it into the shop. I hate to loose a weekend of cutting.
16″ Chainsaw Bar Chain Saw 018 025 Ms 180 250

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Turn oil screw up located under saw near bar side cover

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Without lubricant, the speed at which the chain moves over the chainsaw bar can cause some serious friction. A slowed-down chain and excessive fuel burning mean there`s a lot of friction between your bar and chain, which means a lot of heat is being produced that could do major damage to your saw.
If your chainsaw is using too much bar oil, you may need to clean the bar and chain and rid it of built-up dirt and debris. You can do this by spraying a degreaser onto the bar and chain and letting it sit for a few minutes before wiping them clean with a rag.
We recommend in all of our owners` manuals that you should only use high-quality brand-name petrol with a minimum octane rating of 90, but we can reassure you that petrol with an ethanol content of 10% or less, like the new E10 petrol will not cause a problem with your STIHL petrol tool.
The viscosity of chainsaw bar oil can vary, depending on the formula but 30W is standard. In cold weather, a thin 10W chainsaw oil may be advantageous, while very hot temperatures may require a much thicker 40W or 50W formula.
Storing regular petrol inside a machine can cause blockages and gumming to the intricate fuel delivery parts, so the most important thing to remember is that whether you`re storing a chainsaw or garden power tool such as a petrol lawn mower you should store your tool without any fuel in it.
You want lubrication of the actual chain against the bar. You don`t want to chain to burn – which is what might happen if there`s too much friction. Without oil, it causes frictional force on the motor in the chainsaw as well.
The oil pressure generated in most engines should be about 10 psi per every 1000 revolutions per minute (rpm), peaking around 55-65 psi.
With a narrow flat-tipped screwdriver, adjust the oil flow. To increase the oil flow, turn the automatic oiler adjustment screw counterclockwise.
When you put the chain back onto your chainsaw, you will have to lubricate it to clean it, using WD-40® Multi-Use Product. Before refitting the chain into the chainsaw, wipe off all the excess residue and then reattach it to the guide bar.
Use for lubricating moving parts, pivot points and bearings. Lubricate small to larger motors found in sewing machines, fans, lawnmowers and trimmers, drills, chainsaws, and other tools.
Most modern chainsaws, string trimmers, leaf blowers and other small-engine two-stroke equipment recommend a 50:1 oil mix ratio, but some recommend 40:1 and older two-stroke equipment might even call for 32:1.
Your chainsaw will need an unleaded, mid-grade gasoline with an octane rating of at least 89. This is one of the few times you`ll want to spend the money for premium gas. Unlike other small engines, most chainsaws us a high-performance engine. If the octane rating is not at 89, you risk knocking your engine.
Absolutely. 10w40 is thick enough to mostly stay on the chain. Regular bar and chain oil have additives that keep the oil from slinging off the chain. This is why it is always recommended to use regular chain oil.
NO, outboard two stroke motor oil designed for water cooled engines does not provide the needed protection or lubrication for two stroke air cooled engines.
Well you can get away with using 30 weight or 40 weight or 50 weight or 60 weight gear oil you can`t do it with 5W-30 the oil starts off as five weight and it`ll fall right off the chain it`s far too thin to use as chain and bar oil get yourself some 60 weight gear oil it`s dirt cheap.
In most cases, you can run it for around two to five minutes without doing any significant damage. Any longer than this, though, will increase the chances of overheating and damage. You should also limit the speed that you are using. There are a few signs that your chainsaw is starting to overheat.
Store in a dry place

Your chainsaw should be stored in a dry place. Choose a place which is well ventilated and protected from the weather. Keeping it outdoors is not advisable.

