Dirtblaster Nozzle 2400-2500 PSI

When pull trigger it spurts very small spurt then locks up . Rotary needle is visible and movable when not under pressure

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First, quickly squeeze the trigger on the spray gun five times to free up the stop/start valve. If this doesn`t work, check for damage on the unloader valve and readjust the unloader screw. Finally, your unloader valve may need recalibrating. Refer to your Karcher instruction manual to properly calibrate the valve.
PLEASE NOTE: You should always press the RESET button on the GFCI before using the pressure washer.
You may need to rebuild or replace the pump. If the pump is more than a few years old, and you use the pressure washer fairly often, replace the pump. If the pump is relatively new, and you don`t use the pressure washer often, either rebuild the pump or replace the pump seals.
If your pressure washer is refusing to work or even turn on, the culprit could potentially be the power switches. Most pressure washers use two micro switches that disconnect both the live and neutral connections between the supply and the motor. These switches can jam cutting the power out from reaching the motor.
Here`s how it works, devices from the Home & Garden range can be repaired in our repair centres. Machines within their warranty period are repaired free of charge subject to our Home & Garden terms and conditions.
If the pressure washer does not start, then the first thing to check is the fuse in the plug. The reading you`re looking for is the same as it would be when connecting the two probes of the multimeter together (as you can see in the example of this video, this fuse is actually fine).
Alongside our stringent testing, we offer a manufacturer`s warranty on our products. All Kärcher Home and Garden products (other than accessories and detergents) are warrantied by Kärcher to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of at least 12 months from the date of purchase.
If the machine is pulsing whilst in use, it may be that the accessory you are using has a blockage. Clear by soaking the accessory in warm soapy water and then rinsing out under the tap.
One of the most common causes of screenwash issues is clogged washer nozzles. This happens when small particles of dust and dirt get in the nozzles attached to the top of the bonnet, preventing the spray from working. Use a safety pin or needle to prod inside the nozzles and clean the blockage.
The main reason which may cause the pressure washer to leak from the inside is if the cylinder head – either cracked or failed. This is often caused by the pressure washer being stored in an area that can freeze during winter.

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Won't seal and hold pressure – Ace Hardware Acer Spray and Go Sprayer
ANSWER : Try smearing some Vaseline on the gasket that goes around the pump shaft at the top.

The karcher works well, but when you stop spraying. The pump cycles on and off.
ANSWER : This is a cooling feature. There is a thermal coupler to allow the cool water to cycle and cool off the pump.thank you Joe

Karcher 4.91 checked fuse that is ok but no power
ANSWER : Check and see if you are getting power to the on/off swith. These switches have been known to go bad. Also, check the Ground fault breaker in the plug. Let me know how you make out.

Hi, I have a Karcher 3.99. It’s going funny. When
ANSWER : Your internal sdeals have gone bad and need to be replaced. they sell kits for these that are inexpensive and the repair is usually pretty easily done

No water pressure from unit – Karcher G 3050 OHR Gas Pressure Washer
ANSWER : Check inside the pump fro sticking valves

Water is leaking from under the chrome piece inside my Karcher 3.68m pressure washer. Hose intake and outlet look good. Any sugeestions.
ANSWER : Plastic Pump Manifold is cracked.

Can be replace at a local Karcher Service Center,
or if you are mechanically handy.
Replacement Manifold Complete, is available from www.karcher.com.

If it is under 1 year old, and under warranty Karcher will replace if you have a Receipt proof of purchase.

My karcher pressure washers motor revs up and down when being used and loses pressure. can you tell me the cause of this problem and how easy it is to fix and what the cost would be please?
ANSWER : Hello, W/D here.It sounds like there is air in the machine, causing the over revving and loss of pressure. When the revving decreases, it’s because some of the air has passed, and the washer is then trying to pump water, only to have more air get into the pump. As the machine over revs, it heats up, making it actually harder to get the air out. The easy way to prevent this is to turn the water on at the faucet, and leave the trigger on the gun held down (open). Then, make sure that no air is trapped in the hose to the pressure washer. You can lift up on the hose and walk the hose from the faucet to the machine, forcing any air in the hose towards the washer. Then, allow enough time for the air that you have displaced to travel through the washer. You will be able to judge your progress by observing the end of the spray wand. This process will take you a few minutes, but will result in your washer running and performing better.Best regards, –W/D–

Honda karcher 2400 psi start but there is no water pressure
ANSWER : Take the pump apart and clean all the valves