Looking for kitchen chair seat cushions that will fit the Boraam Farmhouse style chairs.

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Chair Cushion

Chair Cushions generally refer to a separate cushion placed upon a chair to add comfort and style. Most chair cushions have ties to keep them from slipping off the chair or from moving about during use.

Most outdoor furniture cushions are water-resistant and will withstand a light shower but should be kept in the dry when not in use or during periods of extreme weather.
Keep cushions out of direct sunlight, if possible. Storing cushions outside is not recommended, but if you must, keep them under some type of shelter. Keep the cushions away from the windows. UV light can cause the fabric to fade.
The four types are throw cushions, bolster, lumbar and box.
It seems as though in North America, the word “pillow” is used more often than the word cushion.
Olefin Outdoor Fabrics

Olefin along with Acrylic is extremely resistant to fading from the sun. Most types of outdoor fabrics on the market will be acrylic, olefin, or polyester.

Polyester fill is one of the most commonly used fillings for outdoor cushions. This is because it is sold at an affordable price and is reasonably fluffy and soft. Something to note about polyester fill is that it is a filling that offers minimal comfort.
Peters Billiards always recommends covering any outdoor furniture during winter months to keep them protected from dirt and debris. The cold will not hurt the cushions, but we recommend bringing cushions inside during winter months to keep critters out. (They may like to make your cushions their winter home.)
This often includes the frame, webbing, and springs. But one obvious reason why a chair loses its comfort are the cushions. Deterioration of the upholstery foam is natural with time and usage. But once the cushion foam is replaced, it often gives new life to the chair.
Cushions Provide: Comfort; Posture Support; Assists people to sit more upright, where possible in a neutral posture; Pressure Relief.
Foam – this type of filling is well known for being firm, comfortable and low maintenance, making it ideal for those buying a sofa for the first time or who don`t want to spend a lot of time plumping the cushions.
A throw pillow, or toss pillow, is a small, decorative soft furnishing item made from a wide range of textiles including cotton, linen, silk, leather, microfibre, suede, chenille, and velvet.
A European pillow is a square pillow at 65cm x 65cm.

It`s generally used as a decorative pillow, and can be propped behind your standard pillow to create an ascending size structure.

synonyms for cushion

On this page you`ll find 53 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to cushion, such as: buffer, headrest, mat, beanbag, bolster, and bumper.

Cushions have a huge importance in your home decor as they are ideal accessories which look perfect on your couch that you like or to give a magical touch to your bed. Cushions represent a relatively small investment for the great decorative power which people enjoy.
Garden furniture, also called patio furniture or outdoor furniture, is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather-resistant materials such as aluminium which is rust-proof.
For outdoor fabrics, man-made fibers like coated polyester, acrylic and olefin are common because they tend to wear better than natural fibers and are more naturally resistant to moisture.
A cushion is a soft bag of some ornamental material, usually stuffed with wool, hair, feathers, polyester staple fiber, non-woven material, cotton, or even paper torn into fragments. It may be used for sitting or kneeling upon, or to soften the hardness or angularity of a chair or couch.
Many outdoor cushions also contain a kind of foam that is specifically made for water to pass through to ensure that the cushion doesn`t become waterlogged. This also makes them more water-resistant than other kinds of foam cushions that would be used for indoor cushions and throw pillows .
If waterproofing is your primary concern, the acrylic canvas is the ideal fabric to choose. This is the waterproof fabric utilized by the majority of high-end outdoor furniture makers today. Acrylic canvas is also suitable for harsh outdoor circumstances due to its ability to tolerate UV rays.
Think about colors and patterns when choosing an outdoor fabric: black, navy blue, or other dark colors fade fast, as do bright and vibrant colors. While outdoor fabric is made to withstand fading, cover or store it away from the intense rays of the sun.
Measure your patio furniture carefully to find the perfect size outdoor cushion. Measure both the depth of the seat and the width between the armrests. Furniture with T-cushions or curved shapes should be measured from the widest points. Cushion fabric needs to be durable, water-resistant, and stylish.
Dark colors absorb a lot of heat.

Black, navy, and other dark shades absorb all of that heat energy. So keep it light or bright for your cushions so it`s comfortable to take a seat.

If your outdoor cushions are still in good shape but looking a little older, you can paint them for a new update. If you`re wondering how to paint outdoor cushions, it`s an easy DIY project that will give your whole outdoor space a makeover. Change up the look of your outdoor fabrics with a little paint!

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Missing the sun canopy from copa beach chair…want to replace. ( it is not the chair pictured here, but a lower chair with canopy). Would also like to replace the cup holder. ( it is the one that inserts directly into the wooden chair arm).
Thank you.

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Need to reupholster acouple of west marine deck chairs
ANSWER : Same here. The stainless steel is fine. The cushions are shot.

