Yardman Riding Lawn Mower 38in Deck 12 12 Hp

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Your best bet is to take your old plug out and a parts store can duplicate it.

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Most of our handheld engine spark plugs should be gapped at either: A) For 28-32 cc engines, set the gap at 0.020″ (0.5 mm). B) For 38-55 cc engines, set the gap at 0.025″ (0.635 mm).
The easiest way to check what kind of spark plug your mower needs is to check at your local hardware store. If you have the make and model the sales associates should be able to help you find the right plugs for your machine.
Spark plugs aren`t universal; you have to make sure that you buy one that fits your mower. You can consult your owners` manual to determine the types your lawn mower can use or take a look at the plug`s ceramic insulator, which usually has the number printed on it.
There will be one spark plug for each engine cylinder. Most small engines only have one spark plug, twin-cylinder engines will have two spark plugs, four-cylinder engines will have four spark plugs..and so on…

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I need to know the spark plug for a Yardman by MTD 12A-556Q713 self propelled walk behind lawnmower (honda engine)
ANSWER : Your best bet is to take your old plug out and a parts store can duplicate it.

Spark plug gap for honda 160cc engine – Troy Bilt 5.5hp Self Propelled Mower
ANSWER : The Gap is 0.028 and the Spark Pulg should be an NGK BPR6ES.

Where is the spark plug on an MTD self propelled 123cc lawn mower?
ANSWER : Look in front of engine. Your see rubber coated wire. Unplug it, and there your plug.

Need the spark plug gap – Poulan Pro 22" Self Propelled High Wheel Mower
ANSWER : .028 to .036

Spark gap mtd 173cc mower
ANSWER : Contact MTD if your manual doesn’t cover this, or buy a shop manual.

I need the spark plug gap for a MTD mower model # 11A038A729. It has a Briggs 12M902 0451 E1. Thanks.
ANSWER : The proper gap is ..030″ Here is the Briggs application chart for L-Head engines like yours.

I own a troy built self propelled mower with a Honda GC160 engine. I’m wanting to drain the oil and am looking at the engine where the manual says there is an oil drain plug, but there is no plug. Can you help me find where it might be?
ANSWER : It’s on the same side as the muffler near the bottom of the engine. carefull with the oil if you run it before you change the oil as it will be HOT!!!…good luck

How to change the oil – Mtd Yard – Man 160cc, 21" Self – Propelled Lawn Mower
ANSWER : Remove spark plug wire or whole thing
theres a plug in the bottom under the deck
remove plug drain into pan