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You did not include a model number so finding the correct part at this time is next to impossible. If you have a model number you can go to these sites and find out the part number:
You can also try
and this one:
If you have the old belt you can take it to any major automotive parts store and they will measure it and find you a replacement. NAPA and AUTOZONE are 2 very good sources
Without a model number this is the best I can do

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Belt Driven Air Compressors

Belt drive air compressors have a V-shaped belt attached to the motor of the compressor pump.

The car will not successfully run without a serpentine belt. The car may continue to run for a moment if the ac compressor belt breaks, but not for long. The belt also powers the alternator, which supplies engine with continuous power. Once this fails its only a matter of time until the battery dies and you stall.
The cost of the serpentine belt itself could be around $50 and the cost of labor could be around $150. As a result, a serpentine belt cost for replacement could range from $70 to $200 depending on your exact model and where you get it replaced.
Usually, you can expect your AC belt to last between 30,000 and 40,000 miles. If the belt is exposed to contaminants, its life will be reduced.
The Role of an AC Belt in a Car

Older vehicles use v-belts, which generally only run the AC compressor. As the name suggests, it is V-shaped and narrow. Newer vehicles use serpentine belts, which are flat and ribbed to run all the engine components, including the drive belt.

A serpentine belt is one long rubber belt along your car`s engine that provides power to many vital components in your car like the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning and sometimes the water pump, according to Firestone.
The AC compressor belt is a very simple component that plays a very important part in the AC system. It simply connects the compressor to the engine, allowing the compressor to be turned with the engine`s power. Without the belt, the AC compressor cannot turn and will be unable to pressurize the AC system.

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What type sae 30 oil do I put in my bolens weedwackewr
ANSWER : If its two cycle then you have to use two cycle oil. You can buy the small container which you use in a 1 gallon gas can or you can buy a larger can and mix your gas yourself. The larger can works out cheaper and I have the small can which I keep refilling from the bigger can. If you buy your gas by the liter you put one small can in 4.5 liters of gas which is a gallon.

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The directions got wet to my round up..its not the pump its the bottle that needs to be concentrated….how much to a gallon do i need to use?
ANSWER : Add 6 fluid ounces per 1 gallon of warm water. Spray the ivy or brush you want to kill until it is thoroughly wet.

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What is the diagram for traction belt routing
ANSWER : Go to this website, upper right hand corner and do a parts look up.
Search for your model and that good stuff they ask of you and then
choose mower housing should be there, browse the site it’s really cool
and has a lot of info.
I did a
sample search for generic riding mower deck and found great diagram of
belt routing. Give it a try you will find same results Good Luck! Don’t forget the thumbs!

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How many ounces per gallon is 50:1 – Ryobi Three Trimmer Combo
ANSWER : 3.2 ounces to a UK gallon or 2.56 ounces to a US gallon.

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Drive belt Have replace drive belt but mower still has no forward movement. Mower is only 2 years old but its already had to have another drive belt installed by the dealer last year. wanted to do it myself but when i install belt theres hardly any tension so mower doesnt move. Checked and rechecked the diagram and is installed correctly. Cant find a tensioner adjustment if it has one.
ANSWER : I don’t have an answer for you, but Do you have a diagram of the Drive Belt?

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Need to know how long the beltis on model no 917273012
ANSWER : Go to and type in your model # and it will tell you which belt you need.

Good luck!

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Diagram for belt replacement on 1988 Toyota Tercel
ANSWER : Fig. 1: Correct timing mark placement on 3E and 3E-E enginesHope this helps; also keep in mind that your
feedback is important and I`ll appreciate your time and consideration if
you leave some testimonial comment about this answer.

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I need to know how the pump belt is routed
ANSWER : Below is the master help link
provided to go through belt routing diagram:—Timing belt, drive belt, serpentine
belt, accessory belt, fan belt, engine belt routing diagrams for all types of
car models?
Click the link below: —-
———-This will help. Thanks.

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