Products Yard Machines 158CC Tiller

Model 11A-414E529
Serial # 1A028130685 000001
This machine is missing a blade and I need to know what kind of balde it uses

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The Model number is eleven characters long and is printed on the left side of the Product Identification Label. Characters can include numbers, letters or hyphens.
Founded in Cleveland in 1932, MTD Products Inc® is a leader in the design and manufacture of outdoor power equipment such as lawnmowers and snow blowers. MTD`s family of brands offers a range of lawn and garden products to inspire people all over the world to care for and enjoy the outdoors.
Yard Machines®

Since 1958 when the first lawn mower rolled off the line, MTD has been designing easy-to-use outdoor power equipment and building a reputation for quality and dependability second to none. Yard Machines® provides the equipment you need to get yard work done.

The 42-inch Yard Machines Riding Mower makes it easy for you to get yard work done. This hardworking machine features a Briggs & Stratton 17.5HP engine as well as a seven-speed shift-on-the-go transmission to give you the power to drive the riding mower up small hills and ridges.
Powermore® engines are a premium small block engine with advantages that in many cases are better than competitive engine models.
Finding your model number and serial number is as easy as locating the identification tag on your machine. As seen in the example, the model number will be displayed below the MODEL heading (Example: Z235), and the serial number will be underlined on the top-right corner of the tag (Example: 130002).
On a reel mower, the blades spin vertically. This is different from most mowers you may be familiar with where the blade spins horizontally, called rotary mowers. Traditionally, reel mowers are mechanically powered, which means you need to use muscle to push them to cut grass.
Manual or push reel mowers don`t have engines, so they don`t use gas and emit no pollutants. The lack of an engine also means reel mowers are virtually noiseless. No engine also means no tune-ups, and less maintenance: no oil to check, no filter to clean, no spark plugs, saving time and money.
Along with Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Columbia and Remington, the MTD family of brands includes MTD®, MTD Gold®, MTD Pro®, Yard-Man®, Yard Machines® and Bolens®.
What is Methadone? Methadone, also known as dolphine, is a narcotic pain reliever.
Identification tags are located in areas unlikely to need replacement – even after years of use. For most of our power equipment, these tags are approximately 2″ x 3″ in size. They also have the MTD product`s name, address and customer service phone number listed across the bottom.
SAE 10W-30 is best for varying temperature ranges and is best for starting in cold climates. The trade off here is the potential for higher oil consumption. Synthetic oil is also an option for your riding lawn mower. SAE 5W-30 is a great all-around alternative to conventional oil.
Identification tags are located in areas unlikely to need replacement – even after years of use. For most of our power equipment, these tags are approximately 2″ x 3″ in size. They also have the MTD product`s name, address and customer service phone number listed across the bottom.
What year was my equipment built? The 5th character of our 11 character product serial numbers will indicate the last number of the year that it was manufactured. Since 5th character in the example is a 4, the year of manufacture would be a year ending in 4.

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I have had a poulan pro 550 series push mower for almost 1 year at the end of the season last year the mower would start briefly and then stop. i have cleaned out the air filter and that did not help.the mower started, i made one revolution around the yard 3/4th of the way the mower quit. I then primed the mower it started then quit and now it will not start at all. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do. Thanks
ANSWER : There is a little spring that works the carburetor arm. If that popped off then the mower will not run.

ANSWER : Take the old plug out, any auto store should be able to match it up.


Engine stops after blade is engaged – Poulan Pro 46Inch 22 HP Yard Tractor with Briggs and Stratton Engine PB22H46YT
ANSWER : A faulty seat safety switch will cause this to happen.

Where is oil drain plug on MTD mower – Mtd LAWN MOWER PART # 683-04163B FRAME Assembly:RIDER
ANSWER : If it isn’t on the bottom of the engine (above the blade) then you don’t have one. This is not that uncommon. When you need to drain the oil, FIRST- pull the spark plug wire off!!! Then remove the dip stick or filler plug and turn the unit upside down and drain the oil.

Why doesn’t the shifter on my 42″mtd mower not effect the trans?
ANSWER : If the tractor has a hydro-static transmission. There is a rod at the back to make tractor roll easy for pushing. Rod out for neutral.Rod in for drive ingaged.

Which way does the blade securing bolt turn to loosen
ANSWER : All of the blades I encounter (daily) have a standard 9/16″ bolt with a standard thread, meaning when facing the bottom of the mower, clockwise to tighten and CCW to loosen. (“Lefty Loosey, Righty-Tighty). BE SURE TO REMOVE THE SPARK PLUG CABLE BEFORE YOU EVEN ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE BLADE!!! TURNING A MOWER BLADE CAN START THE MACHINE AND CUT YOUR HAND OFF!!! Best of luck to you.

When I hold the bar down that engages the blade it will not cut?
ANSWER : Is the blade sharp?

MTD Yardman push mower runs fine for awhile then cuts off.
ANSWER : Try buying a new plug first but if it continues then I would say that there is debris in the carb.