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They put those levers all over the place. Not knowing what tractor you have,,,, sometimes a lever on the steering column, like a blinker, sometimes it is on the floor, some have a knob near the shifter, some on the left fender, some on the dash, some you need to have the clutch in and let it out to raise and lower it. Keep looking, you’ll find it. Hope this helps.

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When a three point hitch will not go down, the most frequent cause is the hydraulic flow speed control valve, usually located between your knees under the seat, is closed with the knob closed all the way to its stop. Check this control and make sure that the valve is all of the way open.
Three-point hitches are composed of three movable arms. The two lower arms—the hitch lifting arms—are controlled by the hydraulic system, and provide lifting, lowering, and even tilting to the arms. The upper center arm—called the top link—is movable, but is usually not powered by the tractor`s hydraulic system.
Tractor hydraulic parts

The hydraulic pump draws up oil from the oil reservoir and sends it to the control valve under high pressure. From there, the oil goes to the hydraulic cylinder to operate the piston which in turn raises the lifting arms.

To pull out a hitch mount rusted into the receiver, try tapping it out with a rubber mallet. If that doesn`t work, pound the receiver with an air hammer. For a stuck trailer hitch ball, turn the mounting nut with a long-handled wrench. You can heat the nut with a blow torch so it`s easier to unscrew.
Its main function is to hook and control agricultural machines working position. The hydraulic hitch system is an important part of modern agricultural tractor work unit. The research on the hydraulic hitch system control method, is the basis of ensuring that the tractor work unit reach the optimal performance .
Binding can occur if the trailer and tow vehicle are not on level ground or when the tow vehicle is level and the trailer is not (or the other way around). Using the trailer jack may also help. If there is too much weight still on the ball, it may not release. Raising the jack may free it.
Having insufficient hydraulic fluid in your system causes cylinders to become hydraulically locked and unable to fully retract or extend. Worn seals can also cause misalignment issues between the seal and cylinder rod, which may cause trouble when retracting hydraulic cylinders. Preventing these issues is easy.
Depressing the switch activates pressure within the cylinders, which retracts the cylinder arm, pulling the hitch arms down, creating the additional down pressure on the 3-point hitch. NOTE: Additional parts may be required for installation.

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John Deere 4410 three point hitch will not raise. All linkage is intact, no I believe that there may not be hydraulic pressure, although the front loader does work. Recently changed hydraulic oil and filters, screen was clean.
ANSWER : Im sorry, I thought you said you changed the oil. My thought was that perhaps the hitch might have bled down during the oil change. That happens occasionally with the tractor I service at work.

I hope you find your trouble. If you could let me know the answer, id appreciate that.


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3 pt. hitch hydrolics have hard time lifting. used and auger and couldn’t lift it out of the ground.
ANSWER : Check the fluid level and any filters in the line

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John Deere 1020 Weak 3 point hydraulics
ANSWER : I would suggest you find a JD dealer and buy a manual if you want to do the maintenance yourself. You can also do a Google search and find manuals.I would also suggest you completely drain the old hydraulic fluid and replace it with new fluid and a new filter if it has not been serviced any time in the recent past. The symptoms you describe can be low fluid and/or a clogged filter. If you or anyone else has run the tractor too long and it has low fluids and/or a clogged filter, you can damage the hydraulic pump and that can get costly.

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Toro cutting off
ANSWER : Maybe low oil level, all mowers have a low oil cutoff. 30w oil.

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I have a John Deere compact tractor model 2210, the 3 point hitch slowly lowers on it’s own after about 20 Minutes of use. After that the implement can not be raised. I checked the fluid level and it is per specs. When I first start the tractor the 3 point hitch and the control valve that controls the rate of descent, work the way it should. It doesn’t matter if I’m using a bush hog or a blade it still acts the same. The front end loader works still works fine while the hitch will not raise the implement, any help will be appreciated thank you

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The mower moves slow in all speeds what is the problem
ANSWER : If the engine is running well you either have a loose drive belt or the transmission is on its last legs.

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The Hom Model No. 308653045 gas-operated cold-water pressure washer has a spring-loaded control on it and I am assuming that this control regulates the output pressure of the water from the pump . . . for example, 1500 psi to 2700 psi. Is it correct to assume that this control regulates the output pressure of the pump. If the control is a pressure regulator, how does one use it and, EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, can one under-adjust or over-adjust the control to a point where THE CONTROL OR THE PUMP would seriously breakdown and/or fail. (There was not a manual with the new pump to tell me the purpose of this control or how the pump should be cared for, especially during a winter season. A website for a Hom 308653045 manual?

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How do I get to the points to check them on my 9N? I get no spark.
ANSWER : The breaker points are in the distributor, under the cap and rotor. Once you take the rotor off you’ll see the the shaft, down at the bottom of where you can see it, has a section that is almost square- this is the breaker point cam. When the shaft turns the breaker points open and close.Check the points with a multimeter or test light. They should close properly when the cam allows for them to, and they should show no reluctance to conduct electricity once they close. If they need to be cleaned the best thing is electric motor cleaner and fine sandpaper. Position the motor so that the points are closed, gently open them and insert the sandpaper (better to not fold it, just do one side at a time) and then pull it straight out. Do the best you can to control the grit released by the sandpaper, it’ll do your machine no good.Once the points are clean, dry and conducting electricity well you may need to set the gap. Rotate the motor so that the breaker point cam opens the points fully, loosen the screw that holds the breaker points and open/close them to the correct gap- if no factory settings are available .015″ is a good starting point.Put it together, it should run. The only problem with these old machines is the fact that quality spares are difficult or impossible to obtain today. When you were a kid (me too) these tractors were still earning their keep on a daily basis and spares such as breaker points were of the highest quality, but now any spares that can be found are generally of such low quality that you’re better off learning how to dress the points you have because they’ll still outlast many sets of new ones if cared for.lp

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