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There are two common abbreviations of equipment: eqpt. and equip. If you want to it plural, simply add on an “s.”
There are three common abbreviations of engineering. They are engr., eng., and engrg. The most common of these three abbreviations is engr.
An abbreviation is a shortened form of a written word or phrase.
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Meaning of std in English

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ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
Durable medical equipment (DME)

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Need to know what the setting is for needle valve on a 460. I increased the gap when I was trying to fix a problem of running too lean. Fix the problem, but messed up the needle valve. The problem was the screen filter in the car was plugged. Now the saw will not idle because it is too rich and I can get high rpm because of too rich.

Thank you for any help


ANSWER : Turn both H and L jet needles CW to stops (lightly), then back out 1-1/2 turns each CCW. This is a basic setting and will be rich. Start the engine and allow to warm up. Pull the throttle full on and turn the H needle CW until the engine starts to speed up, but continues to 4-stroke. Final adjustment is when the engine 4-strokes at speed with no load, but immediately 2-strokes when cutting. Release the throttle and allow to idle. Turn the L jet needle CW until the engine idles fairly well, but still allows the engine to ‘follow the throttle’. Idle speed screw should be adjusted to keep the engine idling, but the chain should not try to turn. Hope this helps!

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Replaced blades on LT 1018 series and the blades are making a grinding noise. Followed operators manual instructions, purchased proper replacement parts. can you help?
ANSWER : You did what you were supposed to do, new blades, proper installation, and you were happy with what you thought was going to be a good outcome. The problem is that the new blades are hitting the deck area. Old blades ware down , your mower deck was bumping into stuff . Now you have to go under with a hammer and hammer back the dents where the blades are hitting. You did very well to start, but now to finish you have to do a little bit more. You will be mowing again in no time. Good luck.

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I am working on my Husqvarna 124 L line trimmer. It suddenly stopped running. I know a few things about fixing engines and because of the way that immediately stopped, I figured that it was an electrical problem. I checked for spark and found no spark. So I Pulled the “kill” switch, leaving the two wires unplugged, and still no spark. So I put the “kill” switch back on, tried it again, no spark. Pushed and held the momentary ‘kill” switch, and GOT SPARK!

I next pulled the engine from the shrouds and removed the two “kill” switch wires from the magnito, or “module,” attached the starter, pulled and got no spark. I then put a jump wire between the two “Kill” switch terminals on the “module” , Pulled the starter and GOT SPARK!
Q: Is this another Husqvarna thing, or am I right in thinking that this is wrong?
Q: Is this telling me that the Module is bad? How can I test the Module?
Q: If you have another answer to this problem, please give me a hint.


ANSWER : Kinda backwards than normal operation I see string trimmers. It could a weird setup. Check the kill operation with an ohm meter. If it is a closed circuit in run and open in kill position you may electrical connection problem in the wiring.

But normally you ground the magneto to kill the spark. By leaving the wires off at coil you should spark and not when you ground it.

Post an comment back when you out what is going here as I haven’t seen this before. This might explain some reports I seen about customers receiving electrical from some Husqvarna trimmers.

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Lost my paper work , Need to know what can of oil is needed for the ( 3300 generator ) I also have a ( 13 gallon Air Compressor ) In which I need to know what oil to use.. Thank you
ANSWER : Generator takes 30W oil.

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Not my drill. its my dads, but i need to know how to swith drill bits. its a keyless drill so i know i dont need one. i just dont know how to do it
ANSWER : Grab the outside of the chuck and twist by hand. that should do it. (don’t turn it on while doing this)

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I have a husqvarna Gxls 2354 with a briggs and stratton engine, I just need to know what type of battery it needs. No one local can give me any info without the engine serial number…seriously…its a riding mower not a freakin sports car. The battery in it had nothing on it except a use before date so I don’t know if it 6v or 12 v or low amp or high amp. Can u help…


ANSWER : Hi, use a Mf12n24-4 or equivalent, regards Phil.

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I need to know the info on the Idle Screws for a Poulan Chainsaw 336 Pro, i did take it apart cleaned it now I need to know how much of a turn I do for the High n Low screw, Can u help me please?

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I need to know the the abbreviations on a U T 1018 module
ANSWER : Only thing found out was U T ELECTRONIC CONTROLS is company.

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