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Where to get replacment buttons for cushion – Meadowcraft Coventry Wrought Iron Cushion Arm Spring Patio Dining Chair Textured Bronze

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I have a briggs & stratton generator 8000 model 030426
The motor runs great but does not pull
any set in my freind garage
a few months
I looked at the wiring diagram and it showed one side open and the other side
closed on the 110 outlets and on the
outlets themselfs they were both closed
The socket look like a normal house
hold 110 soscket. There are two of
them on the genenator for a total of
four 110 outlets.
I was told that it could be the bushes
or the regulator. I looked at the two
bushes and they look good. Is there
anyway I can check the regulator before
I put the money out for it…
any help you can give PLEASE
ANSWER : Yes to check the regulator, use a Multimeter, set to Volts, now check, to see if there is any actual output directly out of the motor. There should be a 110 volt AC, reading.This Voltage will go into, the Controller Box, and should reappear on the “Other”side of the Controller, and should again be around 110Volts AC. This usually has a “Trigger” circuit, when a “Load” is plugged into any Socket, this should be detected, and the machine, ramp up, to supply the Current. look for where the Voltage stops, after it leaves the Generator,, that should be the area of your fault. Be careful.

If able get a service/repair manual, these have all the troubleshooting and repair advice that engineers use to service and repair.

Above is a link for a manual to help.

Basically, this is a “Reverse Motor” the “Motor” is spun, and it produces Voltage & Current. this goes into a Vsense, and a Vreg, and smoothed and conditioned, via the Controller, and then out to the mains sockets. Check for Disconnections, faulty, Controller, Check any all breakers & Fuses.

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Digital Multimeter Mastech, verses Fluke, Unfortunately I damaged my good old Fluke 87-3 when I measured a 3 phase motor supply while still in ohms mode, one of those o-**** moments when you hear the meter freak out and know without even looking at it. Still works but brain damaged and I don’t trust it anymore. Anyway looking at various meters on the market and came across this mastech meter on ebay item 200461965472, I know its not a Fluke, but I like the features it boasts and of course the lower cost than Fluke, has anyone used this brand? Any good? One thing I like is speed are these fast or is there a delay like most meters other than Fluke. I would like to hear from someone who has actually used one of these or makes. Also looking into PC based meter/O-Scope/Function generator where the PC or laptop is the display/control with a interface box with in/outs. Has anyone had experience with these and can recommend makes, models.
ANSWER : I have had experience with both systems you are inquiring about. personally, I think you should get a Fluke, NOTHING even comes close, as I am sure you are aware, any extra cost is soon made up for by features and reliability. I haven’t had very good results using Virtual Instruments, they are OK, but.. very cumbersome, in use etc, you just cannot beat a “scope. Now I really recommend the Fluke Scope meter, they are just awesome, in every way.. I have had VERY good results and a cheap repair, when I sent a damaged meter back to Fluke, they reconditioned it and calibrated etc, and the cost was as i remember very reasonable, for what was done, so perhaps you would like to entertain that thought. You can always ask for a “Quote” before allowing repair to proceed, that way you have little to loose. There are many meters and instruments out there, and as you know, a man is only as accurate as his equipment, and I always recommend Fluke, as they are simply the best. Possibly a bit Pricey, they are always worth it. So go with your first instincts, which were indeed right on the money, Fluke all the way. As I said have a look at the Fluke Scope meter, and possibly treat yourself to a wonderful piece of equipment you’ll fast wonder how you ever did without it before.

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I’m looking for the motor cover for the Yardman 12A-5651755

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A Friend has a Ariens model 931019 S/N 008140 that has a bad spindle. Where can I look for the deck #? She has looked but can’t fined it, so I’m going to go look for it.
ANSWER : You need model s/n and deck size of mower that should be all you need.

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Chainsaw stalls Chainsaw is 4 years old and has a history of moderate use. After I ran the saw about 1 minute on plain gas (grabbed the wrong gas can – ouch) the chainsaw sputtered and stopped.

It didn't seize, and the pull starter never became more or less difficult than normal. The engine would continue to start if I pressed the prime bulb and engaging the choke, but stall again after 10-20 seconds. The temperature that day was about 50 degrees F and I was running the saw with the “cold plug” installed (per warm weather running).

When it refused to keep running I did the following:
Flushed the fuel tank (that's when I saw the gas had no oil in it).
Ran hardware wire through all of the fuel lines.
Replaced the fuel filter and spark plug.
Cleaned the air filter with a nylon brush and compressed air.

Same behavior (start then stall in less than 20 seconds). I made at least 20+ attempts to start it.

I removed the carburetor and, though it looked perfectly clean, I took off the top and bottom covers then sprayed everything with automotive carb cleaner and blew out the passages with compressed air. The gasket and diaphragm looked new. No pinholes in the diaphragm when held against a bright light. I reinstalled the carb but got the same behavior (start then stall in less than 20 seconds). I again made at least 20+ attempts to start it.

I disassembled the short block and saw that the piston has some slight scoring on it. The ring is clean and I verified that the piston ring has .001 clearance between it and the piston ring groove all the way around with the ring held tightly in place (I was thinking that the piston might have become deformed if it did indeed get too hot when run without any oil premix).

The cylinder wall has no scoring and there isn't any signs of melted aluminum anywhere. The crank is clean as was the inside of the crank cover.

I reinstalled the crank cover using permatex non-hardening gasket goop and torqued the cover bolts to 10 inch pounds. I reassembled everything else per the exploded diagrams in Echo's “parts manual” for the CS400.

During assembly I took note that both the carb gasket and intake boot look like new.

Still the same result: press prime bulb once, engage choke, pull a few times and it starts but stalls after 10-20 seconds.

I'm stumped.

ANSWER : Not sure what to say other than its fuel starvation, if not already done replace the fuel filter in the tank, if no better i would suspect a massive air leak, so replace the crank seals, if there is no primary compression in the crankcsae fuel will not pull through the engine, good luck.

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