fixed but now when I shift from neutral to reverse or fwd,with my foot firmly on the brake I begin to move.When I release the brake I come to a halt.What the heck?That is backwards.What have I connected wrong?
a confused Tom

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The brake light switch is the main culprit for your gearshift being stuck in the mode. It`s a small sensor located on the brake pedal that prevents the car from starting if the brake pedal isn`t depressed.
Common reasons for this to happen:

Transmission cables usually break due to stretching, which happens over time or can result due to speed shifting or jamming the car into gear. Stretched Transmission Cable: Prior to breaking, a transmission cable will stretch. When this happens the car may be hard to put in park.

Turn off your vehicle`s ignition and wait patiently for 5 to 10 seconds. Start the engine and allow it to idle for several seconds. Switch off the ignition and wait patiently for another 30 to 40 seconds. Repeat these steps 2 to 3 times in order to reset your vehicle`s transmission control module.
This is often times a sign of low transmission fluid or a faulty transmission control solenoid. As you know, automatic transmissions use pressurized hydraulic fluid to change gears.
When an automatic car gets stuck in the park mode, it`s usually because the parking pawl is damaged. When the car is in “park,” the parking pawl stops it from moving by accident. It looks like a lever and turns a special parking gear connected to the transmission`s output shaft.
The Transmission Is Stuck in gear

You may notice that you just cannot get the transmission out of gear. This symptom might indicate: Low oil level or the incorrect type of oil. Problems with the linkage or shifter assembly. search for maladjustment, or wear or damage to rods, bushings, or shifter arms.

Transmission Range Sensor (TR)/ Transmission Position Sensor

The PCM uses this information to control which gears of the transmission to enable or disable. When the TR sensor fails it can cause wrong gear starts, no upshifts, or what feels like a falling-out-of-gear condition.

The cost to reprogram a transmission ranges between $75 and $250. Most of the time, you can get this done at your local dealership, but you can also trust a local repair shop, like My Transmission Experts, to get the job done.
A stuck Gear problem can occur due to several reasons, such as a worn-out clutch, damaged shift linkage, or a failing gearbox. In a manual transmission car, the clutch connects the engine to the gearbox. When the clutch is not functioning correctly, it can lead to the gears getting stuck.
The Shift Lock Release is a safety function that enables you to move your car when you can`t shift the fear from one setting to another.

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I have a YardPro LT12,Mfg.ID#Y12R38B.I recently removed and reinstalled the rear end/transmission to repair linkage problems.Those problems are fixed but now when I shift from neutral to reverse or fwd,with my foot firmly on the brake I begin to move.When I release the brake I come to a halt.What the heck?That is backwards.What have I connected wrong?
a confused Tom

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How do u remove the tire off a rear rotiller – Troy Bilt Mtd Tiller Wheel Tire 480×4008
ANSWER : Remove the pin that secures the wheel to the axle and remove the wheel. Sometimes the wheel will become rusted to the axle and can not be removed. Its best to leave it be. Attempting to beat the wheel off the axle runs the risk of causing internal damage to the transmission. Once the wheel is off, remove the valve and release the air then using your tire tools remove the tire.

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I have an old American Yard Products(YardPro) model LT12 garden tractor.I recently removed and replaced the transmission/rear end because of shifting problems.(I could not engage any gear.)The transmission checks out fine and I repaired a linkage problem so shifting is fine.Here’s my problem.I sit on the mower and start the engine (in neutral)I dpress the clutch/brake and nudge the lever to 1st gear(with the brake depressed)I immediatelt **** forward until I remove the brake and come to a stop.If I depress the brake I move forward.The same response in reverse or any gear.The drive belt looks correct but maybe not.What is backwards?
ANSWER : You have the brake connection linkage backwards

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I have a Craftsman LT1000 Riding Lawn Mower, Model # 917.271645. My problem is that even with the Gear Shift Rod sitting in the Neutral position within the Shift Console, I still have trouble “finding” neutral. When first trying to start the mower I have to keep moving the Shift Rod into different positions along the F-N-R Shift Console until I happen to find neutral. This can take 10-15 minutes. Does anyone know what the problem might be…and is this an easy or expensive fix? I would like to be able to fix it myself, but would need detailed instructions on what to do. Thanks!
ANSWER : There is a neutral safety switch, also known as an interlock switch. Check the switch mount and be sure it has not come loose from it’s mounting location. If the engine does start from time to time, it most likely has become loose or has a loose connection at the connection. Let me know what you find.

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Parking brake wont release on a 310e back hoe, replaced the parking brake switch and that was no help
ANSWER : Sounds like the whole stop brake system is seized up. Lot of wd40 and elbow grease should do it.Good luck.

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My 8-speed riding mower won’t go out of 1st gear. It was an inherited problem when I bought it, so I don’t have any previous experience to compare with. I’ve been working on it all day, and I can’t even see how the shifting mechanism would even affect the gear speed. Makes me wonder if a part is missing somewhere. I tried finding a decent diagram of it to see if I have all my parts, but no luck. Has anyone encountered this problem before?
ANSWER : I had this once with my Craftsman. I would hose off my mower after each use and I wanted to do a good job, so I would spray all over and even get the grass off the deck and off the rear end. My problem was that the water would collect where the shift linkage penatrated the housing of the rear end and it caused corrosion that was binding and preventing me from shifting. To resolve it I had to remove the rear end and take the top off the casing and correct the corroded part. If you get to the point that you have to take apart there are a few decent videos on youtube that show people working on them. Lynolsoffice has a good two video set of disassembly and repair reassembly, I thinkBe persistant and good luck.

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I have a husqvarna TH20K46 and the transmission will not come out of reverse gear no matter what pedal i press or what gear i put it in. Do i need something like a cable or a whole new transmission ?
ANSWER : Sounds like a linkage problem a rod out of ajustment

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I have a SX75 Rear Engine John Deere, The transmission sticks in gear after it warms up, usually when you try shifting into reverse, I have checked all linkages, I found that when I take the linkage off the rear transaxle the shifting linkage will free itself, I work the lever back and forth on the transaxle and eventually I will get it to loosen up and get it back into neutral, I will hook the linkage back up and keep mowing, but it will show up again, same process,
ANSWER : Seams to me your clutch is hanging up or the clutch brake seams weird that when you take the linkage off it will free up un less its taking the pressure off the clutch one other thing check the back tires are they the same tire with the same pressure one tire a little bigger then the other will put it in a big bind.

hope this helps you
good luck bob

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