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Check and see if the new line is kinked..good luck

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When the outboard is sucking fuel out of the tank, it creates a vacuum. Sounds like something was blocking air from entering the vacuum that`s created. Maybe the rough waves got water and debris into your fuel tank vent and the vacuum sucked all of the air out collapsing the bulb.
Primer bulbs do not work well if there is lots of air and no fuel. I spent over one hour getting my new boat primed. You might try running the hose and bulb to a can of gas (lots of things can go bad with can of gas, be careful) and see if the motor will fill and firm up the bulb.
Placement should be considered first. The filter should be installed in the outlet line that delivers fuel to the engine, after the tank outlet fitting but before any fuel pumps, regulators, primers or primer bulbs, or other filters.
ANSWER: The primer bulb, which is located in the fuel line between the gas tank and the engine, is used to fill the carburetor with fuel when the engine is started cold.
Since the primer bulb is now not pressurized, if you pumped it, you would be able to do that. It would get firm for a short period and then loose pressure and return to a vacuum state. This is perfectly normal. What is not normal is for the primer bulb to collapse either with the engine running, or not running.
Check for leaks- 90% of all pump problems occur on the suction (or Intake) side of the pump. Leaks on the pump`s intake line as well as around the shaft seal of the pump housing itself can cause your pump to lose its prime.
In some diesel engines, priming the fuel pump can be as simple as turning the ignition key to “run” for several seconds, turning off, and then repeating up to four times. This restart procedure will most likely be recommended by your manufacturer and allow you to restart the engine after a few minutes.
After the new fuel filter is installed, reconnect the negative terminal on your car battery, and reattach the fuel pump fuse/relay. Start your engine and let it run for a few minutes, checking to make sure that no fuel is leaking from your system.
A primer bulb is important because it helps to fill the carburetor with the correct amount of fuel. You may need to fix or replace your primer bulb if: It is not creating proper suction/pressure. It has a crack in it.

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Need to replace primer bulb and fuel lines, is there a digram that shows the connections?
ANSWER : Http://www.ereplacementparts.com/images/fuel_line_diagram.jpg

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Why won’t the Prime bulb fill on blower and how to fix?

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Need to replace fuel lines on my Troy Bilt gas hedge trimmer. Where can I get replacement fuel lines… or better yet… what size are the lines and where can I buy a few feet of the lines. Note: I have reviewed the parts assembly and it would seem to indicate I have to replace the entire handle assembly (Part #1) instead of just buying replacement hose(s). Any help to resolve my issue would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance
ANSWER : Replacement fuel lines should be readily available at your local lawnmower repair shop. Your TroyBilt hedger uses fuel line that is 3/32″ (2.4mm) interior dimension, 3/16″ (4.8mm) outside dimension, with a 3/64″ (1.2mm) wall dimension.
Most manufacturers don’t offer replacement line, only fuel tank assemblies. Find your local shop, and try to get the TYGON brand…it is yellow. Tygon lasts the longest. You should be able to buy it by the foot for less than $2 per foot. You will need 2 feet of hose to replace both lines.

Make sure to clean the in-tank filter when replacing hoses.

Good luck.

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How to replace the fuel primer bulb and fuel lines in McCulloch 3516 chainsaw?

the fuel primer bulb broke and the plastic lines have crumbled. i need to know how to run the lines from the fuel tank to primer bulb to carurator.


ANSWER : I just did a primer bulb not too long ago, but I don’t remember what equipment it was on. They are generally easy to replace. First, remove anything that is retaining the bulb assembly, such as cover plate. On my Homelite chainsaw, I simply pried it out with a small screwdriver.
The replacement part itself has two barbed stubs that the two fuel line hoses push onto.
Make sure that you keep the fuel line tubes above the fuel level at all times to prevent leakage.

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Which fuel line “port/inlet” on the Walbro wt-380 goes to the fuel tank? It’s on a Craftsman 25cc Gas “Weed Wacker” Line Trimmer purchased in 2002. It has Walbro WT-380 carburetor with external primer bulb. The carb has two inlets for attaching fuel lines – one to gas tank, one to primer bulb. One inlet is on diaphragm side of carb (side with the two Low/High speed adjustment screws). Other inlet is on “reservoir?” side (side with air/fuel mixture screw). Which inlet gets the “fuel tank line”? (Other will obviously go to primer bulb. I found all kinds of diagrams on web but none that showed this. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. (Problem occurs when replacing gas lines and forget which line goes where:)
ANSWER : Usually the line with the filter on it that comes from the tank goes to carb. inlet first which is most likely close to the bottom side of the carb.nearest to the engine,then the outlet or return line on the carb.goes to the inlet side of the primer and the outlet side of the primer goes back to the tank. The primer draws fuel through the carb to the primer to the tank if its not? then correct the line connections until it does

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Replaced primer bulb and all fuel lines still getting air in lines. ran pretty good for about 10 minutes now will start with choke but dies in a few seconds. Cannot rev. up. cleaned under both plates but did not replace any gaskets on carb. After turning carb on its side it quit sucking air into primer bulb but same results. Not positive of routing of fuel lines they broke off before I could see how they were run.
ANSWER : The primer bulb pulls fuel from bottom of fuel tank,when bulb is full it will return fuel back into tank,the hose entering bulb runs in the tank to bottom with filter on the end,the return hose stops just as it enters the tank maybe 3/4″,make sure the hoses entering tank are tight fit or they will pull air in and leak.the carb may also need rebuild/clean,there is a screen inside of carb that may be stopped up which will need to be replaced.(carb kit).

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How fuel lines hook up to primer ball – Troy Bilt Tb70ss Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : The supply line coming from the stone filter goes to the short nipple on the prime bulb and the line out from the long nipple on the priming bulb goes to the fuel nipple on the carb that is the closest to the muffler. The return nipple is the closest to the choke and it goes back to the hole in the tank that is the higest. I hope that helps.

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Need to replace fuel lines….does the prime bulb connected to return fuel line or the supply fuel line
ANSWER : Hi stglass900…

Normally the big line will be the line the fuel filter is connected to inside of the tank, and is connected to the primer bulb.
The smaller of the two lines is the return line to the fuel tank from the carburetor after it is pumped thru the carburetor by the primer bulb.
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