Has set in the basement for years and will only run if I prime the carb with fuel, runs strong so I am thinking the carb is pluged up
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Id say you are correct. Take your saw to a repair facility and let them rebuild the carb and install an electronic ignition. That is what I did with my blue Homelite EZ (not the automatic) – runs like a new saw! … it did cost a couple bucks but well worth it.

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McCulloch Today

In 1999 McCulloch sold its European division to Husqvarna AB. Nine years later, Husqvarna also acquired the rights to the McCulloch brand on the North American market. Since then, McCulloch is a brand within the Husqvarna Group.

In January 1999, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and sold its European division to Husqvarna AB.
After a few years the company moved from Wisconsin to California, where McCulloch Motors produced its first chainsaw, a two-man model named 5-49.
SGO002 – Spark Plug. Commonly used in small handheld petrol products. Fits other brands. ID comparison:- Brisk PR17YC / Champion RCJ7Y / NGK BPMR7A / Bosch WS7F Very commonly used in McCulloch branded Chainsaws.
With no dangerous connections or wires, McCulloch chainsaws are easy to use and very durable. The biggest advantage is that it`s cordless, and as long as you have a full fuel tank, you can take full reign of the garden. We can help you decide with these quick questions.
Since then McCulloch has been a brand within the Husqvarna group. The knowledge and experience gained from the Husqvarna group is very evident in this quality range which also offers excellent value for money. Powered by McCulloch range.
In 1999 McCulloch sold its European division to Husqvarna AB. Nine years later, Husqvarna also acquired the rights to the McCulloch brand on the North American market. Since then, McCulloch is a brand within the Husqvarna Group.
The first electric chainsaw was invented by Stihl in 1926.
From Our Factory in Virginia Beach…

STIHL Inc. is located on over 180 acres in Virginia Beach, with over one million square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and office space. STIHL Inc. employs almost 3,000 people nationwide, with over 2,700 employed at its manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach. STIHL Inc.

STIHL recommends replacing the spark plugs around every 100 hours of use. It`s a good idea to get in the habit of checking the condition of your spark plug after every 10 to 15 hours of use.
Here below some of the main features regarding this chainsaw: Anti-vibration system. 40 cm standard bar. 1.4 kW two-stroke engine, easy to start thanks to the primer pump.
For products with two-stroke engines, the petrol must be mixed with two-stroke oil. McCulloch recommends “Universal powered by McCulloch two-stroke oil”. The petrol/oil ratio must be 50:1.
Since then, McCulloch is a brand within the Husqvarna Group. Today, McCulloch offers a complete line of garden products: powerful chainsaws, sturdy trimmers, lawnmowers, garden tractors and hedge trimmers.
The bulk of McCulloch`s business continues to be the production of chain saw engines. engine clearly dominates the Super A and Super B classes. “

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Chain keeps falling off – Poulan 18" Chain Saw Replbar (small Saws)
ANSWER : Your chain is too loose. If you’re using an old chain, you might need to have a link taken out of it. You can find replacement chains for your saw at Use the application lookup link at the top of the page with your model # to make sure you order the right chain.

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I was using the saw as a chain saw last weekend to cut up an old tree stump when the chain came off. I don’t know how to access it to put it back on and don’t have a user manual. The saw belonged to my late father and I don’t know if he even kept the manual.
ANSWER : You will have to remove the cover on the side the chain bar goes into. There should be one or two nuts holding the cover on the side. The is also a chain tension adjuster you may have to loosen to put it back on. Make note of the direction of the teeth on the chain. It is an directional chain. The tension adjuster is usually a flat head screw on the front side right beside the chain bar.Unless it is a really old saw, manuals are available from most manufacturers for free download. See if you can locate a brand name and model number.

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What causes the chain on my 240E to jump off the chain bar often, the chain tenson is correct.
ANSWER : Is the bar bent?try and flip it over and see if it falls off the other side if you can see a bend

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Chain saw chain is loose
ANSWER : Loosen the side cover nuts, then turn the adjuster CW to bring the chain up to the lower edge of the bar, then check to see if the chain will move fairly easily by hand. Tighten the clamp nuts and recheck tension. If chain seems to get loose quickly again, it may not be sharpened correctly causing heat to build in the chain. You should see no reflection of light from the cutting edges if filed correctly and the saw should require very little pressure for it to cut rapidly. Hope this helps!

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Need to locate chain & bar oiler adjustment screw for mac 3200 chain saw
ANSWER : Look to the lower left side of the bar (as you hold the saw normally)–there should be a screw head in the engine case there. Check the adjustment by holding the bar tip at speed near a piece of cardboard for a couple of moments–it should throw off a thin line of oil. Hope this helps!

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Saw will not run – Remington Electric Chain Saw
ANSWER : Could be a bad power cord, bad switch or bad brushes/springs in the motor. An AC voltmeter is helpful for tracking down these types of problems. Good luck!

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Want to purchase bolt to adjust the chain on my
mac 3200 Chainsaw
ANSWER : You local Mower Shop should be able to help you, he can order one for you

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When i start cutting it is fine. after about 3-5 minutes the chain seems to bind and you can not turn it with your hand. have new chain,bar,rear sprocket chain rides in. does this sound like a clutch problem?
ANSWER : Saw is not oiling the bar/chain right

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