5640-1001 Lithium Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer

The shaver fell apart and I can’t figure how to put the 3 shaver parts together

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Remove battery cover from trimmer by pushing in the direction of the arrow. 2. Insert the battery/batteries following the directions printed on the inside of the trimmer. Use alkaline batteries with your Wahl product.
User rating, 4.8 out of 5 stars with 4735 reviews. About $0.25/mo. Give your beard a trim, well-groomed look with this WAHL Micro GroomsMan pen trimmer. Its water-safe stainless steel blades let you spruce up your sideburns, neckline and other facial and body hair.
When you buy a Wahl product you get over 100 years of history, coupled with quality and industry-leading innovation. In addition to now being waterproof, the Stainless Steel trimmer includes upgraded attachment heads and guide combs for a far superior user experience.
When fully charged, newer Wahl rechargeable clippers with lithium-ion batteries will run for up to 2 hours. Clippers with Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd batteries will run for about one hour. Newer trimmers, on the other hand, when fully charged, will run between 20 to 40 minutes.
WAHL cutting blades need to be oiled and maintained regularly. A fast and easy way to ensure better cutting performance and durability. Available in 5ml or 118.3ml size.
We can all agree: Wahl is one of the best and biggest hair clipper manufacturers on the planet. They have quite an impressive product line of high-quality and elegant grooming tools.
To remove, take two thumbs to the top of the blade and push away from the clipper. You can then easily replace or clean the blade. If you have any additional product questions please feel free to contact our Wahl Service Center at 1-800-PRO-WAHL.

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On the wahl 8779 does the blue charge light go out when full charged
ANSWER : Yes, the blue light goes out when fully charged. It should come on for at least a few seconds when it is returned to the charger base.

How do you remove the ignition coil? I can remove the bolt quite easily, but how do you remove the post which secures the other end of the coil?
ANSWER : Would of been very helpful if you would of mentioned the engine you are working on… model/serial numbers would of been even better !!!

I need a new engine for my lawn mower (MTD)
The model “no” is 124802,,
type =0610-01
code =94062259
Where can I buy one from ? ,,I live WA PERTH
ANSWER : Call 1-800-873-6722 and give them the model and type number. I can tell you, this is going to be a lot more expensive than just buying a new mower.

I am serching for my older brother. he has a troy built tiller, model# 21A-643_B711-188399, serial # 1D253K60002. Tecumseh engine model # 0H195EA, model # 618-04360, Serial# 1D20601 0067 ,6.0 HP 195cc. We need a dpagram to hookup wires and /or spings of thi tiller can you help. I sincerely thank you, Dallas

I need an owners mannual for poulan chain saw model #p3314
ANSWER : Try this site … http://www.manualsonline.com You may have to sign up with e-mail address.

ANSWER : Take or call the saw shop and give them your serial # they should be able to tell you the model or take your saw down to the saw shop that sells your brand of saw and ask them. Good luck .

Drive belt 42″ craftsman tractor model #917.270810
ANSWER : You need to post the 917.xxxxxx model number for some one to help you. There are about 10 different belts that fit different 42″ Craftsman mowers.
You could also go to www3,sears.com and put in the same 917.xxxxxx model number and look up the part number. You do not want to buy a belt just by the size alone but must use one that is made for the machine application. The cheaper ones that you pick up in the local hardware store etc. like a 3Lxxx or 4Lxxx are made for low horsepower electric motors and will not last on your lawnmower.

Need the engine model number for toro mower model 2006,serial 270001124
ANSWER : I too was looking for the engine model number and serial number for my Toro mower to submit a claim for a class action suit. I could only find the “Mower” model and serial number. I found a guide to locate the engine information in the “Engine Service Manual” for my mower.To get the “Engine Service Manual”, I went to Toro’s website https://lookup3.toro.com/request/request.cfm and entered the “Mower” Model # and Serial Number. That brought me to a speific page for my mower with several manuals listed, including he “Engine Service Manual” which could be downloaded for free. The information for locating the Engine Model and Serial Number was found on the first page of the Preface. Here is a sample link for my mower Engine Manual https://lookup3.toro.com/request/filechek.cfm?Lang=EN&PubNum=492-4202&PubID=6924&Cust=anonymous_user&xCaller=Toro&PubType=9