Bar and chain oil is stickier than regular motor oil, so it stays on the chain longer. Motor oil flings off the chain more quickly, so if you try Terry`s tip, be prepared to refill the oil on your chain saw more quickly than with regular bar and chain oil.
So that your chainsaw always works at full power and provides a perfect cutting result every time, it must be sharpened regularly. A blunt or unevenly worn chain needs more force, works inaccurately and can also become a safety risk.
No, hydraulic oil is not safe to use on your chainsaw bar. Chainsaw bars require a special type of oil that is specifically designed to lubricate and protect the bar and chain. Using the wrong type of oil can cause the bar and chain to become clogged and can even lead to corrosion.
So, aside from brand bike chain lube, the most common options people opt for include olive oil, household greases, and cooking oil. The main reason being they are all easy to access at home.
The fuel and oil mixture should always be 2% (50:1).
The unit of measurement is either PSI or Bar. The ideal oil pressure varies depending on the car brand and model, but generally, the ideal oil pressure is between 25-65 PSI.
With most cars, it`s recommended that drivers check their oil when the engine is cold. However, some automakers recommend checking when the engine is warm for certain vehicles. To determine for sure which one applies to your car, check your Owner`s Manual.

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I have an MS660 and the bar oiler has not functioned on my last take of fuel. is there a way to trouble shoot the oiler problem without taking it into the shop. I hate to loose a weekend of cutting.
ANSWER : Turn oil screw up located under saw near bar side cover

Trouble shooting shurflo water pump problem
ANSWER : Try bleeding all the air out of the system or the new pump might be faulty.

Maintenance gears trouble shooting gears _ chain _coubling_bearing
ANSWER : Unable to help. What is problem on what product?

I have a John Deere L118 Limited Edition (w/ 20 HP B&S engine), which I purchased about 8 years ago. It ran well with few problems up to late this summer. I believe the problem started when I accidentally filled the tank with some stale gasoline – the tractor turned over, but would not start. I drained the fuel tank and filled it with fresh gas, but it still would not start. When I use starter fluid, the tractor starts for 4-5 seconds, and then cuts off. I installed a new fuel filter. The connections in the fuel line seem tight, so while the problem might be the vacuum fuel pump itself, I do not think it is due to a leak in the line. I disconnected the fuel line at the carburetor — fuel flows through the line at start up. But when I put the fuel line directly into the air intake (with some starting fluid), the engine still cuts off in about 4 seconds. I am not sure if the pump simply is not drawing enough fuel into the carburetor. I understand that, if it is a problem with a safety cut-off, the engine would not start at all (even for 4 seconds). My thought was that the problem may be a gummed up carburetor, but that would not explain why the tractor does not start when I feed fuel directly into the carburetor. Any thoughts about other things I can try before bringing the tractor to a mechanic?
ANSWER : Just take the carb bowl off its easy one bolt on the bottom of it get the old gas out flush all old gas out of tank and line then it will run trust me i know

When cutting wood saw will not oil chain whats the problem
ANSWER : Make sure oiler jet under the chain tightener plate is clean even take bar and chain off and start saw

42 inch mower cuts uneven, what is the problem?
ANSWER : Several things here could be the problem. Check to see if mower deck is level, measure distance on both side on a level surface. Check tire’s for low air. If you’ve replace the mandrel’s lately, some have a left & right side & if not put back together properly this will cause uneven cutting

I have a 1994 Ford Fairmont Ghia V8 which will not start, there is pressure in the fuel line up to the engine but no fuel, what could be my problem? The car has done 180K.
ANSWER : Is there a pressure regulator on the fuel rail? Is the fuel pressure correct and is the volume of fuel correct?

Bad Clutch?? 455 rancher 20″ bar) I have owned it for two years and cut tons of fire wood with it. I recently replaced the oil pump. Yesterday I’m cutting oak like butter. Chain saw is cutting fine.. For no apparent reason it starts struggling to cut. I figure I hit something with the chain. I go to sharpen and notice that the clutch it’s red hot. I take it apart clean it up sharpen it up put it back together fire it up and start to cut. It starts to cut on angle and has no power?? runs fine revving it but will not cut?? What do you think?
ANSWER : Hi Before other checking change the spring of the clutch(2). best regards savumihai71