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You could try a fogger or mister tip they produce a fin mist.. home depot had them.. you might want to ask one of there guys, i have a hard time finding them when i go to look.. jay.. the guy in Florida that repairs pumps in longwood

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Drip, or micro-irrigation, technology uses a network of plastic pipes to carry a low flow of water under low pressure to plants. Water is applied much more slowly than with sprinkler irrigation. Drip irrigation exceeds 90 percent efficiency whereas sprinkler systems are 50 to 70 percent efficient.
There are four main types of drip irrigation: soaker hoses (also sometimes known as porous soaker lines), emitter systems, drip tapes, and micro-misting systems. Each system has different features and benefits depending on your needs.
The maximum run length for ¼” distribution tubing is 30 feet and 30 gph. This doesn`t mean you can`t run them longer, but when you do you will have very inconsistent water flow and your plants will suffer. Remember the 30 by 30 rule and you will have successful installations.
A standard outside hydrant has a maximum capacity of about 5 gpm, and can operate a maximum of 1000 feet of drip tubing with 0.30 gph emitters on a 12 inch emitter spacing (0.5 gpm per 100 feet of tubing length), or about 300 1-gph point source emitters.
We recommend spacing drip lines about 12” apart, so in each 4`x8` bed you`ll need 4 lines. When capping the end of your drip lines, you end up folding over a few inches of the line, so accounting for that and a few minor mistakes, I`m assuming at each bed will require four 8.33` drip lines.
To start a DRIP account with an individual company, you can directly contact investor relations at the company. If the company doesn`t offer a DRIP program but pays dividends, you can still set up a reinvestment plan with your brokerage account.
Prick holes in a garden hose to drip irrigate at ground level. For a homemade irrigation system, why not get some use out of your old garden hose? Ruth tells us, `You could get an old hose and prick holes along it, then lie it out along your grow bags. Attach the hose to a tap so it drips onto the compost.
BEST OVERALL: Dig GE200 Drip & Micro Sprinkler Kit. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Bonviee Drip Irrigation Kit. BEST FOR RAISED BEDS: Raindrip R567DT Vegetable Garden Drip Watering Kit. BEST FOR HANGING PLANTERS: Orbit Hose End Hanging Basket Watering Kit.
The ideal choice would be HydroSure Micro Drip Line. Micro Drip Line is a flexible and straightforward installation that uses fewer connectors during installation, providing a discreet watering solution. It is great for small-sized areas, such as pots, small shrubs, tree circles, or flower beds.
Max. Flow: 30 GPH (15 feet or less)
Probably the most popular size is 1/2” Poly Tubing, since this is the most commonly used size for drip systems.
The 1/2″ sizes of drip supply tubing are the most common sizes in use today, but there are also larger sizes produced and installed, although they are mainly used in commercial and agricultural installations.
Try using two drippers per plant positioned at opposite sides of the plant to promote even root growth, and if one dripper gets clogged, the plant will still receive water from the other dripper.
Setting Up Your Drip Line

Continuing from our example above, using 16m of Drip Line with a spacing of 30cm (0.3m) between each dripper, here is the calculation summary: (16m ÷ 0.3m) x 1.8 L/h = 96 L/h. 96 L/h ÷ 60 = 1.6 Litres per Minute (L/m). Run Time of Drip Line = 36L ÷ 1.6 L/m = 22.5 Minutes.

Pressure Regulator: Most drip systems operate at low pressure, usually less than 20 psi. Pressure regulators reduce incoming water pressure to the ideal pressure for the drip system. Water companies are required to deliver water at a minimum of 30 psi, although pressures can exceed 80 psi.
Another limiting factor in how many drippers you can use on a single run of tubing is the GPH rating of the drippers themselves. As an example, 1/2″ tubing can supply 200 GPH in a single run, which means that one could put 400 . 5 GPH drippers on a run of 1/2″ tubing or 200 1 GPH drippers or 100 2 GPH drippers.
A dividend reinvestment plan, or DRIP, automatically uses the proceeds generated from dividend stocks to purchase more shares of the company. This strategy allows investors to compound their returns over time by accumulating more shares, which themselves pay dividends that will be reinvested.
Drip irrigation is a very efficient way to irrigation crops and has the advantage of lower evaporation than other irrigation methods, it is the most common type of “microirrigation.” Drip irrigation is one of the more advanced techniques being used today because, for certain crops, it is much more efficient than
While drip irrigation is more water-efficient, it requires more maintenance and isn`t best for large lawns or gardens. Sprinkler systems may lose more water to run off and evaporation, but they can be automated to save time and can water hard-to-reach areas.
One of the cheapest ways to make your own DIY drip system is by using PVC pipe, which you can buy at low cost at your local hardware or big-box store. This method is ideal if you have a garden or other area with straight rows of plants you want to water.
You can make a DIY drip irrigation system for potted plants and container gardens from poly pipes and plastic piping parts from the hardware store. The best part is that you can customize your system to fit your garden`s size and care needs, unlike store-bought systems that may require moving your heavy containers.
Try using two drippers per plant positioned at opposite sides of the plant to promote even root growth, and if one dripper gets clogged, the plant will still receive water from the other dripper.
Advantages of Drip Irrigation

As water is applied locally and leaching is reduced, fertilizer/nutrient loss is minimized. Fertilizers can be used with high efficiency. Soil infiltration capacity is increased. Fertilizers and ground water is not mixed.

Flow: 30 GPH (15 feet or less)

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ANSWER : You could try a fogger or mister tip they produce a fin mist.. home depot had them.. you might want to ask one of there guys, i have a hard time finding them when i go to look.. jay.. the guy in Florida that repairs pumps in longwood

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