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Check housing for cracks or damage if good try tightening cap if still leaking replace gasket

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Leak Coming From the Pump Housing

Housing leaks can occur due to loose gaskets, missing or worn-out o-rings, or faulty drain plugs. If the drain plug is the problem, it will leak only when the pump is off. These leaks can occur due to damage to the pump that happens during a winter freeze.

Usually the cause for this is the small O-rings on your multiport valve rotor getting unseated or having debris get stuck there. In that case then the fix is quite simple, simply clean and reseat the O-rings (don`t forget to apply the silicone lubricant) and your leaking problems should be gone.
Leaking Pool Filter – this might happen when the filter is under pressure or turned off. Decrease in Filter Pressure – check your filter pressure gauge; any gaps in the filter seal will cause the system to lose pressure. Reduced Water Level in Pool – especially for above ground pools.
The water pump contains several seals and gaskets that keep coolant enclosed and secure as it flows throughout the engine. As these seals and gaskets age, they will become worn, cracked, and dried out. Once this occurs, the coolant can leak from the water pump.
Pool pumps leak from the gasket or seal on the drain plug. If the O-ring on the drain plug is cracked or misaligned, air can enter the system and cause leaks. The most secure way of fixing this is to replace the drain plug O-ring.
Pool Is Losing Water When the Pump Is Off

If you`ve turned off your pump system for a day and the pool level is dropping more than 1/4–1/2” per day, you might have a pool leak. The leak is likely somewhere in the structure of the pool or on the suction side of the pool pumping system.

Filter leaks, holes in the liner, evaporation, or splashing out are some of the most common causes. Here are some tips: Splashing out: This is the most common if your pool is heavily used and there are a lot of people in the pool. Simply re-fill the pool and watch your water level.
A home owner with basic mechanical skills can fix a leaky pool pump by finding the source of the leak and obtaining a new gasket or O-ring based on the brand and model of the pump.

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Pump making growling noise – INTEX Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : This could be serious , ck that pump is full of fresh water , and theres no sign of sand in there , if theres sand you have a oring leaking or your aration fingers require replacment , use old nylon stocking or coffee filter on pump dish to see if any sand is getting out of filter

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How to prime a sand filter pump – INTEX Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : It depends on the pump but most pumps have a filter bowl with a screw on cover – you need to fill this with water and start the pump. if the pipework connected to the pump and the filter are empty you will usually have to repeat this process a few times, but once the pump is primed it should start up without repriming in future – Hope this helps – Nigel

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My intex sand filter will not move water when I put the lever to filter? It will move water when I put the lever to recirc but wont move water with filter…why?
ANSWER : Im gonna guess that you stored the filter improperly off season and now the sand charge is hard as cement inside not alowing water to get thru , left alone for a week or so it might loosen up , but the best thing is to dissasemble filter and remove all sand and ck “fingers” inside this is fastest way
i allways use RV antifreeze 30/1 to store any pumps or filters off season , RV type because its nontoxic

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Why is my sand pump filter not cycling pool water; the intake line along pool wall seems to be clogged.
ANSWER : I had this issue on a hayward. Bottom line, look at the secondary filter on the intake. I had a huge amount of leaves in there. When you open it up clean the basket and let the water flow for a minute. Also, back wash your filter.

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Runs How do I set timer and how long should it run
ANSWER : Pool pumps should run at least two hours for every one hour of pool use , this should be doubled if pool recieves a heavy useage of more than three swimmers timers on most of the intex models are set with trip pins , in towards center to be off and out from center to be on

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Intex sand filter is noisy – INTEX Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : These pumps on these things do make a lot noise (so much i found it’s scare’s deer from my yard thats eating my apple trees)air trapped inside sand filter makes noise as well this will work it’s way out after time

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Motor pump is loud
ANSWER : I moved mine around to under a little 4 person deck i constructed out of wood and closed it all in with latice makes it a bit fun to access but wow cuts way down on the noise now , with outdoor carpet on top of deck you can barley hear it now if your not as handy as me im sure a good skilled handyman can fab you up one

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Index sand filter pump SF 20110 will not blow water into pool
ANSWER : I don’t know how much time you are giving it, but sometimes when I start my pump, it’ll take 20 minutes or so for it to start a full stream of water. Also, make sure the valves are turned to the unlock position on the incoming and outgoing hoses.

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