ne could the fuiel filter be clogged

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Replace fuel filter and see. They are fairly reasonably priced and could be a quick fix. That could be the problem.
I had an engine and after resetting the timing I found after it ran rough I reset the dot one mark and it ran good after that. I would change the filter anyway and if it works it’s a lot less work.

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rocker arm. Standard valve clearance: 0.15 ± 0.04 mm (0.006 ± 0.002 in) (IN) 0.20 ± 0.04 mm (0.008 ± 0.002 in) (EX) ⑥. If adjustment is necessary, proceed as follows: a. Hold the adjusting screw using the special tool, and loosen the lock nut.

The spark plug gap should be set to between 0.028 and 0.030 inches (0.70 to 0.80 mm.)
Honda recommends . 58 quarts or . 55 liters of oil for the GCV160`s air-cooled 4-stroke overhead cam engine.
You will find the model number on a sticker located on the engine cover or recoil. Honda engine model numbers start with the letter G, for example G100, GX690, or GCV160. This is the base engine model. You will find the engine type code stamped into the side of the engine, close to the serial number.
Valve Clearance Tips

Recommended valve-to-piston clearance is generally 0.080-inch minimum on the intake side and 0.100-inch minimum for the exhaust valve. The exhaust needs a little more clearance because it expands more with heat.

Honda GCV160™ 160cc OHC Vertical Engine, 25mm x 3-5/32″ Crankshaft (N3 Type)
Honda 98079-56846 (BPR6ES) Small Engine Spark Plug for GCV160, GCV190.
A compression test reveals the condition of your engine`s valves, its valve seats, and piston rings and whether these parts are wearing evenly. Healthy engines should have compression over 100 psi per cylinder, with no more than 10 percent variation between the highest and lowest readings.
Running compression at idle should be 50-75 PSI (about half cranking compression). Snap throttle compression should be about 80% of cranking compression. Let`s analyze the results from the following sample test readings.
Tokyo, April 15, 1997 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. introduced today its GC160/135 and GCV160/135 families of compact, multi-purpose 4 stroke OHC engines.
Oil capacity-Dry engine holds 18.6 oz. and refill amount is 12 to 13.5 oz.
The 10W30 designation on engine oil means that the viscosity of the oil is rated at 10W when an engine is cold, and 30 when the engine is hot. This is different than an oil labelled 5W30, which has a thinner viscosity when the engine is cold at 5W.
This easy-to-maneuver Honda Self-Propelled Push Mower has a powerful 160cc Honda GCV160 engine with recoil start and auto choke. A 21in. wide cutting deck and self-propelled walk-behind operation makes quick work of your lawn. EPA and CARB compliant.
The Honda engine serial number is stamped into the side of the engine. All Honda engine serial numbers include a 4 or 5-letter prefix, followed by a 7-digit number. Enter the model number of your Honda Engines below to search for parts.
Gas Engine Motor for HondaGX160, 160CC 4-Stroke 6.5HP Go Kart Garden Tiller Cultivator Air Cooling Single Cylinder OHV Gasoline Petrol Engine Motor Replacement (6.5HP 160CC, Red)

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Gasoline leaks thru the air filter when you open the valve from the gas tank to the carb.
ANSWER : I think the float in the carb is sticking. Tap on the carb a few times and then try it. You may have to rebuild the carb.

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Engine running rich?
ANSWER : Worn float needle or obstructed airflow (plugged foam filter)

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ANSWER : BEFORE you go thru all of the advice and look at most other Honda web
info…..go and buy a brand new spark plug and start with that! It
appears Honda used a NGK spark plug in the past that fails after some
time….giving the syptoms of problems with the carb, runs for 10-30 seconds, sticky valve, etc.

Do not try to clean and use the old spark plug!!

Check this out….it was the answer I was looking for after hours of
work, reading, and talking to Honda dealers —-

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Hello i have a Honda GX160 and the engine will only run on choke if i close it the engine just splutters and thats it. it wont run at the norm i have replaced the carb the tank the air filter and the spark plug and know luck i have no more ideas as to what the problem really is thanks jord
ANSWER : Ii know you must have replaced the fuel filter. Did you replace the fuel line? It is obvious it is not betting enough fuel or it is out of time. Have you tried adjusting the jets on the carb? Have you checked the timing? There is a crankshaft key-way that may be bent just enough to get the engine out of time. And finally have you checked the fuel pump which I would suspect is your problem. The diaphragm may be busted.

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My tractor stalls like it is starved for gas although the gas tank is full. I,ve changed the fuel filter and the gas cap. I’ve cleaned out the gas tank, gas lines, and the carburetor bowl. The problem seems more acute when the gas tank is full or near full. At this time to alleviate the problem, I blow through the gas cap and the fuel filter fills with gas and it runs good again. But as soon as the fuel filter has no more gas, of course, it stalls until I blow on the gas cap. As the tank gets down to about 1/3 full, the engine runs OK. What else could cause this condition?
ANSWER : I had a similar problem with a sears tractor. close to the carbarator is a rectangle box with a rubber hose going to the engine block – remove the hose and spray carb cleaner in the hose wait a few mins and try again – its a vacuum for the carb

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My Honda 160cc lawn mower engine cut out when I hit a large clump of grass. Now I cannot get it to start. Has always started with no problems. What to do?
ANSWER : Has probably broken flywheel key ….. putting it out of time

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How to reset the timing on a 6.5 HP honda – Honda GX200-RH2 22mm Shaft 2 to 1 Gear Reduction 6.5 HP Engine
ANSWER : Good question first you need to find top dead center.if you cant find any marking on cam shaft remove spark plug. place thumb over hole and gentle pull motor over first will be suction next you will feel compression agaist your thumb this will be the power stroke as you pull motor over note when you first feel this and when this stops .this will give you a ball park idea of TDC.align the ignition system to fire here

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Have a craftsman 16″ chain saw 358.360260. Could not initially get it started after it had sat for a couple years with fuel stabilizer in it. When I went to use it the fuel had all evaporated and the fuel pick line was rotted. I replaced that with some difficulty but finally got it on. Saw still wouldn’t start. Replaced the fuel filter. Still wouldn’t start. Pulled the carb apart and cleaned and recleaned everything. Diaphragms were good and I didn’t adjust any of the mixture screws because as I said it ran fine before storage. Non of the carb passages were clogged. Fresh gas 40:1, good spark plug and good spark. Airfilter is good. Engine has maybe about 4 hours of total run time on it. It’s a ZAMA (?) carb. It will run for about 30 seconds when I manually prime it by pouring a small amount of fuel directly though the carb. When I was disassembling the carb the vent hose that goes back into the fuel tank seemed to have a small out of ?substance? in it which I cleaned out. It was right at the end the of the hose that goes back into the fuel tank and not up by the carb. It didn’t appear to be like your typical gummy deposits/varnish though. I hope it wasn?t some type of spongy check valve stuff that is supposed to be in there. That might explain some of my problems. Anyway, I also can not seem to get the primer bulb to fill. When I open the fuel tank, look in side and depress the primer bulb, air bubbles come out of the fuel filter. But when I let the bulb reexpand there’s no fuel that gets sucked up the hose. I can however seem to fill the primer bulb when the fuel tank is full and the chainsaw is laying on it?s pull cord side and the bulb is depressed a bunch of times. The saw will also start and run again for about 15 seconds then die. It’s definitely not getting/fuel and probably running out . Thanks.

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