his problem?
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What does “duds” mean? Are there no plants sprouting from seed pods? How old are the pods, when did you plant them?

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Each of our Seed Pod Kits are tested for germination and expire one year after that date. To give you seeds the best chance to germinate, we recommend storing extra kits in a dark, cool, dry place. This will keep them cool and the seeds dormant until you`re ready to plant them in your AeroGarden.
We guarantee germination of our seed kits for one year after purchase from any authorized seller. Generally, the seeds in a seed kit will remain viable for two years from the date of assembly if stored in a cool, dry location.
How long does the Aerogarden last? It takes about five to 15 days for Aerogarden seeds to germinate. Depending on what you`re growing, you can have weeks of, say, herbs or lettuce once it`s ready. Buy new pods and you can keep the growing going year-round.
1-2 of 2 Answers. Our Seed Pods are not reusable since they get overgrown with roots. You should have no issues with transplanting the Aerogarden seed pods into your own soil if you care to do so. Please visit our website to find our Grow Anything Seed Pod Kits that you can use to plant your own seeds in our seedpods.
Plants grown in an AeroGarden are susceptible to all the same pests as other indoor houseplants. Please be aware that the recommended control procedures listed on some of these sites may not be recommended for food plants.
VG and PG as preservatives are however combined with synthetic and artificial flavours. They are added with nicotine as well to make your vaping experience delicious and satisfying. These elements in the e-liquid or vape juice eventually go bad and expire, although for quite a long time.
Herbs: Herbs typically grow for about 3-4 months. Some herbs, like basil, can last longer than that, especially with regular pruning and harvesting. Fruiting Vegetables: Fruiting vegetable plants have a longer lifespan than flowers, lettuces, and herbs.
Seeds just aren`t meant to sit in a little envelope on your shelf year after year. Seeds will only go “bad”—in the way that bread gets moldy or milk curdles—if those seeds are exposed to moisture while being improperly stored and begin to develop mold or rot.
What is the disadvantage of AeroGardens? AeroGardens require a significant upfront investment compared to just buying indoor growing lights or growing things yourself outside. The standard AeroGarden Harvest model only holds room for 6 AeroGarden pods which doesn`t allow you to grow much either.
Sometimes, in hydroponic gardens, mold and algae can grow on top of your plant pods. A small amount of algae and mold can occur naturally because we do not use any fungicides or sterilizing agents in our plant pods or seeds.
Coffee pods often last for three to eight months beyond their expiration date. Tea Pods can be enjoyed six to 12 months after their expiration date. Hot chocolate pods maintain their quality for six to 12 months beyond their expiration date. Apple cider pods can last for eight to 12 months after their expiration date.

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I seem to have a couple duds in my basil packet could this be a problem with the unit or duds with the actual seed pods. Has anyone else had this problem?
ANSWER : What does “duds” mean? Are there no plants sprouting from seed pods? How old are the pods, when did you plant them?

Couple of guys tried to help me on this, perhaps you guys could come back. I forgot to mention there is a pressure tank bladder type on the discharge side. Could the air in this tank be messing with the prime. I checked the intake. It has water in it after bleeding air from the discharge system where before it was dry before purging air. I think there is air in the system and wonder if it is coming from the pressure tank?. i open up one of the discharge valves and a lot of air comes out. Should I put a valve on the pressure tank to take it off line until I get water from the well?

Mar 12, 2010 – Could it be the check valve? I took it off and the flap appears to be working correctly. This well has been here a long time. Never given me any problems. I do have galvenized couplers on the discharge and intake sides. Old. Could these be leaking even though they show no sign of water? The discharge is able to hold 30 pounds easily overnight. I do not hear any vacuum in the intake when I take it off. Could the pipe to the well have a leak? I know I would have to insert a sleeve but I do not want to go through the hassle if I do not have to. I had put on a brand new pump from the hardware store that did the same thing so I think that would elliminate the pump as being the problem.
I disconnected it for the winter and rehooked it up. The galvanized couplers on the discharge and pump side are old but do not appear to be leakeing as I taped them well. The check valve seems to be functioning well as I took it off and the flap works correctly. The well is not pulling water. there does not appear to be a vacuum on the check vale when I losen it. could the check valve be bad? I am aware I might have to resleeve the well, but do not want to hassle with this if I do not have to. I want to eliminate everything else first. i put another brand new pump on it to see if it was that. That partiuclar pump which was the same thng did not work either.
I took the pump nose off and looked at it. The one way valve appears to be working fine. The impeller is working fine also evidenced by when I turn it on witht the discharge cap off, water shoots out. When I open one of the discharge valves and turn it on, the pressure drops to 10lbs. At this point the prime water has moved through the pipe and and the pump does not soound like it has any water in it. I pull the cap off and have to “reprime it again.” It again goes back to the pressure gauage rapidly fluctuating while pump on. I disconnect pump on intake side I hear no vacuum. The guage is on the discharge side. The seals on the pump nose do not look frayed or damaged. The pump is not leaking water in any of the joints. The pipes on discharge and well side do not appear to be leaking.

ANSWER : My friend, please boil your question down. Your title has to do with riding mowers but the leaking, bladder, impeller, air bubbles, pressure tank, check valve comments seem to be migrating toward a pump of some kind – well? spa? pool? irrigation?

Briefly, any system that involves a water source, a water moving device, water storage device and ultimate useage is subject to leaks … into the system and out of the system. If this is a well and you have air in your system, your pump may be sucking air at the well or any loose connection between the tip of the pipe and the inlet to the pump. Your bladder could have failed but from what I can get from your comments, this is not the case. On the pressure side, neither air nor water will leak in … only out.

Please recheck all connections. Make sure your check valve is installed correctly and not leaking. The check valve assists the foot valve, which may have failed.

I am more inclined to think your well may be at the end of its useful life. To prove or disprove, you could have a plumber put a vacuum gage on your pump. He or she can answer this question is about 90 seconds based on this test. Expect to pay for one hour of time, which will be less than the time you have already invested in your project.

On my Timecutter ss5060 it dies when I pull in the drive arms. What could be my problem?
ANSWER : If this is happening while the PTO is operating then your switch is either disconnected, bad, or the wiring to it is broken.

How do I know if the float level is correct on my 1981 5 hp Arriens?

The motor runs a couple of seconds when I introduce fuel thru the sparkplug hole, but will not start and run otherwise. Checking, fuel runs thru the line when I disconnect the fuel line from the carb. I removed the carb, inspecting to clean, and when I took the bowl I noticed it looked like the float is not in a level position. WAs stored with Stabil in it and somebody told me that that may have caused some problem but he was not clear what the problem would be.

ANSWER : Check air filter. Try to run without filter. If not, add gas through carb and see if she’ll fire. If she does,
clean the jet

Why did’t my garden do well?
ANSWER : You can do either, if you purchase a new seed kit you know the varities have been tested and grow in an AeroGarden. If you plant yourself, but sure to look for small or dwarf varities and lean toward water loving plants.
What problems did you have with your other herbs, not basil?

Motor is missing – Cub Cadet 46" Lawnmower Deck Drive Belt 754 04153
ANSWER : Brenda, i need a little more information to help you with this problem.

Blades will not engage but will remain running
ANSWER : It is most likely the switch. I had the same problem and that fixed. I found the switch on Amazon for less than $20.
Stens 430-798 PTO Switch Replaces Scag 483957

I have a toro time cutter that i need to get to the shop, the problem is i need it to go in to neural.
ANSWER : Under the seat towards the rear are two levers with finger loops. move them both to the neutral position shown in diagram provided on mower. This will release the wheels .