22HP Hydrostatic 42″ Riding Mower

How to Identify and Fix Common Gardening Problems ?

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A pulley that is binding will cause the lawn tractor to jerk forward. To check for a binding pulley, start by disconnecting your battery, and remember to start with the negative cable first. Now you can remove your mower deck. Remove your drive belt and check the inside condition of the pulleys.
This is most likely a safety switch issue. Usually the seat safety switch will cause this problem. The mower dies because it thinks nobody is sitting in the seat, and shuts off for safety reasons.
The most common reason for a surging lawn mower engine is a blockage in the fuel supply, but there are other possibilities: Bad gas. Bad spark plug. Dirty/faulty carburetor.
Lawn mower surging is a result of either bad gas or spark plug, dirty air filter, or clogged gas cap vent. A dirty carburetor jet and fuel filter might also be the reason. You can also consider a carburetor gasket leak, which can be fixed by an engine starter spray.
Problems With Your Throttle Pedal, Cable, or Position Sensor

If you are experiencing jerks in your car when accelerating, it might be due to a few reasons. The first reason is that the throttle pedal is not positioned correctly. The second is a result of the throttle cable being too tight or too loose.

Usually when the car will `jerk` when you press the accelerator and lift from the accelerator, it`s likely due to clogged fuel injectors, damage to the throttle body or other fuel system components. It could also be due to worn out motor mounts or perhaps a small exhaust leak.
An improperly routed belt can cause the engine to die when the blades are engaged. To check belt routing, lower the deck to its lowest setting and remove the belt guard by the drive pulley. Next, lift the belt over the pulley and remove the pins that support the deck at the rear.
You are mowing your lawn too quickly.

Uncut lines can arise when you are mowing too quickly, since the engine is forced to work harder, maximizing its own throttle. Engine problems can be the root of several gardening issues. The solution is just as simple as the problem itself: Go slower! Take your time.

The problem may involve an annoying change (up/down) of engine speed while cruising at a steady pace, a low drop (or even cut-out) at idle or when approaching a stop, a wild high engine speed of several thousand rpm followed by a drop to near zero, etc.
If you hear your car engine stuttering, then the injectors may not be providing an adequate amount of fuel. To fix this, you should clean the injectors on a regular basis. Using a fuel injector cleaning solution might eliminate the issue of the car jerking.
Defective Carburetors

The carburetor is responsible for controlling how much fuel and air are being mixed before it is fed into the engine. If the carburetor is damaged, then it won`t be able to do this properly, and this will lead to your car misfiring and jerking under acceleration.

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Gearshift is stuck,cant change gears what do i do
ANSWER : Is it hydrostatic or manual ?

Craftsman riding mower stuck in 3rd gear – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : You have a broken shifting fork in the transaxle, i know this, i just replaced one on a mower that was stuck in third gear…

Depress clutch, start mower, let out on clutch mower dies. Will run if parking brake is set. Turn blade on dies, put in gear dies. Could it be the switch on the seat?
ANSWER : Almost certainly it is the park break switch,i would start there.

Craftsman 42 ” 19.5hp lawn tractor gear shift will not engage. Engine and blades work fine but cannot put tractor in gear.
ANSWER : The belt is bad if not there is trouble in the drive shaft.Thank you for asking and I hope this helps you.Please leave me a 4 thumbs up.

The tiller won’t stay in gear for the tines to turn. It jumps into forward without turning the tines.
ANSWER : Check the wire to make sure that when you engage the tines it is actually engaging the lever. This seems like your are either low on the fluid for the trans or it is stuck in place and will need some good lubrication and turned by hand. You can also with the engine off, engage the tines, and try to turn it by hand. if it turns by hand then the tarns is no good.

Poulan Riding Mower will run in neutral, not in forward or revers
ANSWER : You have safty switch on the mower one or more are bad there are three of them
win you put in reverse some mower will cut off this is a safty device on some mower

I can start the mower and I can select the gear I want but it will not move forward or backwards. It does have six gears what can I do.
ANSWER : Check the drive belt it sounds as though it has either shredded or jumped off the pulley.

Engine runs great with no load, but when you throttle quickly or put the deck in gear, it starts missing and lots of black smoke. we have new plugs, new carburator, ignition coils have been changed also. I have 130psi compression on one cylinder and 155 on the other. You can turn off the fuel by pinching the hose or return to idle it will clear up. Barely has enough power to pull inself. Help?
ANSWER : It sounds like to me it’s a timing issue. Try setting the timing to specks