The tractor isn’t going into gear. The gearbox is broke. The tractor is a ’65 or ’66.
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Usually the gearbox is located underneath the engine, which is under the front bonnet of your car. It`s normally level with the oil pan and mounted to either side of the engine.
If you already own a car with an automatic gearbox and you want to figure out the exact type of gearbox you have, checking your owners manual and car`s paperwork is a good start. While the owner`s manual does not always contain this information, most of them do.
Gearboxes are used in many applications including machine tools, industrial equipment, conveyors, and really any rotary motion power transmission application that requires changes to torque and speed requirements.
The primary types of car gearboxes are manual and automatic. The automatic gearbox is further classified into Torque Converter, CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) and DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission). Here`s an overview of car transmissions.
A transmission (also called a gearbox) is a mechanical device which uses gears to change the speed or direction of rotation in a machine. Many transmissions have multiple gear ratios, but there are also transmissions that use a single fixed gear ratio.
A Gear Box is often called a transmission. Gear boxes simply refer to a set of gears and their casing, most commonly found in automobiles. Since most motor vehicle engines have high operating and idling speeds, transmissions allow the machinery to operate efficiently and even aid in slowing and shutting down machinery.
Unfortunately, this is not required by the NHTSA VIN standard. Some OEMs still use the same 10-digit VIN patterns for automatic and manual transmission vehicles, meaning that VIN alone will not be enough to determine the vehicle`s transmission type.
Enter the VIN into the NHTSA`s online VIN decoder.

Go to and type in the VIN (the 17-character Vehicle Identification Number). Look under the “Engine” category of the resulting report to find information on the vehicle`s transmission.

In general, there are three different types of gearboxes: concentric, parallel, and right angle. A fourth type called shaft mount is also used in situations where the applications are in a configuration where they cannot be mounted by foot.
After the engine, the gearbox is probably the most expensive part of a car to replace completely.
Both Dual Clutch Transmission and Continuously Variable Transmission gearboxes are unique and cater to different needs. CVT can be better if you want a smooth and efficient driving experience. However, if you are looking for lightning-fast gear shifts and better acceleration, DCT can be a better choice.
Torque converters are the oldest form of automatic transmission. Because of this, it is the most reliable automatic gearbox. It uses a planetary system for gears with an impeller and turbine.
The purpose of a gearbox is to increase or reduce speed. As a result, torque output will be the inverse of the speed function. If the enclosed drive is a speed reducer (speed output is less than speed input), the torque output will increase; if the drive increases speed, the torque output will decrease.
What is a gearbox? A gearbox—otherwise known as a gear reducer or speed reducer—is a set of gears that can be added to a motor to drastically decrease speed and/or increase torque.
The clutch in a modern vehicle sits between the engine and gearbox. A clutches primary function is to transmit or prevent transmission of drive from the engine to the gearbox.
Most gearboxes are constructed from steel materials such as iron, aluminum and brass. Unlike other gearbox types, spur gearboxes can also be made with plastics such as polycarbonate or nylon.
Explanation: Clutch: A clutch is used to connect and disconnect transmission of power from the engine flywheel to the transmission gearbox of drive shaft.
Answer: The gearbox is a part of the transmission. Transmission is referred to the whole drivetrain process, which includes the gearbox.
A gearbox is used in power transmission from the engine, through the clutch, to the wheels of the vehicle. It provides for the controlled application of power and torque through the use of gears and gear trains. The car would not be able to start off from a standstill or climb inclines without a gear box.

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How can I fix transaxle leak of husqvarna LGT2654
ANSWER : Heres what you do and it works to a extent ,remove the oil filler plug and instead of oil use a grease gun and fill with a grease gun full of LM grease ,this will slow the leak down and in certain circumstances stop the leak ,also it cannot seize up with the grease in the unit .what happens is the grease gets hot and then settles in the bottom of the diff but it will also help seal up any leaks in the gaskets which occur below the oil level ,old fleet fitters trick this one and i have used it often with renault gearboxes where the gearchange is at the bottom

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How to add oil to the gearbox – Mantis 7225-00-02 2 Cycle Gas Power Cultivator
how do i change, or add oil to the gerabox on my Ford Fiesta Ghia-X

On a ‘P’ plate?




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Transmission slips on a lt1000…does it need fluid in the small tank or resivor under seat ?

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Transmission oil foaming and pushing out of dipstick tube during normal transmission operation. Transmission has been serviced – oil & filter replaced with OEM components.
ANSWER : Hello,

Has the suction filter been serviced? And what transmission oil have you used? Is it John Deere hydraulic oil or hydraulic/transmission oil? Does the tractor have a loader?

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Transmission slipping. – Husqvarna 20HP Hydrostatic 42" Cut Riding Mower
ANSWER : What can we help you with?

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My tiller wont go into forward gear. Reverse is fine but wont shift at all. I lubed it well and the tiller does not have a lot of use. Any suggestions.
ANSWER : Sounds like a problem in the gearbox if there is no external interference problems with the shift mechanism. It may require opening and inspecting the gearbox.

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What is the fluid type in a murry auto drive transmission
ANSWER : I use 30w motor oil, plug ( either rubber or steel ) is on top.

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Where do I add transmission fluid on 2010? – John Deere 420,1020,2010,2020,2510,2520 Tractor Float
ANSWER : Find the transmission it either goes on the top or the bottom, find a plug, and then remove it and put 90 wght oil and you’ll be fine

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