gage the tines they won’t rotate and the engine bogs

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Transmission/differential. Perhaps the unit sat for 4 years because the tines would not turn and your replacement engine has not solved the real problem. I’d say disassemble the chain case to discover what’s locking the tine drive.

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The Rototiller Won`t Move Forward

Rototillers with tines located at the back of the machine rely on the front tires, or drive wheels, to pull the tiller forward. Issues with the drive wheels can result from a worn or loose belt, a transmission problem, or a broken drive engagement cable.

Tiller: Why won`t my tillers wheels or tines turn? A broken drive belt, bad transmission or problem with the clutch cable can prevent a tiller`s wheels and tines from turning. Check the drive belt and replace it if it`s worn or broken.
When the “blunt” edge width measures 1/4″ to 3/8″, a new set is probably required. If the tines become so worn that they are pointed, the tiller will not perform acceptably–you`ll be aerating instead of tilling! For the most part, tines need to be replaced as a set (or kit)–not individually.
If the wheels on your tiller move but the tines don`t spin, you may need to replace tine shaft clevis pins or replace the transmission. The tiller`s transmission drives the wheels and the tine shaft, so you`ll likely need to replace the transmission when the wheels spin but the tine shaft doesn`t move.
Forward rotation tillers are low-duty tillers best suited for small jobs like garden spaces and soil that is already well aerated. They require more passes to get the desired results. Whereas, reverse rotation tillers are heavy-duty tillers perfect for large-scale jobs.
Reverse rotating tines, like those on the RT3062R, rotate on the shaft in the opposite direction the tractor is traveling. Consequently, a tiller with reverse rotating tines requires a bit more horsepower to get the job done. But the reverse action makes tilling into harder surfaces easier.
Disadvantages of Power tiller tractors:

Power tiller Tractors are more expensive and less efficient than traditional tractors. They also have a shorter lifespan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using an undersized cord, a larger number cord gauge (AWG) than recommended in the chart, will cause a loss in power and overheating of the tiller.
The rear tined tiller is the heaviest and most powerful tiller, and consequently the most expensive. They are easier to use, especially with rocks or large roots involved, but they are not quite as maneuverable as the front tine tiller and may be difficult to get into some tight corners.
Earthquake 33970 Victory Rear-Tine Tiller

If you`re looking for a tiller that can do it all, Earthquake`s 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller is our pick for the best tiller for power. Its versatile design is ideal for both breaking new ground and maintaining established gardens, yet it still manages to be easy to maneuver.

Rear tine tillers break up hard ground and till it into soft garden soil that can easily be cultivated and sowed. They allow you to loosen soil effortlessly without the exhausting labor.
While both 3 point tillers and disc harrows are effective for soil preparation, they have different strengths. A 3 point tiller is better suited for creating a fine, consistent seedbed, while a disc harrow excels at breaking up large clods and leveling the soil.
Most rototillers have a tilling depth of 6 to 8 inches, but some have a depth of up to 12 inches or more. If you have a tough patch of soil to break up, be sure to choose a rototiller with a deep tilling depth.
Put simply, a garden tiller is designed to break up hard, compact soil into loose, broken-up dirt that can then be used for planting.
In general the depth bar should be adjusted so the tiller is tilted slightly backwards. Raise the depth bar to dig deeper into the soil. Lower the depth bar when to till in shallow areas. For hard, compacted soil, it is very important to set the depth bar in the lowest position during the initial tilling.
Should You Wet the Ground Before Tilling? If the garden soil that you are planning on tilling is too dry, you should consider adding water to it before you till. Less is usually more, but water to a depth of about 4 inches. Let the water penetrate the soil before you begin the tilling process.
Adjusting Tailgate and Skids

In order to adjust the depth of tilled ground you need to locate the skids on the side of the tiller and remove the bolts from both sides. This allows you to move the skid up and down to the desired depth. The lower the bolt hole on the skids the deeper the tiller will go.

In general the depth bar should be adjusted so the tiller is tilted slightly backwards. Raise the depth bar to dig deeper into the soil. Lower the depth bar when to till in shallow areas. For hard, compacted soil, it is very important to set the depth bar in the lowest position during the initial tilling.

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How to find replacement clutch cable M T D rear tine tiller with no sereal number
ANSWER : You can do what i did and resoider or re crimp the cable go to the hardware store and buy a generic cable and fabricate your own.i did this for my 2 year old mtb lawn tractor as i was too cheap to spend the 50 buck for a crappy 1/8 thick cable that the manufacter knew was going to fail.I used a spare throttle cable from my vw dune buggy and cut it to fit.

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Why won’t my brand new tiller stay running? Starts, runs a few seconds, then stalls.
ANSWER : Sounds like its flooding
the float needs adjustment or seat needs cleaning or replace

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Tines wont turn
ANSWER : Without really knowing what is broken it will be tough to give a firm idea of the cost. However, you can head over to They have a great detailed parts break down and costs associated with it. Looked up your part numer and can find at this link:

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Tines won’t turn
ANSWER : Possible broken key where crankshaft meets gearbox.

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How may yards in a mile – Mtd Products Yard Machines 158CC Tiller
ANSWER : 1,760 yards = 1 mile

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Has been sitting for a long time and now it wont start its a rotertiller
ANSWER : Your gas has gone bad, the carb could be full of jelly, you have to get it running or get it cleaned out. If the bottom comes off the carb get that bowl cleaned out and check the cond of the gas, if it has not jellied yet, just get some fresh gas in it, take out the spark plug and squirt some gas in there and fire it up and keep it running to get it cleaned out. if you can’t get it going by squirting it in there, it might need a spark plug, check this out. Hope it helps.

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Troy Bilt tiller dies when I engage the tines.
ANSWER : Bogging down may indicate debris or old gas in the carb. Try doing a carb cleaning, and add a small amount of Seafoam gas additive to your gas.

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ANSWER : The drain plug is generally located on either side of the engine near where the block bolts to the frame of the tiller. It can be a square headed plug or an allen socket head plug.

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