MQ3-35 3/4 HP Pressure Booster Pump

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Its replacement is the MQ Successor 3-45, an “on demand” pump that offers slightly higher flow/pressure performance and better functionality.
The MQ is a self-priming, multistage centrifugal pump. It can self-prime from a well depth of down to 26 feet within a maximum time of 5 minutes. There is no need to worry about a separate pressure tank, pressure switch, electrical connections, fittings, or any other separate items.
Modern water booster pumps usually have three different flow settings, while older versions may have only one or two. That`s the reason why older pumps are typically noisy and less efficient. They often translate into humming noises that may sound annoying or disturbing.
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Motors supplied by Grundfos

We recommend to protect all other motors against voltage peaks higher than 850 V. The above disturbances, that is both increased acoustic noise and detrimental voltage peaks, can be eliminated by fitting an LC filter between the frequency converter and the motor.

Applications communicate with each other by exchanging messages on queues. The main use of IBM MQ is to send or exchange messages. One application puts a message on a queue on one computer, and another application gets the same message from another queue on a different computer.
Volume flow rate (Q), also referred to as capacity, is the volume of liquid that travels through the pump in a given time (measured in gallons per minute or gpm). It defines the rate at which a pump can push fluid through the system.
A rattling sound inside a pump may be caused by damaging cavitation, resulting from imploding internal gaseous bubbles due to restricted flow, improper pressure, or other issues. Likewise, water hammering, a single implosion of a large gaseous bubble or air pocket might sound like a loud bang.
Triplex Booster Pump Systems are equipped with centrifugal pumps regulated by variable frequency drives that control the pumps to maintain constant pressure regardless of varying demand or fluctuating incoming pressure. Triplex booster pump systems are designed to lead, lag, and alternate every 24 HRS of run time.
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GRUNDFOS`s competitors and similar companies include Flowserve, Xylem, KSB, Nash and EBARA.
The Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 is highly energy efficient, offering three different settings. The settings refer to the speed in which hot water is circulated around the system and distributed to radiators and faucets. The best speed setting to use is the lowest speed at which the system works without any problems.
The overall rating of Grundfos Pumps is 4.2, with Work-Life balance being rated at the top and given a rating of 4.1.

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Grundfos MQ3-35 hums loudly and does not pump. Alarm light does not go on. Pump seems “happy” but when a tap opens and the pump turns on, there is no boost in pressure and the pump just hums loudly… definitely a different noise from normal operation. Seized? Vapor lock? Any help is greatly appreciated.
ANSWER : Hi, seems like the capacitor gone bad or a seized motor. I just fixed mine cranking the motor manually with the use of a flat head screwdriver. In the back of the motor there is a rubber plug about the size of a dime. Take it off an insert a long flat-head screwdriver and crank the motor clockwise a few turns. Remove the screwdriver and try to operate the pump as usual. Good luck …

I have a pressure booster pump installed which turns on automatically when we open the tap and turns off by itself when we close the tap, but when power goes and comes back(common in india), the pump will turn on even with no tap opened and does not turn off automatically and goes on running, some kind of airlock problem I think, when we just shut off and on water input several times, it again starts working well
ANSWER : Check to see if the output pipe has water in it when the pump swutches off the pump needs to be primed at all time what we normally find cases like this is the pump is higher than the supply or there is an air pocket on the output where the pressure sensor is

Grundfos MQ 35
ANSWER : Check the capacitor or the centrifugal switch.

How to connect iton to 220 volts – Grundfos MQ3-45 1 HP Pressure Booster Pump
ANSWER : Http:// what i have researched you have to buy a 120 volt pump or a 220 volt pump you cannot wire it both ways. The pictures shown on that pdf show where to put the line 1 and line 2

Pump leaks from the bottom after running, is this normal?
ANSWER : No . the problem is that the ceramic seal that seals between the fluid and the motor and bearings is leaking ( probably from running dry) or the rubber that holds the carbon seal insert has a crack. Suggest you pull the pump down to fix it otherwise the water/ fluid will get into the bearing of the motor and will cause a major failure

Pump keeps blowing house fuse – Grundfos MQ3-35 3/4 HP Pressure Booster Pump
ANSWER : It is likely that the shaft seal in the pump has failed and the water is leaking into the motor. Water and electrics = fuse blowing!!

Why does my Grundfos MQ water pump keeping kicking on, even when there is no water demand?
ANSWER : Is it newly installed or has it been working for a while till you noticed it?

How do i increase the pressure in the in-built pressure tank
ANSWER : Right after the discharge outlet, a non-return valve or check valve is usually installed. Check this one out, maybe it is worn out. You may have to replace it. Do this and get back to me if it does not work out.