19″ Electric Lawnhog Mulching Mower

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Make sure the key is fully in.
  1. Is the battery charged? Plug in to charge.
  2. The GFCI May Have Tripped. Reset it by pressing in that little button on the outlet until it clicks.
  3. The circuit breaker may have tripped. …
  4. The engine may be flooded. …
  5. Fresh fuel in the tank? …
  6. Is the blade control engaged? …
  7. Spark plug issues?

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Lawn Hog i need to see the connections for a switch. 2 black, 1 white and 1 red. this is the switch that operated the lawn mower, part #6810641n. which wire goes to which terminal?
ANSWER : Give me your fax # i will send 1 for you

Wire diagram to hook up battery on model CMM1200
ANSWER : Old post but maybe I can helpi could take phone pics for you ?
let me know
[email protected]

Switch diagram needed
ANSWER : Funny, I came here because I just opened up the switch case on my MM875. Hold the switch so the terminals are on top. Call the black switch (the part you push in to power up the mower) north. The north post gets white (metal connector). The west post gets red (plastic connector). The east post gets the black that comes from the mower’s motor (plastic connector). The south post gets the black that comes from the outlet (metal connector) (Black Plastic Switch) White (Metal) Red (Plastic) Black (Plastic–from motor)) Black (Metal–from outlet)

The blade/motor does not run, it only does run once
ANSWER : Same thing happened to mine it was a short in the switch (replace switch) make sure to take note of which wire goes to each terminal before replacing

Lawn mower won t start – Black & Decker Black and Decker Mm575 18" Mulching Lawn Hog Electric Lawn Mower
ANSWER : I too had problems starting and running my MM575 mower. I found the switch lever would only work when held at a angle. I opened up the switch cover and found the plastic pivot pin for the switch lever was worn causing the lever to be too loose. I cut the pivot pin and drilled it out and replaced it a 10-32 screw with nut. Now it works like it is supposed too!

Electric Lawn Mower Doesn’t start – Pwr supply ok – No burnt Moto
ANSWER : This mower has a dc motor and the brush on the black wire to the motor usally wears down

Black decker 36v won’t start
ANSWER : Sounds like its burnt out. Or shorting out.

Series 2000 munchinmower
ANSWER : Diagram are not available online. if you like i will email it to you.
my email add: [email protected]