Hedge Hog 24-Inch 3.0-AMP Dual Action Hedge Trimmer #HS2400

Most websites list the blade assembly as obsulete. Is there a substitute?

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The BLACK+DECKER Hedge Hog 24 in. trimmer with rotating handle features a rear handle that rotates for the ideal hand position when making vertical cuts or sculpting. The 24 in. pre-hardened, rust-resistant steel cutting blades can cut branches up to 3/4 in. thick and hold their sharpness for a long time.
The cutting action on a hedgetrimmer refers to the way in which the blades move against one another; so a double-action hedgetrimmer is one with two moving blades, while a single-action hedgetrimmer will have one moving blade and one stationary blade.
16-inch or smaller blades are ideal for small and average-sized hedges. 18-inch blades are ideal for average and larger-sized hedges. 20-inch and larger blades are the best hedge trimmers for thick branches and ideal for large, established hedges.
General hedge trimmer maintenance: occasionally and as required. Sharpen the cutting blades and, when necessary, have damaged or worn blades professionally replaced. Using a hedge trimmer with blunt blades will damage your plants and make work unnecessarily difficult.
It`s worth buying a hedge trimmer if you have overgrowth that`s too thick for a string trimmer but using a chainsaw would be overkill. Hedge trimmers can cut branches as thick as about an inch. They do that with an oscillating bar of a fixed length, with precut grooves on either side of the blade.
The hedgehog was named because of its peculiar foraging methods. These animals root through hedges and other undergrowth in search of the small creatures that compose the bulk of their diet—insects, worms, centipedes, snails, mice, frogs, and snakes.

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My B & D electric hedge trimmer blades are frozen
ANSWER : Spray liberally with wd40, let side and hour spray rag with wd40 and clean blades and look for any bent teeth in blade that maybe binding them as u clean use pliers and screwdriver to move if any found, it is likely that wither sap dried or rust formed and is creating too much friction for blades to move wd40 will help free up blades

Can black and decker electric hedge clippers be replaced?
ANSWER : Simple answer NO

What thickness of a branch will the black and decker hedge hog 24 hedge trimmer cut?
ANSWER : Probably what ever will fit between the teeth

My trimmer slows down when applied to material to cut; on its own it runs fine. its electric & feels like its going to stall when you’re cutting. what gives?
ANSWER : Take it apart and clean the slip rings and brushes

My Black and Decker hedge trimmer’s blades won’t move, but smoke and a burning smell comes from the motor. Can it be fixed? How much would it cost?
ANSWER : Your blades are stuck together.
Had the same problem: when I turn on the trimmer, the motor would hum but the blades won’t move. What I did:1. Sprayed a ton of wd40 between the blades2. Took a screwdriver and kinda wedged it between the blades to get them unstuck. Also removed some guck between the blades.And it worked!

How to change blade assembly on hedge hog 22 – Black & Decker 22 In Dual Action Hedge Trimmer
ANSWER : Are your blades dull, they can be sharpened. There is a good video on youtube by ereplacementparts where he shows you how to do it with a file and with a grinder.

I have the black and decker 22″ hedge trimmer.  I haven’t used it more than say 3 times.  All of a sudden as I am trimming a bush, it goes out.  I tried a different plug, extension cord, etc.  and it still doesn’t work.  So I know it is the unit.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
ANSWER : If you only used it three times from new then I would take it back to where I bought it.

Blades wont move when power connected. Stripped it down. Motor is fine. I think it must be the gears attached to the blade unit
ANSWER : Either the gears, OR SOME machines have a “CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH” [a safety feature] between the engine and the blades.

IF your machine has this feature, then it’s possible that the clutch has worn out and is slipping so badly that the blade won’t move.