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Cub Cadet LT1042…Model SV590S..Kohler Courage 19 engine…engine will bearly crank, even with new battery.
Makes a noise as if compression is very high.

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This is usually due to the carburetor not working properly. If the carburetor is clogged, the engine won`t get enough fuel. If the carburetor choke isn`t closing properly, the engine may get too much fuel.
If the ignition coil is defective, the engine may not start. Before replacing the ignition coil, ensure that the spark plug is working properly. If you have confirmed that the spark plug is working properly, test the ignition coil with an ignition coil tester. If the ignition coil is defective, replace it.
Try replacing the fuel filter; a clogged one will make the mower run sluggishly. Alternatively, check the spark plug. A spark plug that`s outlived its usefulness can cause a sluggish start. Pull the spark plug out, clean it off and reinstall it in the mower.
Faulty Battery or Loose Terminals can Cause Cub Mower to Not Start. Cub Cadet electric lawnmowers are fitted with a battery and a bad battery can prevent the mowers from starting.
There are a number of reasons why your car might be slow to start but runs as-normal once it gets going. Causes can vary from weather conditions to battery health, wiring issues, starter motor concerns and fuel-pump health.
A difficult start could be due to a number of things, from a dying battery to a faulty starter. But if your vehicle has a hard time starting after sitting for just a few hours, it can cause an extra layer of confusion. When this happens, one of the most common causes is low fuel pressure.
If you attempt to start up your car but the engine won`t turn over and the dashboard lights up, then you most likely have an issue with your battery. You could have a damaged or corroded battery terminal, which is stopping the engine from starting up when you fully turn the key.
Just like your vehicle or lawn mower needs a battery to spark the ignition process, a Kohler standby generator needs a battery to start its engine.
A clogged fuel filter is most commonly caused by leaving old fuel in the lawn mower. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the fuel filter and make the engine hard to start.
If your lawnmower is starting and then stalling, the most likely issue is the carburetor. The most common issue is that the carburetor is dirty. Here`s what you need to know about how a dirty carburetor can cause a lawnmower to start, then stall out and die.
Check for bent or damaged belt idler brackets, a missing, broken, or worn idler tension spring, and service as needed. If these do not resolve the situation, the problem may be with internal components of the transmission.
If your lawn mower turns over (or cranks) but won`t start, it could result from an issue with one of the components of the fuel system or bad gas. You should inspect the fuel filter for clogs or damage and check the fuel line for kinks, cracks, or leaks.
A dead battery is the most common reason why engines fail to start up. A common reason for batteries to fail is drain. Your car`s battery typically expends a small portion of its storage to start your car up, and then recharges from your alternator as you move.

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Valve adjustment intake/exhaust – Craftsman Kohler Courage 26 hp 54" Garden Tractor (CA) ()
ANSWER : I’ll bite, what’s your question Mike? If you are looking for a how to, you can probably find it at the manufacturer’s website, without going into too much detail however I can offer you a general approach.- Remove the front hood of the mower and the shroud if it has one.- Disconnect the carb, and exhaust and move it aside.- Remove the Spark plug- Carefully remove the valve cover in the front of the engine.- Look up the proper valve adjustment settings for your model.- Get the engine at top dead center.- Take measurements and adjust the valves accordingly.- Clean the valve cover itself, and where it’s going to be seated.- Apply a thin coat of gasket sealant, put the cover back on.- Wait for the sealant to bond (depends on manufacturer specs_- Fire it up.Keep in mind, this is a general guide, see your manufacturer’s manuals and technical diagrams for more details.

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Gas leaking from carb when not in to fix.
ANSWER : Clean the float needle and check its not ridged where it seats ! if so replace !

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ANSWER : That engine is junk… ask your question, I know all to well about those things. as for the manual, cant help there as what I see being Kohler Expert Certified is different than what you see

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ANSWER : PDF Manual Web Archive

Customer Service Cub Cadet

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Engine runs till warm and then stalls out. Is there a problem history with the ignition module?

I have replaced air and fuel filters.

ANSWER : Try removing the gas cap. If that solves the stalling, clean the vent holes on the cap.


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ANSWER : I hope the engine wont spray… if it’s a pressure washer thats not spraying the name of the unit would help… but does it build pressure but doesn’t spray – check the wand does it even build pressure ??? no – replace pump

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Have a 20 HP twin cylinder KOHLER engine on CRAFTSMAN mower.
ANSWER : Did you check your gas? Generally a loud popping sound indicates water in the fuel. If there is one carb hitting and one not, the one not hitting may be full of water. Drain the carb bowls. Drain the tank. Clean the spark plugs and try it.

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No spark at plugs after replacing coils it has spark advance what do I look for next
ANSWER : Check for the switching pulse at the coil input terminal. It should be less than the battery voltage but not zero, or pulsing in sync with the engine (if you know the spark dwell angle, you can calculate the voltage by multiplying it by the number of cylinders, dividing by 360 degrees, then multiplying by the battery voltage). If you don’t get any indication that the coil is being switched to ground to generate the spark, your distributor contact (for mechanical ignition switches) , magneto or electronic ignition module could be the problem. Before changing whatever one of these you have, double-check the wiring to the coil – a misplaced, broken or loose wire will have the same effect.

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