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Stihl Recalls Certain Model Chain Saws

of Virginia Beach, Va., announced today that it is recalling approximately 50,000 series 1127 chain saws, models 029 and 039 that were manufactured from March 7, 1993 to August 12, 1994.

Most serial numbers are stamped in the motor housing or crankcase to the left or right of the muffler looking down from the top on a flat surface. They will in most cases be 9 digits long and begin with the number 1, 2 or 5.
The Stihl chainsaw scale

Each model number contains three sections: MS, MSA, or MSE + numbers + letters. Let`s start with MS, a straightforward one to explain. MS stands for Motorsäge (chainsaw in German), and MSA means it is a battery chainsaw, while MSE indicates it is an electric chainsaw.

How Long do STIHL Chainsaws Last? Information we found online suggests that Stihl Pro Chainsaws have a run time of about 2,000 hours. That means the saw would last you for a minimum of 5.5 years before dying. Keep in mind this time is rated for professional chainsaws and not for regular homeowner saws.
4-Pack 20″ Full Chisel Saw Chain for STIHL 029 Chainsaws – (20 inch, 3/8″ Pitch, 0.050″ Gauge, 72 Drive Links, CSC-D72)
DISPLACEMENT: 56.5 cc (3.45 cu. in.) WEIGHT: 5.9 kg (13.0 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY: 560 cc (18.9 oz.)
Sometimes the fakes are obvious (STIHL never uses stickers to mark its products – our logo is always printed or embossed directly on the product), but the only way to be sure you are getting a genuine STIHL is to purchase your product from an authorized STIHL Dealer.
We`ll start with an easy one. Every STIHL chainsaw model name starts with MS, MSA, or MSE. The common part, MS, stands for Motorsäge which is German for chainsaw. MSA indicates that it`s a battery chainsaw and MSE tells us that it`s an electric model.

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Parts diagram to
ANSWER : Http://

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Sthil 066 carb diagram
ANSWER : Don’t mess with the insides of a STIHL carb, just buy a new one. Why put new parts in an old carb?

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Stihl diagram parts list for fs85
ANSWER : Your local stihl dealer can email you a parts diagram…

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066 parts diagram
ANSWER : Just use the internet

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Stihl 025 diagram of parts needed. Runs rough and will not accelerate
ANSWER : Try to get an IPL here:
Stihl USA Contact Us
Stihl considers all OE parts, IPLs and Shop manuals proprietary. When they discover an on-line source for any of these they force it be removed. If they tell you no your recourse is to register a complaint. Please do. Then go here, join, post an email address and your need.

ArboristSite Beg for manuals thread (free to join)

If you have more questions or need additional help please reply below and I will get back to you. Thank you for using FixYa and Good Luck. HTH

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Need parts list for Stihl FS 75 trimmer – Oregon Scientific Complete Carburetor for Stihl 4122 Brush Cutter and 4226HS Hedge Trimmer
ANSWER : Look at your local lawn and garden place some times they have extra parts that you can use for your trimmer. Or call the company them selfs and ask them if they have parts.

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ANSWER : Im figuring the FS85 has the cow horn bars,of which there are 3 types of controls. Here’s the Illustrated parts list diagram. If you would like the full IPL please contact me further and i will send it to you.

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Stihl ht 101 spare parts list pdf – Stihl HT101 Pole pruner
ANSWER : Stihl does not supply parts lists to the public. if you want one you will have to talk to a dealer in your area and see if they will be willing to allow you to look at one

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