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First step, check the fuel tank to make sure there is enough fuel to operate your snow blower. You should see fuel slosh around. Second step, check the spark plug. A wet plug means there`s fuel going through the fuel system and there may be an issue with the ignition.
Over time, the carburetor can develop cracks due to the vibration and heat of the engine. If the carburetor is cracked, it will leak fuel. Inspect the carburetor for cracks or corrosion. If the main body of the carburetor is cracked, you will most likely have to replace the carburetor.
One of the more common questions we get concerns either the overwhelming smell of gas coming from the carburetor or fuel leaking out of the bowl or overflow. Both conditions are typically caused by a stuck or worn float needle valve.
The easiest way to tell if your engine is flooded with gas is to remove the spark plug. If it`s wet, it`s flooded and you`ll need to let the cylinder dry out before trying to restart. Compressed air can help speed up the process.
Since your snow blower has sat idle for months, the gas could easily have developed gummy residue, which can make starting the machine difficult. Siphon out the old stuff with a small siphon pump, and follow these steps for how to dispose of the gasoline. Then, fill the tank with fresh gas and try starting it again.
A clogged carburetor is usually the result of leaving fuel in your snow blower for an extended period of time. Old fuel resting in your snow blower can also result in fuel evaporation, which may leave behind a thick, sticky substance. That sticky fuel can clog the carburetor and prevent the engine from starting.

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How do I know if the float level is correct on my 1981 5 hp Arriens?

The motor runs a couple of seconds when I introduce fuel thru the sparkplug hole, but will not start and run otherwise. Checking, fuel runs thru the line when I disconnect the fuel line from the carb. I removed the carb, inspecting to clean, and when I took the bowl I noticed it looked like the float is not in a level position. WAs stored with Stabil in it and somebody told me that that may have caused some problem but he was not clear what the problem would be.

ANSWER : Check air filter. Try to run without filter. If not, add gas through carb and see if she’ll fire. If she does,
clean the jet

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Trying to find an operators manual for a ariens mower Model #936066, Serial # 000725. Can you help me? Thanx…Ron
ANSWER : Ron, I have a Arfiens 1540 ZTR and found my info here.
ight take some searching with model or serial number. Good Luck. Brian

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How to take the cover off the engine – Ariens Zoom 34" (Stamped Deck) Zero Turn Lawn Mower NonPowered Bagger
ANSWER : Start with upper covers and work your way down

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How do i adjust the carburetor for the idle
ANSWER : Some have a small screw on the carb next to the throttle plate

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I need an owners manual for an Ariens Sierra 1640 riding mower.
ANSWER : Go you to this page and enter your model and serial number: Luck

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How to relace drive belt on ariens tractor a20va46?
ANSWER : There are multiple belts on the Ariens A20VA46 lawn tractor. Which belt are you asking about?

Service and Owner’s manuals can be downloaded from the following link: Find Manuals by entering your tractor’s model and serial numbers.

The deck drive belt is easy to change by releasing spring pressure on the idler pulley (usually under a plastic cover). See the user’s or service manual for directions from the above link.

The two transmission belts are somewhat more difficult, but are usually long-lasting. The newer type of continuously variable transmissions used on these tractors have a friction belt like a snowmobile but under much less load. As a result, they are long-lasting. The engine to transmission belt is a conventional V-belt and may require occasional replacement. Usually, there’s a similar tensioner pulley you would release in order to replace this belt.

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Why won’t my blades engage on my ariens zoom 1534?
ANSWER : Take a look at the wires going to the clutch and make sure the wires where routed the right way and not rubbed against the belt and damage the wires

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(Ariens A173K22) the gas is leaking of air filter compatment and I can not get the mower to start. How do I ckeck to make sure that the spark plug is sparking before going to the next step. Also How do I get access to fuel filter and carburator.
ANSWER : Gas leaking out means carb problem. Do not use the unit until you solve the issue, as you are a fire hazard. Typically, you need to rebuild the carb.

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