Spur Sprocket For Stihl 017, 021 Chainsaws

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If it starts then its gettin fuel,but it might not be gettin enough.or it might be gettin too much. after it starts and dies remove spark plug, if its wet then the saw is flooding out, try cleaning the plug and airfilter,u can also add some seafoam to the gas,it will help clean any dirt out of carb. if that dont help check the carbs diaphram

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The fuel line may be clogged from stale fuel deposits, more reasons to cause your chainsaw to cut out when applying throttle. If a fuel line is cracked, it will leak gasoline and draw air from outside into the fuel line. If the line is leaking fuel, it needs to be replaced.
The chain sprocket must be replaced if the depth of the wear marks reaches about 0.5mm, i.e. the wear limit. A seriously worn chain sprocket can cause the chainsaw chain and guide bar to wear at an increased rate, as well as reducing cutting performance too, so it`s important to keep an eye on.
The carburetor might be clogged. A clogged carburetor is often caused by leaving fuel in the chainsaw for a long period of time. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the chainsaw engine to stall.
If your chainsaw still starts and then stops working, check the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or damaged. Another reason that your chainsaw starts and then stops working could be that the spark arrestor is dirty or clogged. If this is the case, clean it with a wire brush.
My chain saw starts and then dies what is wrong? This could be a number of things and is most likely fuel or storage related. Over a short period of time, fuel will become stale. If the unit is stored with stale gasoline, the system will become clogged or restricted.
1990: Compact chainsaws

The 021 and 023 hobby saws have nearly all the features of STIHL professional saws: anti-vibration system, QuickStop chain brake, automatic chain lubrication, electronic ignition system, lateral chain tensioner.

The first cause could be track tension, the track may be too loose causing the sprocket to not grip the drive pins in the track, secondly the track you have been supplied may not be the correct pitch for your machine, causing the sprocket to jump over the drive pins and grind the teeth away.
Worn sprocket teeth are clingy. They hold on to the chain longer than needed. Sometimes the chain can even climb the teeth. This interaction will make a lot of noise.
Mostly sprockets are damaged owing to misaligned chains. If you ride an ADV and take it off the road frequently, your chain should always be free from corrosion and well lubricated. Chain tension is super important too so take a look at your instruction manual clearly and adjust the torque.
Check your air filter. A dirty air filter can affect your gas chainsaw`s ability to cut. Issues like low power, poor performance or if the engine`s stalling during cutting could all be signs you need to clean it. Follow the owner manual guidelines for maintenance.
How long the chainsaw runs before dying depends on how badly clogged the air filter is. In the case that your chainsaw runs for a while, then dies, it may be possible to simply clean the air filter to correct this symptom. However, a damaged air filter should be replaced.
A slow-cutting chainsaw is a sign that you might need to sharpen or replace your chain.
The most likely culprit is a dirty or clogged air filter. Issues with your fuel pump or fuel filter can also cause your engine to idle then die with any throttle. If you have an older car, it could also be a bad carburetor.
If your saw idles fine, and then bogs down when pressing the throttle, then adjust your `H` screw by unscrewing. This will increase the amount of fuel to the carburetor under load. If your saw idles fine, then runs lumpy with a lot of smoke when pressing the throttle, then adjust your `H` screw by screwing in.
If the filter becomes clogged, not enough fuel will reach the engine for it to run properly. Because your chainsaw will idle, but dies when it is revved up to full power, it means that the filter is only partially clogged; it will allow enough fuel to the engine to run on idle, but not enough to sustain full throttle.
The two most common reasons a chainsaw won`t idle are a blocked air filter and an idle screw out of adjustment. Other possible causes include: Dirty Air Filter. Idle Screw out of Adjustment.

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Makita chainsaw starts and revs then dies – Stihl Chain Saws, 017, 019, 021, 023 & 025
ANSWER : Check the fuel filter in the tank is clean it could be blocked

My stihl sh 55 blower starts then shuts off – RTO Spur Sprocket For Stihl 017, 021 Chainsaws
ANSWER : If it is getting smokey exhaust befor stopping it is getting too much fuel. If not smokey it is not getting enough fuel. If smokey first take out the air filter and clean it. If it runs fine your done. If not smokey open the high needle valve (marked with an H) on the the carb a little (no more than a 1/4 turn).

Tuning specs for a stihl ms 362 – RTO Spur Sprocket For Stihl 017, 021 Chainsaws
ANSWER : Idles at 2800 and wot 14000. I tune to about 13800 and that is with bar and chain on

Ms170 stihl chainsaw wont start or if it does start it wont take the throttle
ANSWER : Try new gas, and adjust the carb.

Stihl ms660 ilde chain speed to fast – RTO Spur Sprocket For Stihl 017, 021 Chainsaws
ANSWER : Somewhere on the carb linkage you will see a set screw touching it. Turn the screw so it does not push the linkage so far.

Is there supposed to be a cyntrifical clutch on a stihl 028 av super electronic quickstop?
ANSWER : Yes; see page 37 in your OM. You read it before using your saw right?

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Safety bar will not disengage ms 170 – RTO Spur Sprocket For Stihl 017, 021 Chainsaws
ANSWER : They can get plugged up with chips and sticks, take the cover of and blow it out with compressed air.

Sthil are a roal panin in the *** takes 50 time of pulling the rope to get it started
ANSWER : Which model is it? Have you followed the procedure in your manual? They flood very easily. Reply below please.