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Wet grass and debris clog the mower`s deck over time, eventually preventing the spinning blade from cutting more grass. Some solutions you can try when faced with this problem include replacing the blade, fixing the tire pressure of the mower, tightening the mower belt, or sharpening the blade.
If the spool and line on your grass trimmer are fine but your trimmer still isn`t cutting properly, you`ll need to check if the blade on the trimmer`s guard is dull, broken or has come away. You will know the guard blade needs replacing with a new one if it is cutting into fences, flower beds and trees.
Worn clutch – Since the string trimmer clutch engages with one or more drive shafts attached to the trimmer head to rotate the head when the throttle trigger is depressed, a worn-out clutch may prevent the trimmer head from spinning. A new clutch assembly is relatively inexpensive and easy to install.
You might have contaminated gas in the mower. Drain out the old gas. Change the fuel filter. Get new gas, non-ethanol if possible.
The fault could be a dirty spark plug, air filter or carburetor, or it could be related to the quality of the gasoline used. Slow starting can also be the result of a failure to clean the blades. In most cases, you should be able to restore performance yourself.
To keep things in simple terms, a grass trimmer is suited to trimming edges, hard to reach lawn areas, and providing finishing touches to lawns. On the other hand, brushcutters are designed to take on dense weeds, fibrous grass and areas of thick vegetation that a grass trimmer would struggle to cut.
If the drive shaft is broken or detached, the trimmer head will not spin. To inspect the drive shaft, remove the engine assembly from the shaft and look to see if the shaft is in its proper place. Re-install the shaft if it has slipped from its place. If the shaft is damaged or broken, it must be replaced.
Cable or Shaft

If the drive cable breaks or becomes detached, the saw blade will no longer spin. You can inspect the drive cable by removing the engine assembly from the shaft and checking to see if the cable is still in place. If the cable has slipped out of place, it will need to be reinstalled firmly.

If the engine is running fast (revving high):

Make sure that the choke is disengaged and the throttle hold has been reset by pressing the trigger. You can check the throttle cable to make sure there are no kinks found in it – however this requires a mechanical proficiency to strip down the machine uncovering the cable.

When your trimmer starts and runs on choke, it could be because the check valve in the gas cap is clogged. Start the trimmer and gently unscrew the gas cap halfway off. Turn the choke off and assess. If the engine is still running, that means the gas cap may be the culprit.
An unbalanced blade spinning that fast will cause a significant amount of vibration, which will put stress on yout blade shaft, spindle, and even the engine. So if you want to get the most life out of your mower… keep the blades balanced! If playback doesn`t begin shortly, try restarting your device.
A dull blade can make your lawn appear yellow, brown and raggedy. A dull lawnmower blade may even pull up portions of the grass because it actually pulls on the entire plant instead of slicing through the blades of grass cleanly.
Simply change the filter to give your mower more thrust. Finding the air filter should be easy as it is located on the left side of the mower`s engine. You can have it cleaned or you can opt to buy a new one. Treat your lawn mower`s engine the same way you treat you car`s engine.
Operate your mower at a safe operating speed. Usually 3 to 5 MPH. This will cut the grass cleanly and thoroughly. Mowing height – When you mow turfgrass too short you can get weeds, diseases, and a thin canopy.
If you use a string trimmer, use it before mowing. The mower will chop the trimmings and reduce the need for raking. Do not use line trimmers to cut grass against the bark of trees. This will damage the bark, often severely enough to kill the tree.
A beard trimmer is the best replacement for your razor. It gives you a clean-shaven look without any nicks and cuts. An electric shaver is easier and safer to use than a razor. It is also less time-consuming and doesn`t come with the hassle of changing your razor blade frequently.
Typically, when the mower is cutting grass, the RPM of the majority of mowers drops to approximately 3000 RPM. Some even operate at speeds below 2,500 RPM but can still produce good cuts. When the blades are not cutting the grass, the majority of walk-behind and ride-on mowers operate at 3200 RPM to 3600 RPM.
Lawn Mowing Pattern: Rows

Mowing in rows is one of the fastest, most efficient way to cut your lawn. The size and shape of your yard plays a part in what direction the rows should go. If your yard is more wide, mow in horizontal rows to cover the longest part of your lawn with the least amount of turns.

A dull blade can make your lawn appear yellow, brown and raggedy. A dull lawnmower blade may even pull up portions of the grass because it actually pulls on the entire plant instead of slicing through the blades of grass cleanly.
The myth of sharpening brand new lawnmower blades stems from the fact that new blades appear dull, but the blades of these lawn power tools are pre-sharpened to a point where they can cut grass, but not cause injury to you.

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Uneven grass cutting
ANSWER : I have seen dull blades, blades not installed right and an un-level deck cause that.Hope this helps.

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Cranks up and runs fine ,then starts cutting out then runs fine and starts cutting out again
ANSWER : I am no pro but my suggestion to you is if you have changed your spark plug recently check the gap on it and make sure it is right and make sure is the right spark plug for it. Also check the oil if it is low the motor as it gets hot will start to sputter or if it has to much oil it will have an air lock and blow you Lhead gasket after a while. Another thing to check is the air filter to make sure it is clean and check the timing with this if you don’t trust your self ask an repair expert for your brand of mower.

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42 inch mower cuts uneven, what is the problem?
ANSWER : Several things here could be the problem. Check to see if mower deck is level, measure distance on both side on a level surface. Check tire’s for low air. If you’ve replace the mandrel’s lately, some have a left & right side & if not put back together properly this will cause uneven cutting

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After a few seconds the line stops spinning fast enough to cut through any weeds even on a full battery
ANSWER : This model has gotten some bad reviews because of the short battery lifetime. Mine started doing this after ~8 mo of use, so I replaced it with a corded model. Depending on how old it is, you can try (1) taking it back to where you purchased it, (2) calling a black and decker service center to replace the battery on their $, or (3) buying a replacement battery yourself. Sorry, but your battery is bad.

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Seems to start easily run for a few minutes and then slow and stop–bulb remains full –gas is good–have tried half choke in case too lean–did not solve–also seems possibly related to the angle I hold it at–seems to cut out quicker if blower tube angled more downward.
ANSWER : Your filter may be hanging up in the tank. you also my be losing compression

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Mt999 chainsaw. Brand new. Not cutting through wood although blade rotating. Just seems to be burning wood.
ANSWER : Shouldnt be using a chainsaw if you cant figure the chain is on wrong…….just saying…

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Bad Clutch?? 455 rancher 20″ bar) I have owned it for two years and cut tons of fire wood with it. I recently replaced the oil pump. Yesterday I’m cutting oak like butter. Chain saw is cutting fine.. For no apparent reason it starts struggling to cut. I figure I hit something with the chain. I go to sharpen and notice that the clutch it’s red hot. I take it apart clean it up sharpen it up put it back together fire it up and start to cut. It starts to cut on angle and has no power?? runs fine revving it but will not cut?? What do you think?
ANSWER : Hi Before other checking change the spring of the clutch(2). best regards savumihai71

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The blades are cutting unevenly – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : I know this will sound a little crazy, but check the air pressure in you tires. My neighbor had the same problem. The tires looked okay until he sat on the mower. One of the rear tires was low which caused the mower to sit lower on one side. Next check the linkages on the deck to make sure they are hooked up and haven’t fell off.

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