on Homelite gas blower. Is the fuel filter a washable/cleanable filter?
ANSWER : I think they are 1/8 in hoses on them and if it is a foam filter they are washable,mild soap and then a light coating of oil

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How do I install trimmer line?To a Homelite Lite 26vt trimmer. Can i download a manual?
ANSWER : The detailed instructions, plus diagrams are in your manual. You can go here to view it. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. This is the closest I could get to your model.

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Replaced fuel lines and pressing the primer pump does not feed gasoline to the car.
ANSWER : Sounds like you have the fuel lines switched around. The fuel line closest to the primer bulb will be the shortest line. It only goes 1″ or so into the tank. The other line will be the longest line, and sometimes the smallest in diameter of the two depending on the size of your trimmer, and must rest comfortably on the bottom of the tank.Jim

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Need string for Homelite trimmer (Model UT20042)
ANSWER : Genarally the size of line for that size of line trimmer is 2.0mm

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