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The part number for rebuild kit is 632760B, while the substitution part # is 49-019 . Please check the schematic for details—

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Riding mower model numbers are found by flipping the seat forward. The model number is printed on the left side of the Product Identification Label, attached to the underside of the seat, and starts with the letters, “CM”.
It`s like a “VIN” for your carburetor and should be hand-stamped on the front of the choke tower to the right of the vent tube on most typical Holley carbs. The list number typically is four to six digits long and may or may not have a suffix number behind it.
Get your can and spray the liquid on the carburettor. Make sure you don`t go overboard with spraying the liquid as it may end up harming the device. Rest assured that WD-40 is potent enough to work its magic even if it is sprayed decently on the carburettor.
Rebuilding a carb is actually a fairly quick and easy process that requires little more than a few basic tools, a cleaner, and a carburetor kit. Before the advent of fuel injection in performance vehicles, rebuilding the carb was a routine procedure, performed in garages and backyards across the country.
Rebuilding the carburetor may be required if basic adjustments don`t fix your small engine problems or improve performance on your lawn mower or outdoor power equipment. Follow the steps below for overhauling small engine carburetors.
It has a 140cc Briggs and Stratton® engine featuring one-step starting, no priming needed.
A weak accelerator pump, worn throttle shafts, or dirt inside the carburetor are a few of the problems that might be causing the poor air/fuel mixture. Another recognizable sign of carburetor trouble is rough idling .
Basically, all contemporary carburetors work the same way and have five distinct systems (six, if you count the choke): Float: The float maintains a constant level of fuel in the float bowl, and while it seems to be a simple system, it has to function correctly to maintain the proper air/fuel ratio.
There are two types of carburetors: Fixed venturi – The velocity of the airflow is used to regulate the flow of the fuel. Variable venturi – The flow of raw fuel is controlled mechanically, and airflow is regulated with fuel flow.
Genuine Briggs and Stratton part number 799868 Carburetor.

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Would like a drawing or parts listing for a model 197 258492 craftsman riding lawn mower
ANSWER : Go to Put in your model number in and it will come up with diagrams and parts list.

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How do i set the gov. on a craftsman LT1000 riding mower the motor model is 917-271652 ?
ANSWER : If there is a governor, it is most likely part of the engine. You will need the engine model number to look that up.

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Model 358 craftsman blower, where is the fuel filter
ANSWER : Follow the fuel line from the tank to the carb. If it has one, its in that tubing line. There will prolly be a particle filter screen inside the tank to keep crud from getting to the carb. Other than that – there’s really not much to the fuel system on these.

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I have a craftsman 42″ lt 1000 model tractor and need the part number or diagram for the shaft that connects the pully on one end and the blade on the bottom. I do not have the model number and the mower is somewhere else. Is this shaft common on most craftsman 42″ riders?
The part number for just the shaft is 137646 and for housing shaft and bearing is 130794.

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Engine part for Tecumseh 6hp 195cc
ANSWER : The float and pin can be bought as a repair kit., and replaced.

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Craftsman riding mower loose belts need tighting
ANSWER : Http://

Here ya go.

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Got a carb rebuild kit but it dosnt have everything I need. Where can I find more parts that are not part of the overaul kit
ANSWER : You need the model number off the engine. You can go to the manufacturer’s website or a site like partstree and using the manuf. and model number you will be able to look up the engine illustrated parts drawings. Pull up the drawing for the carb and find the pieces that you need. Take the number that the part is labeled with and go to the table to the right and scroll down to that number and you will find the name for the part and a part number. You will also be able to order your part from there. If you so choose, you can take the name and part number to a local small engine repair parts supplier and get them locally.I hope this helps you with what you need. If you have trouble with this then you can reply with what’s hang you up and I will get back to you.

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I need a manual for a 21 hp 42″ craftsman riding lawnmower model #944609210
ANSWER : Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly

After experimenting with numbers I have come to the conclusion that the 2 in your model number is an 8

Actual manual location:

Thanks for choosing FixYa, Kelly

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